You. Will. Die. Quite. A. Lot (BL2 NVHM Challenge!)

In fact, the first time I did not really think about it! :grin:

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“Creature Super Dure” is Italian language … in fact I am Italian! :wink:


Must really film and test that Thousand Cuts first constructor skip later. I wonder if it will even with with Krieg?


Looking forward to it.

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I love this idea. It’s the only way I can simulate the OP experience since I don’t have all of the DLC. One question or perhaps it’s two different questions about the rules for @Psymonkee. Can we dashboard farm quest rewards or just in general? I’m just thinking about the Plan B quest reward that’s about it. And maybe Knuckledragger. If you want us to Save/Quit so we keep the XP that’s fine too.


Quest reward farming i think is okay. But dashboard farming mini bosses is a no since you bypass the xp gain.


Got it. I’ll get a plan of action together and execute this week. Should have decent progress to report but his weekend but if not it’s because I’m taking a break for a few months. Got a new addition to the family here in 2 weeks.


You got a good eye. :upside_down_face:

150k damage :open_mouth:. The question is can it 1 shot the warrior?


For gits and shiggles I just bought a white level 50 Maliwan slag launcher (about 80k damage) from a vendor in TVHM and took it to the Warrior in Normal mode and one-shot it (as expected). The Warrior would be getting significant damage reduction from a level 20 character versus my level 72 one but I think with that fire rate of 20 you should be able to make up the difference. :neutral_face:


@SomeRandomGuy11 Thank you kind sir! you are the man, I mean Bloke! :sunglasses:


For shame! :frowning:

I had more attempts at the Thresher and nearly up to level 13 in second winds and what not. Can’t get any slag gear (doesn’t spawn till level 15 apparently) and of course Sanctuary is unreachable to speak to Marcus!

Might just have to level up to get this done!


have you tried the cheese spot i found accidentally?



@SomeRandomGuy11 said >> but if you’d done all the hard work why not just see it through?

I’m not sure I understand … if you intend to stream my playthrough, I do not have a good internet connection at this time.

@SomeRandomGuy11 said >> …killing enemies like Rakk’s and Crystalisk’s for 2nd winds to stay in the fight will no doubt result in an XP gain and therefore raise your experience level…

There is no need to kill enemies, except for one Crystalisk at the beginning of the battle with the Warrior.

  1. As soon as the Warrior’s cutscene is over, I activated Deception and ran to the wall where, later, the exit for Eridium Blight will appear.
  2. On the sides of this wall there are two small cubic rocks (which I highlighted in the below screenshot). Climbing over these rocks the Warrior can not hit me, but I can shoot him safely. The only enemy that could give me trouble is the Crystalisk that appears here in front. But once killed, no more will appear.

  1. Once the ammunition of AR to reload the launcher was finished, I equipped a blue Pangolin shield and a MOD that increases and regenerates the health, and, waiting for the right moment (when the Warrior dives in the magma), I run towards the nearest supply point to recall the two yellow Hyperion chests.
  2. When the Warrior reappeared, I activated Deception and, taking the ammo, I ran away. Sometimes the Warrior’s fire reached me, but thanks to the shield and the MOD I never entered in FFYL.

The only problem was that in this way I took a few ammo each time. And just because there was no longer any risk, the whole thing was becoming extremely boring. With “that software” I simply shortened the time of a battle that was already won. No “deception” to anyone as you see… in fact, I’m sorry if you felt hurt. Furthermore, I will no longer mention third party addons due to forum rules, as Tokesy97 has rightly reminded everyone.

Keep in mind then, that the Warrior is the easiest final boss of the entire Borderlands series. With the Bee shield and a level 7 Unkempt Harold, you can eliminate it in a few minutes. And most of the time, you wait for it to reappear!

About the glitches… I think they are an added value of the game, just because you can use them and not use them. For example, do not use them during The Hunt. Or, for example, use them during Speedruns. So, I keep thinking that Psymonkee’s challenge is more fun with merge and infinite ammo. In this way, in fact, I do not waste too much time in farming chests and vendors, which, after a few dozen times, is another boring thing! But this is only my opinion of course. And it is Psymonkee who sets the rules.

@SomeRandomGuy11 said >> …i’d like to see you complete this challenge again…

When I have a good internet connection, I will repeat and upload the whole challenge on the net, or at least the main battles.

Bye! :+1:

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The last part of this should be running the NVHM peak, with the character you killed the warrior with


Ooo! I like it! :smiley:

Gonna edit the first post with the suggestions by @Tokesy97 - cheers for keeping us straight and cleaning up the thread! :slight_smile:


And I thought @Psymonkee was a sadist. :wink: :rofl: (seriously though, love you guys. Frustration aside this challenge is fun, and I’ll finish it someday.)


Honestly I’d run it right now if i wasn’t so tired. Maybe tomorrow on twitch? :smiley:


Have fun storming the Peak, boys!


Start TVHM is way more torturous. :hushed::hushed: