You. Will. Die. Quite. A. Lot (BL2 NVHM Challenge!)

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The skip I use is to jump on the rocks just to the right of the waterfall (where Mordy’s Secret Stash is) so that I can hop up to that big rock. Then I can use the rock as a shield from the SBA loader and abuse the Unkempt Harold. I usually have to kill all of the loaders that are on the lower level that the stalkers hadn’t killed, or they will push me into the range of the SBA loader. If you don’t go through the Specimen Maintenance area with the stalkers, then fewer loaders will spawn, or they won’t spawn until you get close to the door after killing the SBA loader and you can just run away from them. After killing the SBA loader, you can climb the hill and get to the red chest at Mordy’s other stash, jump down, sell stuff, and jump back over the waterfall again before running to the open door.

I’ve read that jumping over the waterfall may cause the game to glitch and not progress, but it has always worked OK for me.

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IIRC this glitch happens when folks climb up from the waterfall stash/upper stash without bothering to open the door to the building below.

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That makes sense. Since I just can’t pass up a vending machine, I always open the door.

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I’d like to propose some sort of summary of all the various tips and tricks that people have used to get through this challenge. I’ll leave it up to @Psymonkee to decide. Many of them have already been covered here, but maybe there are one or two that haven’t. What do you say?

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Since they are scattered over almost 500 comments, maybe start a separate thread for them?

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It’s possible to turn a post into a wiki, so that anyone can edit it (and then disable that later). So the OP could be modified and some volunteers could copy/paste the tips in (or just put a summary text and link to the relevant post in thread). That way everything is in the same thread still.

Tips & Tricks for completing NVHM at the lowest possible level
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I dunno - I take a few days off to run around Skyrim as a werewolf and all hell breaks loose again! :smiley:

Glad this challenge is still giving people some fun and being creative. I’m definitely up for gathering a list of tips and tricks to surviving areas. I’ll give it a go tomorrow since I have a day off and can spend a while browsing the thread!

Once I’ve got something started I’ll give @VaultHunter101 a shout to do the Wiki thing and get everyone involved! :slight_smile:

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I don’t wanna be the lazy bastard who expects other people to do things for me, so I went ahead and started it!

@Psymonkee: I didn’t expect anyone to go through all those posts to pick out the useful things. That would take waaay to long time. My first intention was to keep it in this thread. A summary in the OP, and that’s why I involved you. You keep on howling in Skyrim for now! And while we’re on that subject… Since you’re running around as a werewolf… Are your goal the same as in BL 2? Are you hoping to find a Bitch? :innocent:

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Btw guys looks like I might be able to do TVHM at level 46 with my speedrun Axton

I guess that’s kinda standard

EDIT: Nope, just like last time I got slaughtered by Jack. Gonna be lvl 47 or even 48 which I think is when I usually do it

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Hmm I never did pick that idea up again. Maybe time for a continue! :smiley:

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Tvhm next i still have my maya. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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You’re going to have sooo much fun with those enemies. No, wait… I read that backwards… The Enemies are going to have sooo much fun. That’s what I meant to say! :innocent:

Seriously, though… I was thinking about a challenge in UVHM. Level 72 characters, but with the lowest possible level on their equipment. The item with the highest level is the decider. A few items need to be excluded in order to make it really interesting. Pimp, Harold, Norfleet, FotFH… Things that are really OP on some characters. Apart from that, any gear is allowed.

What do you think?

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In that case you could go with nothing better than purple gear for that instance where you think a legendary might be too much…

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I did TVHM at lvl 47! And I did it basically with an awesome blue Jakobs gatling rifle that Marcus gave me before I went off to fight Jack!

Now I will go off and do Finks Slaughterhouse in UVHM at lowest level possible, preferably about level 50, which is just the level I have a legendary soldier mod at.

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No, I think it’s alright to use legendaries and uniques. It’s just that people will most likely rely on the absolute top tier weapons in the game to make it all the way through. We all know how incredibly powerful a DPUH is, and the same thing goes for the pimp. Norfleet doesn’t really need to be explained, coz… Norfleet! These are beasts even if they are some levels below par. FotFH and a Grog would be easy mode on Krieg, even if it was low level.

The idea is to get people to use a variation of guns and gear. How far would you get with level 60 gear when everything is at level 72? Or level 55 gear?

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Personally? Not very far at all! To clarify: for me, the biggest issue on any character always seems to be the shield. I can cope with needing to fire more bullets, but not if I’m constantly going into FFYL.

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:rofl: You and me both! :rofl:

I’m not saying that it should be done at a specified level. One could start with level 60 gear, and see how it works out. It’ll be brutal, I’m sure, but one can always get gear of higher or lower level.

Keep in mind that your character will be at level 72 and will be fully speced. It’s just the gear that’s lower. OP levels is an increase of eight levels, but the enemies also gain a lot more damage reduction. Sooo… Maybe it’s not impossible to do it with level 60 gear.

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is missiin grog allowed? i think level 50 gears zero, krieg, anarchy gaige and sal can do it. I have a some idea for maya that could also work. Axton might be difficult.

Post it in a new thread and let’s see if it will gain some interest, i might join their struggle.

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Okidoki! I’ll start a new thread on this!

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Are you allowing all skill points? I reckon I could do it with some very low level stuff with Krieg! Like NVHM level gear!