You think the Takedown is Hard!?

Try beating the Guardian Takedown with only a Superball on M10 true takedown… I’ll give you a Year!

Also if class / must use:

Amara - Nimbus mod
Moze - Raging Bear
Zane - Cold Warrior
Fl4k - Friend Bot or Rakk Commander, you pick!

Nah Nimbus is pretty good ask Dragon mod :rofl: for Amara and Trainer for Fl4k

the superball can actually be decent with the 200% ASE splash anoint! if only it wasnt just fire lol

I just don’t get this bullet sponge mentality…nope, nope nope.

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I don’t understand why they just don’t lower health and increase amount of mobs and also increase their damage. It is not like we go down harder in M10, it is just tedious work and ammo management.


This, this right here is the best description of what BL3 is. I put thousands of hours into the first 3 games, and I loved it all. I log in to BL3 and I’m excited for some farming. I play for ten minutes and I’m just done. Can’t do it.


Agreed, reduce enemy health and increase damage. I haven’t died from enemies a single time in GTD, outside or Scouge’s insta kill shenanigans.

I play Fl4k, so it’s not from an abundance of survivability either. They just don’t deal much damage it seems.

The only reason people die in M10: suicide, carelessness, or testing builds/weapons.

People died on M4 m1.0: x2 projectiles,… now THAT was a challenge without the tedious.

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