Your builds: post complete builds, ideas and comment the builds/ideas of others

This is the build I’m aiming for:

Skill Choices:

  • Prudent Prudence, Bitter Riposte and Winter’s Veil are there for there synergy with a very fast Tediore shield - in case the latter two skills scale very well (which is rarely the case with ranked skills) I’ll put some more points into it but for now they are just there for utility (freezing)
  • Polar Vortex sounds fun and has some defensive capabilities but the singularity effect probably just increases the risk to miss a shot

Gear Choices:

  • the main gun will be a cryo Snider
  • Storm Front for shield stripping
  • fastest Tediore shield I’ll find because of the great synergy with Prudent Prudence, Bitter Riposte and Winter’s Veil
  • class mod: tba
  • Support Relay (higher base damage will go well with all those crit damage bonuses), Systems Purge (as a amp shield substitute
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Overview: I am going for a melee build. I have two Fatales from a trade, and one of them is bladed, so I figured that I would try to make a melee build. Obviously, this is a mobbing build, not made for raiding or boss fighting.


  • Bladed Fatale
  • Avalanche
  • Grenade, COM, and Oz Kit are still undecided.

The Avalanche has an extremely high recharge delay. You’ll rarely gain the benefits of Prudent Prudence, Bitter Riposte and Winter’s Veil.

Two of those also trigger with melee attacks. Bitter Riposte was just to go down the tree because Avalanche doesn’t seem to be worth it. Although, psychos do tend to spam butt-slams instead of striking you… Do you have any recommendations?

Edit: Here’s some of her coms:

Creme de la Creme
Shield Capacity: -6809
Shield Rate: +39%
Shield Delay: -29%

Gun Damage: +39%
Fire Rate: +19%

Prudent Prudence seems to work when the shield has fully recharged between activations regardless of complete depletion or melee attacks. So, only Winter’s Veil seems really useful. Also, with all those freeze sources there’ll hardly be an attacker which is able to melee you. Maybe these skill work different than described but that’s just my thought.
Why do you think Avalanche (skill) isn’t worth it?

But it’s hard to find better alternatives since you seem to want to play a pure melee build. Short Summer could be worthwhile since Cold As Ice seems to play a major role in this build.

Avalanche doesn’t seem worth it because it only stacks from one enemy at a time, and begins to decay shortly afterwards. And thanks for the advice.

Well, you can always spray bullets with your Fatale to stack Avalanche before going into melee range. It’s “dealing cryo damage” and not “freezing an enemy”. It should be easy to have some stacks before activating Cold As Ice and let the shards do the rest afterwards with increased damage.

Good idea. Also, check the old forums, I’m helping with discovering her coms, there are quite a few found already.

Thanks man. I’m updating the list in the new forums as often as possible. :+1:

Melee/ Excalibastard Nova Build:

Kinda like Melee Axton, and the melee Wilhelm build that I could just never get to work.

General Solo build:

I will probably be running something similar to this at max level.

I’m loving the middle tree so far, it reminds me a lot of sub sequence Maya.
Except the action skill seeks out new targets WAY better.

Well this is unexpected… I’m still in early game, but I’m having fun sniping… and I haven’t played a sniping character since the Infiltrator class in ME2. I guess I might have multiple builds for this one character.

Also, is anyone else wishing they would bring the Bessie back for this character? Not for the 500% critical bonus (which would have to be nerfed for Nisha reasons), but for the perfect accuracy when ADS.

Anyone else think a shotgun build will be really good with her? With damage reduction based on your distance to the enemy, a way to keep enemies constantly frozen, and buffs when you are meleed by an enemy, multiple crit increases, etc…it seems like it could be really potent.

If only Maliwan still made shotguns :frowning:

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If I could spam the like button, I would like your post 10000 times.

I love so many of her skills, I’m going to spend quite a bit of time playing with her and trying to see what I like before I make any builds, just hit level 13 tonight mainly in the CA tree because I’m playing her co-op and its a lot of fun. The next 2 levels give me some really fun game changers that I can’t wait for.

Just a bit of info. If you have I Never Miss and use a Skullmasher, it will count your shot as missed if all the pellets don’t hit.

Hmmm, that could be useful for swapping to a sniper to trigger both magic bullet and warning shot at the same time for non sniper builds.

Warning shot doesn’t activate either. They cancel each other out.

think I’ll work with something like this at Level 50 , Level 60 may even be almost the same as the 3rd skill tree just does not seem appealing to me, don’t know what type of gear I’ll mainly use yet, just will have to experiment with that till I find what works best