You. Will. Die. Quite. A. Lot (BL2 NVHM Challenge!)

I decided to stay out of there since you need to kill assassins to open the doors and that’s a lot of exp. I don’t remember there being more than 1 red chest that’s at the end? Also isn’t that area the same level as Frostburn canyon that has 3 red chests (at least that I remember) that can be opened without killing anyone?

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There’s a second chest in Southpaw. Midway thru in the corridor after Oney and right before the third one. You need to jump on top of pipes to get to it.
As for slag in NVHM. It wear off so fast I’m not sure it worth the trouble. Not if you can have a corrosive instead. imo.


Yeah was a bit of an XP bump but I think I can make savings later. Maybe not with Krieg since he’s a fatass and probably can’t get enough of a boost from grenades.

I was also shocked to learn about the 2nd chest as well! Was looking for details of what level areas were to gain better weapons for the Wilhelm fight and saw a map!

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Oh, didn’t know about that one. Nice!

What for? Frostburn?

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The Hero’s Pass skip where the SBA Loader pops out before the Constructor. The run is doable if you get lucky but jumping the gap would be easier.

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nice videos Nat, I would not have thought Law would be a viable weapon for that stage of the game but you were doing OK with it.

So I’ve gone ahead and started NVHM with Axton, I’ve been killing some bad guys though and got to Wilhelm at Lvl.11 (someone said most ppl are getting to him at Lvl.10). But something funny happened! I threw the turret down and locked Wilhelm in place and I was able to beat him really easily!

I’m not just running through, the way I’m playing it’s really fun and I’m hardly dying at all! I wasn’t sure if NVHM was actually doable with no grinding at all so this to me is a fun experiment in itself. Hopefully I’ll be able to beat it then around Lvl.22 or 23 I guess?

I see Nat got the Rubi pistol (corrosive), that could be a very good idea, especially with my Axton that thing would be awesome. Anyway I’m on Nataral Selection Annex bit, this is where it’s gonna get hard…


That grenade might come in handy later on!
If you don’t kill yourself with it… :stuck_out_tongue:


hah yeah a keeper for sure

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what happened to your old YT account?

For anyone still doing this challenge there is a WC up on a narrow ridge behind the camp where you have to get the Hyperion interface to hack the Catch-a-Ride. The weapons there are usually around level 11, which means that it might be a while before you can use them but at least you’ll have something to choose from…


It’s still there, just thought I’d make this extra one as I don’t want the old one getting overly clogged up with gaming vids.

Anyway I beat Opportunity and now I’m at Lvl.17 how am I doing?


You are doing well. At this pace you will face jack and the warrior at level 20-21. :wink:


These are the screenshots of my last ride with Zero. I think it’s almost impossible to get to the end of the story below level 20. I also think it would be much more fun to play this challenge with merge and infinite ammo glitches, to avoid losing large amounts of time by farming chests and vendors.

Thanks to Psymonkee for the nice idea of this challenge!

Thanks to Trespasser…:wink:

I had found a level 20 electric launcher… I did not think I had to face the Warrior at level 19! :hushed:



Bye! :+1:


I couldn’t beat that dam Constructor to go further up into Thousand Cuts and gave up. I gained half a level in exp. while trying to do so also, so I’m almost level 18.

Also maybe the fact that I came back to it couple of days later had something to do with it, broke my momentum etc. If you have a day free maybe try this challenge you could do it better! Just have an energy drink or 2 on standby :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m going to have to have a think about what I’m going to do when I come back, I’d like a nice corrosive sniper to help me tbh but I have one but only for lvl19 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Wow really great Mord I can’t imagine doing it at level 20. You were only level 16 when you beat constructor at Thousand Cuts that’s amazing!


Holy hell! BADASS! :smiley:

Picking up the Trespasser seems so obvious now you mention it!


“Creature Super Dure” Sound kinda silly when you read it in french.
The real french version probably isin’t any better! :smiley:


Level 11 gear farming and possibly an Unkempt Harold. All with zero XP accumulated.

Fast Travel to Three Horns - Divide.
If there are red dots in mini-map, wait for bullymongs to kill Savage Lee. Check if Harold drops. This took about three minutes.
Drive to Dahl green weapon chest with level 11 gear in it. The chest is on the pipes close to the third ECHO of the In Memoriam optional mission.
Drive over the bridge with the gap and park up against the end of the fence. Exit the vehicle and run between the cliff and the fence. The bullymongs will de-aggro if you stay on that side of the fence.
Keep running through the camp past the broken Hyperion robot and up the path to the Bandit Dook Hut.
Save, Quit, and Continue to start at the Three Horns - Divide Fast Travel station and repeat.


The first of the two Constructors is the most difficult battle of Thousand Cuts. Before eliminating it I had to kill all the other enemies.

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