You. Will. Die. Quite. A. Lot (BL2 NVHM Challenge!)

(Carlton Slayer) #472

Is there a source for that Maya skin or is just a random world drop?

(Captain Blade’s log day 6....) #473

It’s from the Hammerlock DLC. I’m not sure if it’s a quest reward or if it randomly drops from Craw or Sparky. Fairly sure it’s a quest reward.

(Rumplebunny) #474

Like @Jefe said it’s from the Hammy vs. Crawmerax DLC, it drops from Craw. I think the quest reward is a head (which Craw can also drop), but it’s been a while since I played that DLC in story mission mode so I’m not sure.

Anyway, made some more progress! Got the Catch-a-Ride part without harming a single soul, and I only had to kill one single bandit to get the power core thankfully.

The Firehawk mission wasn’t too bad, basically just running through the whole of Frostburn until I was forced to fight the bandits at Lilith’s lair. The Dust wasn’t too terrible either. Car blew up a couple times because it was more like driving around a beer can than an armed and armored vehicle, but nothing too horrible.

Bloodshot at level 8 is painful, yeah. Played cat and mouse on the lower level of Satan’s Suckhole, popping the various bandits up on the upper levels to get Mad Mike’s door open so I could just run past him, heh. Run run run to the end, get to Roland and run around dodging around three psychos trying to clobber me while waiting for the EXPloder to make a hole in the jail door. :smiley: Mad dash to the ramparts!

And another mad dash to W4RD3N! Those level 4 Bonus Packages just tickled W4RD3N and made him go “hey, have a Badass Loader” which ended up spawncamping me a few times by the one-way Fast Travel. :smiley:

As soon as I saw how futile those Bonus Packages were (which I knew would probably be a long shot from the get go), I fully resigned myself to the fact that the barge would come in and take Roland away and that’s what happened. Off to the Gulag at level 8! I distinctly remember what a fun time I had going through the Gulag on my previous run… so I’m getting ready for some major suckage. :open_mouth:

(I ate the skag that ate my homework) #475

“Till death do us part” is a rare drop from Henry. I’ve never heard of it dropping from anything else.

(Is this thing on?) #476

That’s the head. I think the skin is the craw one as mentioned though.

(I ate the skag that ate my homework) #477

Oops! :blush: I really need to start paying attention! Skin! Yep, that one is from the Craw HH-pack.

(Rumplebunny) #478

The Gulag wasn’t nearly as terrible this time! I actually only died once to an EXPloader getting in my face. Before I got there, I spent some time doing some runs through Frostburn Canyon hitting the various white and red chests (without killing anyone!) hoping for some decent gear, since I was at that map’s level now. Got loaded up with a blue turtle shield, some better guns… and a few class mods including a plain old white Cat COM which reminded me… freaking Lascaux, the SMG I always overlook. :open_mouth: That Cat COM (+66% SMG damage) plus a Lascaux made short work of the W4RD3N. I ran out of SMG ammo while fighting the waves of loaders you must kill before you can turn in to Roland, but I had a Gwen’s Head on hand that I was able to use when I dinged level 9 during that skirmish. Freely available, easy to farm blue Dahl guns saved the day, heh.

At about level 9.333 right now. Doing a bit better than my previous run where I was almost level 11 at this point.

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #479

Did you go to the gulag voluntarily? Might be some strategy to exploit here!

(Rumplebunny) #480

Nope, though in hindsight I think I probably could have avoided the gulag entirely if I had my Lascaux/Cat revelation earlier. :smiley: Even without the Cat boosting it, it probably would have been enough; I keep forgetting how easily that gun tears enemies up in early NVHM like that. Could have saved some XP! :slight_smile:

Having serious problems with Wilhelm this time around though. Keep running out of ammo for everything. I had him down to about 1/4 health at one point but he knocked me off the cliff. :frowning: I’m almost at level 10 fighting him right now, my XP creeping up because I needed to keep killing his surveyors. (Lascaux does serious damage on him but I keep running out of SMG ammo.) Oh well, if I ding 10 I have a 3x bandit launcher and tesla grenades I can use against him. I think teslas are how I managed to beat Willy relatively easily before: they took care of the surveyors and any shield they managed to generate as well as eating into Willy’s health.

(Rumplebunny) #481

Tried for Willy again, did a little better this time and sure enough once I hit level 10 after chipping away at his surveyors, and was able to equip the launcher and tesla grenades, it was over really quick.

Sanctuary in the air, run run run through the fridge, out to the Highlands Outwash. Ran right past the constructor at the gate like last time (and it despawned), found a semi-cheese spot to kill the gluttonous thresher.

Time for the beacon defense! And I found out, you don’t have to kill anything, it’s all timed (this might be one for the Things Found Out Ridiculously Late thread, heh). I hid under here a lot of the time, only popping out to repair the beacon as necessary.

After a while it got a little hairy under there with loaders peeping in from the front and back, so I switched to kiting them all around Overlook, weaving my way back to the beacon if I needed to fix it. Once the fast travel landed I tried to run for it, but was downed by the constructor. Died a couple more times trying to get to it again and waiting for it to turn on, heh. :smiley:

Back at Sanctuary, level 11 and about to take on WEP. I have no idea how I’m gonna beat Bloodwing when I get to her.

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #482

Better practice that Bloodwing jumping trick detailed further up. Seems you can get him/her/it stuck and it leaves you alone!

(Rumplebunny) #483

If I can make it past the SBA loader that is. :smiley: That fight is not going too well. I’m trying to save XP and not kill too much (clipping the limbs off loaders when I can to limit their options as well as letting them duke it out with whatever stalkers show up to join the party) but one eye blast breaks even my turtle shield and a good fire DOT from the SBA’s cannons is certain death. I end up with a gang of PWR loaders (not easily crippled!) following me around messing up my kiting of the SBA.

(Going Down The Road Feeling Bad) #484

The skip I use is to jump on the rocks just to the right of the waterfall (where Mordy’s Secret Stash is) so that I can hop up to that big rock. Then I can use the rock as a shield from the SBA loader and abuse the Unkempt Harold. I usually have to kill all of the loaders that are on the lower level that the stalkers hadn’t killed, or they will push me into the range of the SBA loader. If you don’t go through the Specimen Maintenance area with the stalkers, then fewer loaders will spawn, or they won’t spawn until you get close to the door after killing the SBA loader and you can just run away from them. After killing the SBA loader, you can climb the hill and get to the red chest at Mordy’s other stash, jump down, sell stuff, and jump back over the waterfall again before running to the open door.

I’ve read that jumping over the waterfall may cause the game to glitch and not progress, but it has always worked OK for me.

(Is this thing on?) #485

IIRC this glitch happens when folks climb up from the waterfall stash/upper stash without bothering to open the door to the building below.

(Going Down The Road Feeling Bad) #486

That makes sense. Since I just can’t pass up a vending machine, I always open the door.

(I ate the skag that ate my homework) #487

I’d like to propose some sort of summary of all the various tips and tricks that people have used to get through this challenge. I’ll leave it up to @Psymonkee to decide. Many of them have already been covered here, but maybe there are one or two that haven’t. What do you say?

(Going Down The Road Feeling Bad) #488

Since they are scattered over almost 500 comments, maybe start a separate thread for them?

(Is this thing on?) #489

It’s possible to turn a post into a wiki, so that anyone can edit it (and then disable that later). So the OP could be modified and some volunteers could copy/paste the tips in (or just put a summary text and link to the relevant post in thread). That way everything is in the same thread still.

Tips & Tricks for completing NVHM at the lowest possible level
(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #490

I dunno - I take a few days off to run around Skyrim as a werewolf and all hell breaks loose again! :smiley:

Glad this challenge is still giving people some fun and being creative. I’m definitely up for gathering a list of tips and tricks to surviving areas. I’ll give it a go tomorrow since I have a day off and can spend a while browsing the thread!

Once I’ve got something started I’ll give @VaultHunter101 a shout to do the Wiki thing and get everyone involved! :slight_smile:

(I ate the skag that ate my homework) #491

I don’t wanna be the lazy bastard who expects other people to do things for me, so I went ahead and started it!

@Psymonkee: I didn’t expect anyone to go through all those posts to pick out the useful things. That would take waaay to long time. My first intention was to keep it in this thread. A summary in the OP, and that’s why I involved you. You keep on howling in Skyrim for now! And while we’re on that subject… Since you’re running around as a werewolf… Are your goal the same as in BL 2? Are you hoping to find a Bitch? :innocent: