Your connection to the server was lost

Anyone getting this error? I disconnect 10\12 times in lobby and sometimes ingame.

Nat is moderate and disabled antivirus with no luck.

Yes, I’m having the same problem.

I had at least 1 disconection every hour on both closed / open beta…

Now I do have disconnections on the main screen / in the prologue also , I CANT GET PAST THE PROLOGUE ( 7 times tried )

I have exactly the same problem and it’s very annoying and no word from gearbox to this topic so far…

All the other multiplayer games & software work like a charm here, only battleborn interrupt everytime I like to join the prolog. Pretty uncool to release a “online-only” game when we can’t even play the prolog :frowning:

Would be nice to hear from gearbox if this will be fixed, or if I should just refund the game through steam?

same problem cry

I’m french, and i have same problem. I can’t make prologue…
I don’t have found information about this, and the best, the part “assist” on the battleborn site don’t function… We have problem, and nobody for help us… like it.

Sorry for my english =s

I did an update post to similiar problem (or even the same)… could be a router related problem:

Same here guys… I might try to play with some router settings then…


Okay so the last message was posted in May, we’re in July and it doesn’t seems to be fixed. I play this game for nearly 4 days now and each day I find differents horrible bugs which make me angry and sad. I yet have posted something about matchmaking, now it’s the turn of host lost. My last 4 games (2 history + 2 incursion) were never ended with me because I was disconnected without any evident reason. I was speaking with my friends so I didn’t have problem on my connection and my PC was fine and didn’t crashed. And here the worst thing is that WE CAN’T COME BACK into the game!!! I can’t see any option for this! :rage: