Your attitude matters

Elaura, attitude is everything and there is a need to be civil about everything. Though, games are getting more expensive and more riddled with bugs and problems (which they should have known how to properly implement and learned from mistakes after so many years and games developed by the same developer company). So yeah, people have the right to be demanding and entitled, it was their own investment into the company. They trusted the company that has sold them their product that it will be polished, especially if you pay big bucks for it. And they are trying to sell you more by pre-release packages, Season Passes and things like that. So sometimes, to some people, the head explodes. But I agree, it is best not to write or say anything when you are mad, because things are said and done, which afterwards, you regret.

Hard work…what is the meaning of word work in a dictionary:

an activity, such as a job, that a person uses physical or mental effort to do, usually for money

It says usually. So not necessarily for money. And there is a lot of physical and mental effort that needs to be put into achieving an achievement if it has almost unrealistic requirements. Does that achievement have any merit in real life…does it matter? It still is hard work for someone.

The point is, there will always be complainers, ragers, quitters and the rest of the folk. As a programmer, you have to be objective. You have a duty to serve people. A professional will listen and respond appropriately, fixing the customers pain. Customer is their alpha and omega. No customers, no dough.

Well the thing is is that people are not playing Battleborn to spend time on other games. It’s been a month since release and the daily peaks are 1/3 to 1/6 to the peak amount of players on the day it came out. ( People who complain about the game aren’t the minority. Don’t get me wrong; I do want a positive community, but if a majority of people aren’t having fun, the devs need to fix the issues that are making people leave. Where do you think they find out what those issues are?

That’s about normal, isn’t it?

I think people have the right to complain all they want and people have the right to be positive all they want.

To demand one over the other or hint that one is better than the other is unrealistic and damaging to discourse.

Best post Ive read here in awhile thanks OP.


So much YES!!!
Wonderfull article, thank you for this! :heart:


It isn’t at all. here are recent ~60$ games that came out that aren’t 1/6 highest to 1/3 lowest than in the first month

Doom is somewhat tied with BB, but it has a stronger player-base (see bottom graph) Doom also didn’t have to boost their sales by discounting it 40% off within the first month.

Remember that i’m talking about the 1st month in sales not the all-time peak

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Just no. I’m sorry, but as an individual human being, working at a job, this is no more correct than it is for any other human being working at a job. A person has a duty to fulfill the requirements of their job description, everything they put into it over an d above that is a choice.


Sorry Derch. You were probably bored anyway, right? :smiley: It absolutely amazes me people have jumped to defend their right to act like demanding, entitled, children, rather than discuss the fact there is a difference between that and actual discussion.

It seems that by paying $60 for a game, folks now believe they own a part of Gearbox and have bought the right to be as loud and as negative as they want to be and it should be ignored by those who now live to serve them.

So sad.

Thanks to all who actually read and understood my post.


Best post I’ve read since being on this forum. Some people need to learn the difference between pointing out things that need to be fixed and complaining there is a big difference GBX is one of the best developers when it comes to listening to their fan base that I’ve seen. There not perfect but they try which is more than I can say about alot of companies


That all depends of at which level you work in a big company and what type of work you do. If you work in a cubicle where you stamp numbers into the computer all day, then yes, you do what you are told and nothing more is required of you. If you are a carpenter, the game is different. Also if you are a salesman, if you are in customer support, if you are a taxi driver. If you are a producer where you are selling your product and you are the creator of it, your attitude to your work, your responsibilities and your customers is by nature different. Different jobs require different skills and personalities. In general, it is always better for a worker to add more value than necessary. That is how you get promotions, better jobs or more business deals.

It was not obvious you want a discussion about difference between demanding, entitled children and actual discussion. Please, do tell more I am interested in your thoughts on this matter.

Rereading your first post, you must be new to gaming or gaming forums, people are clamoring for nerfs buffs, hotfixes etc. also in League of Legends and other games. And yet, there are millions of players in those games. That is normal for such games. You just sift through it or not read it at all if it bothers you that much (which for, it shouldn’t). Many don’t even read forums just because they can’t handle it or are not interested in it.

Saying that people own a part of Gearbox…they in a way do. They bought a license for their product. They bought a game based on good faith and marketing. People always have the right to be as loud, as quiet or as positive or negative as they want to be. And it should never be ignored, because it is smart to listen to all the negative, weigh why is that so and then what you can do, to turn them into positive. That is how you get more business.


Here’s the thing.

All feedback is useful. That’s what this place is for. But not all feedback is equally useful. The signal/noise ratio is crucial here. Saying ‘OMGFIXYOURGAMEORIBUYOVERWATCH’ is really quite low quality feedback, because gearbox are already aware of the things that need fixing, and are working on those fixes. Telling someone to do what they are already doing, combined with a threat, doesn’t, in this context, make the doing happen faster or better.

The issue isn’t ‘complaining’ as such. It’s the quality of the info that we have to evaluate here. Constructive criticism is what is most useful to the devs.

We understand that people are passionate about the game, but all too often, that passion is represented by anger and aggression. Some people seem to think that anger will give their posts more impact, but the opposite is often true: Those kind of posts waste everyone’s time, because there’s a good chance that the devs will never get to see them, because they’ve been flagged and removed, and the posters risk their chance to have a voice here. If someone ‘feels better’ after having a forum tantrum, okay, they feel better. Great. But it won’t make the game better, or improve faster.

If a comment is worth making (and the vast majority of comments are, in fact), it’s worth making politely. It really is that simple.


I agree with your statement.

Though, its all a matter of perspective too…
Are players complaining because they hate the game?
Or are they complaining because they love the game and want to improve it?
(Yes… It’s both)

Choice of words make all the difference…
To whether a statement can be recieved as polite and reasonable…
or impolite and unnessesary…

But sometimes, like everything online, we just need to be choosey with what we read and don’t read…
and should often tell ourselves ‘don’t read the comments’ haha…
And maybe don’t need to comment on everything too (or take things personally, or respond personally)…

Hopefully, gearbox is doing the same, and knows what’s truely important and what isn’t.

Play ALL the games!


I agree @Elaura . My main issue is with people whom whine and complain that something isn’t done ASAP. When Gearbox says they’re fixing it and it’ll be out soon and then it’s not soon enough, some people riot over it.

I hate that. Be patient. This game is of its own self and it has a higher multitude of content than games like Overwatch so fixes and new stuff take time. If they rush to handle everything at once then it’ll create more bugs and more issues. I know it’s frustrating but come on. It’s not the end of the world.

Gearbox is better than 95% of companies in communicating and actually listening to what their community is saying. Sometimes a bit too much that they make actions just to please everyone but they’re trying. They could’ve just released the game as is and left it to its own devices but they didn’t. This will be a long running competitive game. Hopefully.

People complain and whine about microtransactions but then complain because you can buy new characters with in game money??? Lol. I love using in game money cuz I love grinding, albeit they need to make you earn more credits at rank 100, and I don’t like using real money after I buy $60 for a game.

People have the right to complain but yes, acting like a child and being demanding or using threats and cussing gets you nowhere. Discuss it, debate it, talk about it in a civil manner.


The funny thing is that GBX work & deliver ASAP - as soon as possible. Most ranting complaining people want the changes/DLCs/Patches ABYOS: At-Best-Yesterday-Or-Sooner.

Also many seem to overrate GBX speed, working progress & possibilities. (counts for all game companies in general I´d think…)
Its always a tone of: “Everyone else does it better, my grandma had the patch released before breakfast, blablabla…” .

Posts I love most: People who actually think & proclaim they know all details of “the business”.
Such a ■■■■■■■■. Like coding a app is equal to working on a project with 500+ people, coordination, programming, testing, marketing, ect.

I run a own business too, but I keep minding my own business.


…Is that a complaint about complaints? :blush:


Smarty britches. :wink:


I’m puzzled by the idea that because there is a proliferation of arguably undesirable posts, one is obliged to accept them quietly. If certain types of post (and the manner of their delivery) are negatively affecting a community, it seems completely justified that these problems should be registered and discussed.

Similarly, the fact that there are some forum users who don’t follow Gearbox rules, or find it above / beneath themselves to read them, doesn’t invalidate those rules or make anyone obliged to put up with pointless, negative, abusive, excessively hot-tempered, or otherwise problematic posts.

Telling people to just skip over posts they don’t like completely misses the point here… Yes, gaming communities can suck. They don’t have to, and they shouldn’t, and for the most part this forum is a shining example of in-touch devs and a dedicated, patient, solicitous player-base who are committed to keeping feedback productive.


Nobody said you are obliged to do it. It is always a choice. Acceptance that forums are as they are (and will always will be without moderators) and ignoring is just the more efficient way. The nice thing about Gearbox forums is the profanity filter…though sometimes, I wonder which word was used :slight_smile:

Verbal abuse and posts getting too personal, use of profanities, these are the things that should get flagged or deleted by moderators but even they are human beings. Can’t be at 1000 places at the same time. So things can’t always be moderated in real time if the persons posting such stuff don’t moderate themselves. Just not needed in a civil forum.

You either ignore it or flag it to leave it to the moderators to check. You always have a choice. Yes, exactly that, quality feedback is always a must. And it is very nice to see the team interacting with people. It shows that they care about their customers and are working hard to make things right.

I like this, no one ever realizes that you ALWAYS have a choice. Everything we do in this life is in fact a choice we make.


If only that were true… (descends into deep existential considerations).

Anyway, my general point is that even though one can always choose to ignore problematic or negative forum behaviour (and that’s usually better than getting into flame wars) I still think it’s worth asking that the community try and keep positive.

I love how games can integrate community feedback - it’s something that makes gaming really unique as a medium, and an opportunity you don’t usually get with e.g. books (I dread to think what would happen if the authors I write commentary on took my ideas seriously!). But there’s still a big difference between constructive engagement and furious diatribes about how the game has somehow personally wronged you. That way feedback and discussion is something creative and productive, rather than consumers demanding a perfect service from a product they’ve bought. Games are art, they deserve more than that. Most games, anyway… :dukecheese: