Your experience with each element on Moze

I think at this point we’re far enough into gameplay and understanding builds that topics like this are becoming more relevant. i’d like to hear other peoples opinions on which elements they think work best for which builds. i haven’t seen any discussion about what elements to use over others, so i figured it would be helpful, especially for players just coming to moze that are unsure about what damamge types to look for.

my main experience with Moze has been with splash and so i’m thinking about this from a specifically splash perspective. I’d like to hear if people think this changes based on the type of setup (i think it does, kind of).

from top to bottom;

  1. Radiation;
    I was turned on to Rad recently because of the lack of types that resist against Rad damage. while it’s only type effective against shields, it’s similar to cryo in that it only has one real weakness, and even then it slogs through armor just fine most of the time, so long as the target isn’t a boss. being neutral against flesh and 150% against shields allows it to just rip through mobs. incendiary has become increasingly unreliable against flesh based enemies, especially with the badass pyro heavy’s being immune, and the firebrand psychos resisting incendiary, switching off of incen when it’s a flesh based enemy has become common, and other than cryo, rad is the only other type that feels useful. additionally, the aura and explosion damage are not to be ignored. you get a lower base damage from rad weapons (Maliwan dual-type weapons get around this BTW), but the mobbing AoE more than makes up for it. Radiation takes my top spot purely because i find it’s utility out-performs Incendiary on average for mobbing.

  2. Incendiary
    I just gave Incen a bunch of flak, but at the end of the day, Incen still feels amazing on Moze. the boosts to overall incendiary damage can make it feel like incen isn’t suffering a damage penalty at all depending on the targets shield or armour values, and a lot of the time it’s not worth the time to switch weapons or modes to rip through a target’s small shield/armour pool. Moze feels at home with a fire weapon. up until you run into a badass pyro heavy.

  3. Cryo
    Cryo is #3 for the same reason that Rad is #1. however, the damage penalty for rad against armour always feels less than the penalty for cryo against shields. my assumption there is that shields have higher number pools than armour. and while the freeze chance is nice for crowd control, most things are dying fast enough for it to not matter, and the things that don’t die that fast can’t be frozen, so radiation’s utility eeks out over cryo and i find i use it far more.

  4. Corrosive
    I like Corrosive, and i wish it didn’t feel so bad against non armour based enemies. the 175% damage against armor in TVHM just shreds through yellow bars. the problem i, i get almost the same thing from cryo, without the 40% damage penalty against flesh. because moze doesn’t have boosts to corrosive, unlike incendiary where i can opt not to switch elements most of the time, corrosive is a strictly armor only damage type. felsh melters were fine in m3 when health pools were small enough, but the 40% against shields and 60% against flesh just because too much of a loss in M4 to maintain flesh melter stacks. corrosive heavy weapons and cutsmans are great for killing Wotan, Valks and jackpot, and thats about it.

  5. Shock
    Yes it gets 250% against shields. yes it only gets a 35% penalty against the other types. but those two other types seem to be much harder to get through than shields. Rad rips through shields anyway, and the aura+explosions tend to take down enemy shields anyway.

so with that comes an important secondary topic in the splash camp: Maliwan pairings.

while we can’t guarantee our maliwan pairings, the guns we’re looking for don’t have a ton of variation on them where it matters. the x3 kyb’s worths are such a pitiful damage increase (you’re taking at least a 34% card damage hit and are forced into a grip that is less than ideal), that they’re not even worth using outside of a bloodletter splash build predicated on reloading much more often. i tried to make a 44 mag x3 kyb’s work with blast master, but it forces you to forgo damage skill points in favor of mag size, so i ended up going back to a 34 mag x2 kybs. the westergun and binary nebulae aren’t any different, as they’re just stepdowns of the same thing. Kyb’s/wester pairings are all about utility. which pairings are going to have you switching weapons the least.


  1. Rad+cryo
    This pairing is awesome on these SMGs. i had fire/corr before, and the rad/cryo is so much better. i almost never switch weapons while mobbing. with both of these on a single gun, you never run into type resistance.

  2. Fire+Corr
    this is the power combo. while the other combo is more consistent, this is for putting out damage where necessary.

Honourable Mention. Shock+fire/corr/cryo
shock just get’s supplanted so heavily in utility by radiation, but we can’t always choose what we get, so these pairings can work until we find something new.

Keep farming. shock + Rad, cryo+corr
These pairings are redundant. Radiation is strong enough on it’s own that the shock+rad pairing is passable, but the biggest benefit of this subset of weapons is that you get 2 damage types in a single slot. otherwise you can probably do better.

Projectile Recursion:
This weapon’s a little different. we want power out of our pairings. the ideal pairing is shock + the strongest element against the health type you’re using it against. the idea is strip shields in one shot, and then use the other element against the proper health pool. this weapon isn’t as strong on Moze as it is on Amara, but Prismatic Me turned me onto this thing as a get out of bad ■■■■ fast weapon, and i haven’t been let down.

that’s all i can think of for now. thoughts?

  1. I agree with Radiation. The only time Shock is better is against a boss with massive dual/triple shield bars, but even then Radiation is mostly fine. I guess if you want to min/max but if you’re fighting anything but a shield only health bar there’s no point in Shock because Rad can do Shield and Flesh.

  2. I don’t know how much I agree with Incendiary being the 2nd best. While it is powerful on Moze, personally I find it better as a bonus element that can supplement Radiation/Cryo. With the 125% boost it works well with those elements, and using it on it’s own I just rarely find it’s worth it to carry a dedicated fire weapon unless I’m fighting a large red bar boss. Though I agree, in general Fire is pretty good on Moze as long as you take StE.

  3. Here’s where I disagree. Not with your opinion on Cryo, but the number. Cryo/Corrosive should be #1 on usefulness for Moze. She has such a poor time with Armor, you really HAVE to use these in most circumstances. Kinetic is usually my go to for just general mobbing so I don’t kill myself with Rad explosions. Kinetic is fine for any shields except bosses. But Armor is just annoying sometimes, and without the proper element, I feel like my TTK plummets. So I vote Cryo/Corrosive #1, not for all around usefulness but because it’s required for fluid mobbing in end game. Though to be fair you can get away with using Rad or Kinetic against armor on enemies even as strong as the Valkyries, after doing that a few times it’s just not worth it to not have Cryo/Corrosive.

  4. Corrosive, I kind of like it. The dots are nice, and last a while though they aren’t that powerful. I feel like this comes down to personal preference over Cryo. Freezing is pointless so the only upsides to Cryo are the ones you mentioned. I’m undecided on which I prefer, basically comes down to what I find and I usually stop farming if I get either Cryo or Corrosive because I don’t usually care (for Maliwan weapons with Radiation as the 2nd element). Cryo is better if you get stuck with Shock as your 2nd element. But I much prefer Corrosive on bosses over Cryo.

  5. Shock seems to be alright, but like you said it’s kind of pointless unless you’re stuck with it. I like a Shock 2x Lump though, strip all shields on the field more reliably than Radiation.

Easily the best combination just for using anointments because this game forces you not to switch weapons. I’d say Rad/Corrosive is better for someone min/maxing without weapon swapping. I’d at least put it as the 2nd place.

I also agree that the 2x Kyb’s is so much more practical than the 3x. I don’t really know why everyone tries so hard to find perfect 3x rolls on this gun, it’s so much maintenance for a Blast Master build, meanwhile the 2x can do fine without spending more that 6 points in Bottomless Mags if you want, as long as it has a large mag size.

Ruins any Maliwan gun.

edit: Also this is a good topic. I was just thinking about elements with Moze. There’s not a whole lot out there that I’ve seen with people discussing it.

The only time I would ever use shock and/or corrosive guns with Moze is if there are bosses with heavy pools of shields and/or armour. If we’re talking bosses like Wotan then I would always pick shock and corrosive weapons with 160% bonus splash if I have the option.

Moze is in a unique position where having 125% bonus fire damage is like a major QoL aspect in mobbing; just take a Maliwan gun where one element deals bonus damage on shields and the other helps penetrate armour and as long as you back that up with the anointed fire bonus, then all you have to do is switch modes when appropriate.

I would agree with Radiation being #1, particularly great in Maliwan areas where almost everything has a shield, yet none of the heavies seem to specialise in the element thus they don’t resist it, and it’s good as well for dealing bonus shield damage against annoying nullhounds. It’s only an issue against heavy-armour mechs but they’re uncommon. In a strict Auto Bear build, I would happily take 50% bonus radiation damage for 10 seconds on my shield if I had it.

Ditto. I don’t know why people are so caught up in that; they see an extra projectile on the card and they always assume it’s the best variation to go for. It’s not always better because extra projectiles also mean your gun loses accuracy so you have to be closer to your targets to land those extra projectiles, otherwise you’re just burning through extra ammo for no good reason.

Then include the Blast Master and you’re going to empty your clip fast enough to the point where you have to slow down or you’ll risk reloading and loading the bonus. There are some guns where you can get away with extra projectiles and ammo cost as long as its fire rate doesn’t exceed the ammo regen rate in relation to the gun’s magazine size. But the Kyb’s Worth is not one of them.

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Speaking of kyb’s, after 5 solo runs of the takedown yesterday and no kyb drop I am starting to come to the realization that finding a 160% splash anoint one, let alone with the right elements, is going to be very difficult. Not to mention it seems half the time wotan bugs out and drops a fraction of the loot.

I also tried farming the trial of discipline for the first time and the com drop rate feels very low. Doesn’t appear to be an efficient way to farm Blast Master.

Regarding elements, I’m a fan of rad+corrosive pairings. Rad is great for shields/flesh and just switch to corrosive for armor without having to swap weapons.

I’ve been using a corrosive/radiation kyb’s with 125% incendiary annointment quite a lot recently. It’s pretty good.


It’s extremely inefficient. I was trying to get a Rocketeer and did it like 5 times to see if there was any increase. None. So I killed Graveward, I don’t know, 30 times? Still less time than doing Trials over and over and I got a ton of Mind Sweepers, 3 Rocketeers, several Bloodletters, and a few Blast Masters and Bear Troopers. He drops a Moze mod at least like every 5 or 6 kills, lots of times more than that.

I had to trade for them. I get one to drop every like 10+ runs and, well no. Not doing that.

I think I might prefer this over Cryo. I don’t need 2 flesh neutral elements on my gun.

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I keep a bit of each on me, because of the multiplier for shock - with mindsweeper i dont have to swap over most times as the micro grenade procced obliterates most of the following bar aswell(whatevers left can be finnished with my grenade or a mode swap - even IB when necessary); adding incendiary with the other various skills i find going flesh neutral isnt a huge gain;
Plus as shortfuze is also non elemental, i found even less reason when specced into that.

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With a full fire setup on Moze, my favorite thing to do when I’m not running Bear Corrosive Chaos is to use a Shock Slowhand and a Fire Slow Hand. But normally, the shock tears the shield up. Then the Incendiary skills like skag den make the health a null point. Because the shock ripped the shield apart super fast. All other damage went to the flesh.

Radiation is just too messy for my Glass Cannon Moze.


This is pretty much how I feel about fire in this game. We already have ways of burning enemies without using a fire weapon, and flesh is pretty easy to kill with any element so it’s the least of my worries. Too many weaknesses for straight up fire.

I made a full incendiary Moze build, and it’s fine and all but fire is just kind of a let down when you go all in on it. It’s just icing on the cake for other elements, and like you said, it makes using shock easier. It also makes using corrosive easier.

I really want a 2x Kyb’s with 125% fire… I want to try it with shock/corrosive and rad/corrosive.

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Add me on PSN and i send you mine next time i’m on. It’s a corrosive/radiation with 125%

P.S the sight sux tho

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my reason for placing it second is more of a “how does each element feel independently” move. or rather, when i use the element, how often do i need to switch away from it, and thats why i place corrosive as low as i do, and fire as high as i do. because fire damage gets elevated so much by stoke the embers and the other support skills, it just feels like it pushes through weak armor and shields just fine, whereas corrosive becomes brutally ineffective as soon as it hits anything other than armor and cryo hits like a wet noodle on shields.

i also approached this topic as a purely mobbing perspective. bossing is important, but the health pools are so large that max type effectiveness is the only approach to being efficient at it.

as for bonus anoints, i’m not sure what i feel about what the most effective weapon anointment is for mobbing. the 125% incen is definitely attractive, especially for blast master, but i think for bloodletter i’d want the 5% WD 95% reload speed on kill stacking anointment. it removes the necessity to hop into bear to keep damage up and allows us to use it as a defense mech again (technically, kybs is so strong that i’ve been doing that anyway, so it makes sense for me to use anoints that reinforce that for mobbing). i think you’re definitely right about 125% incen bonus for blast master, but i think the kill stack is the right one for bloodletter, since the reload speed buff is a very effective DPS increase. that anointment is essentially Salvador’s Keep Firing skill.

yeah, i think the idea is that it “can” be better. an x3 44 mag kybs is managable, but compared to most extra projectile weapon parts, the kybs translates into a much smaller card damage increase compared to say a double projectile hyperion shotgun, or a maxed out pellet stagecoach.

that said, x3 24 mag with the kill stack anointment is probably the best variant for bloodletter builds. taking reloads out of the damage output picture with that anointment is a pretty big boost.

This is a great topic. One I think about a good deal but haven’t seen discussed yet, so thanks for the opening.

On first looking at Mozes skill tree early last year, basing my knowledge off of BL2, I assumed that Moze’s affinity for fire damage skills would be a waste. There was so much Corrodo in BL2 and Shock did much better on flesh, so between this and the way element matching used to work, I rarely went hog wild with Incendiary element.

Now after playing BL3 and seeing how effective fire can be(so many bandits/CoV), I appreciate it more.

However, I have found that in nearly all of my strongest Moze builds, instead of relying on primarily Incendiary weapons, I instead lean heavily on Radiation and Cryo.

This allows me to cover the two biggest bars, red and yellow, without needing to weapon swap. In turn, I make heavy use of Moze’s special “Incendiary next 2 mags” annointment to pump out her awesome fire damage.

This works really well with Blast builds as I’m rarely reloading so if I’m going through a Maliwan or Bandit heavy area, which are both prevailent in BL3 I can use ASE to set off her Incendiary annoint and basically just chew through flesh and shield with no problem.

Likewise when facing yellow bars I can swap to Cryo/Corrosive.

That’s why my favorite build has become one where I utilize Maliwan weapons like Trevonator, Cutsman, Kyb’s and Proton Rifles because I can switch from dealing Rad/Fire to Cryo or Corrodo/Fire at the click of a switch. It’s just a matter of convenience.

Moze can also make use of the “Incendiary next 2 mags” by using straight up kinetic splash weapons such as Devastator, Flakker, Ogre to deal with everything and have the fire to help chew up flesh faster.

Basically, for me at least, Rad and Cryo are where it’s at with Moze.

I can always use a grenade to shield strip if I need the added help.

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I kind of suspected that’s what the list was going for, rather than most important for moze. In which, I’d agree fire is more versatile. Though, if you do count the bonus fire mags, you really don’t even need a fire weapon.

Unfortunately the fire mags don’t get any bonus from splash, so while it’s good on Blast Master, it’s actually better on a Bloodletter I would think. I’m not really into BL though so someone else could speak to that. You’d probably want some kind of ammo upkeep or else you would need to jump into IB all the time.

Part of the reason I’ve been using the fire mags with Blast Master is because I’m sick of jumping in IB just for a burst of damage, and losing it all if I don’t jump back in. Forces a playstyle I just don’t enjoy.

What’s the limit on these stacks anyway? I made a post about it but was told it’s not that great because the damage boost is mediocre, and have yet to find it in a weapon I care to use.

What system are you on? If your PS4 I’ve got some extra copies of the x2 and x3 variants with good opposing elements(Rad/Cryo and Rad/Corrodo).

I’ve also got an extra CMT with +25% extra that I found In a vendor that needs a home.

I don’t mind it because Stoke, Skags and Exp. Munchies and to a lessor degree Cloud.

And as silly as it sounds Cryo Splash seems to proc the living ■■■■ out of MoD grenade regen for me.

Hey if it works for you, don’t let anyone change your mind haha. If MoD is working for you with it, stick with that.

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I’m not crazy, I swear it. I’m totally sane and Cryo has a 33.333% chance to increase to chance of MoD proccing on every day except Sunday and Thursday, it’s been proven with the math that my pet emotional support hobgoblin did.


Ron ze Hobgob has dyscalculia and are a compulsive liar though, we all know that.

to my knowledge, there isn’t one. it’s not like terror where it’s staged damage, it just keeps stacking. depending on the situation and your base output capability, maintaining 10ish stacks shouldn’t be an issue, and now that we’re on to using Rad as our main element, our speed between trash kills is getting even better. as for the anoint being good or not, its a weapon damage modifier, and should apply the same way WD on COMs does. maintaining a 40%+ weapon damage modifier is better than most “bonus damage” effects imo, especially if we’re separating weapon usage into mobbing vs. bossing. if you’re going to use your mobbing weapon against bosses, 160 splash is ideal because you need that boost and the stacking anoint is pretty useless, but otherwise i think i’ll take the kill stack for mobbing. keep in mind that anoint will affect short fuse, FitsD, and all other skills that compound off weapon damage. bonus damage doesnt, and it’s restricted to its specific elemental effectiveness.


I’ve wanted to find an ogre or a kybs with that anointment to try it out. I just feel like using a 160 on exit at the beginning of a mob to get 3 stacks of DiB quickly would allow you to switch weapons to the 5% stack anointment and just continue on without worrying as much about getting back into iron bear.

I have kind of thought the anointment you’re talking about would mesh really well with Blast Master because you want some weapon damage to go along with the splash boost.

Of course there’s better anointments, but you have to be playing the same tired gameplay over and over of looping Iron Bear quickly. I’d like to use Iron Bear when I want, not when I have to.

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