Your Bot Battles experiences / suggestions

I really love the idea of Bot Battles. I really hope it stays for the casual/pve players. It’s great to learn the maps and feels of a mode, and still get rewards. I think there could be some improvements, and I hope Gearbox are looking into it.

  • Make them AI stronger (some kind of cheat, not much, but just a little, like more health or something)
  • Make all daily and lore challenges achievable (like Kelvin sublimate lore, assist kill Ambra and Mike, ultimate kill count, and probably more)
  • Add Overgrowth to the pool

Mostly “yes” to all.

Instead of making the AI stronger, I’d like to see them be smarter. Actually play the objectives – not just walk creepily toward shards or stand there eating damage.

Definitely would like all the lore bugs worked out.

And having Overgrowth would be welcome. Heck, I’d even like to see all Face-Off maps added in (although I know it’s not a beloved mode).


I vote “Yes” to most of these. The only one I’m against is making the AI stronger (ever played against bot Alani or Kelvin? yikes…)

Speaking of, turns out the bots seemed to get more intelligent depending on how the team is made up, at least how I saw it. Eldrid characters tended to stick together and thus attempt to render your ■■■■ “all ■■■■■■ up” - to use an old medical term - while Rogue characters were a bit more erratic and mobile. Most Jennerit and select LLC characters preferred to be “all up in your grill” - again, an old medical term - while others hung back and just did their thing.

Then you have the odd characters like Gals and Montana who seemed to have no idea what they were doing. It was weird. :confused:

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Kelvin is not as evil as Bot-Montana´s insane aiming. And sometimes Bot-Ghalt & Bot-ISIC are very very nasty too.
But Alani is definately the most evil one. Played private bot-matches since launch and she is far better than the rest. Maybe because they introduced her later.

Overgowth would be nice, maybe as rare map in the pool.

First buy a loot booster, and play with a full loot booster team and select Capture. Play 5 min matches and get lots of gear packs. That is my only suggestion or way to play bot battle.

Last night I got owned by Rath in a bot battle. It seemed like he was overly aggressive compared to the other teammates. One game he kept seeking me out like the assassin he is. His kill count was much higher than all the bot teammates. I would hang back and kill minions and there he would come from the flank. It was like he was just seeking me out each time. At one point I had to check to make sure he was really just Rath and not some human player that hacked into the other team. Has anyone else experienced this with an overly aggressive bot?

There is a patch coming eventually with a fix for lore challenges in botbattles

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Finally got Thorn lore for the "kill 10 Battleborn with volley while airborne. I had been grinding bots battles the last two days for this one. Each match I was happy if I got one kill for it as it seemed like I was always off with the timing. Either is hit them and not do enough damage for finishing blow or I’d wait to long and they would die right before the arrows hit. Thankfully I can take a break from this mode for a bit. Nice to be able to grind them here instead of wasting the team in actual PvP.

Did he say when that might be? If it’s three months out, I think many people will give up and move on.

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Also isn’t the bot battles only a temporary mode? I mean they rotate in something else after a time if it it becomes less used.

My understanding is that they support providing a non-PVP alternative.

Both Montana and Bot-Alani are freaking monsters. Also these bots Aimbot so if you’re Eldred they will critical you to death faster than you can charge a cursed arrow.

Very fun.