Your favorite alternate shooting mode?

Don’t think I have tried all of the options and guns yet but from what I have used I’m really impressed and enjoy the Sniper “Bipod” alternate shooting mode and the Rocket Launcher “Big Boy” alternate shooting mode. Those two would be equal for me.

Sniper: Even with Zero or Mordecai I’ve never been good at sniping but with this mode I’m getting headshot after headshot with my Moze character. (And never running out of ammo!)

Rocket Launcher: It’s basically a Fatboy from Fallout. Nuff said

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I love me some Vladof, except for the pistol taser. I don’t use snipers or ARs much in this game, but an underbarrel shotgun or RPG is incentive enough for me to keep one in a slot.

I also love Vladof pistols in this game, and make good use of zip rockets

just by look, its the bipod on vladof ars, but I like firing mode of dahl because it can change up your scope and i like pistols that you tilt a bit to use the side sight

Rocket salvos with Vladof launchers. Hands down. Soooooo satisfying

I main Fl4k and mostly use Jakobs weapons, so – while not a true alternate fire – I love that ricochet.

I do love automatic Vladof weapons with bipods, though. I do a fair amount of sniping and the sniper sway in this game is ridiculous, so it’s nice to have a means to counter it.

There was an a fully automatic assault rifle that shot electric explosive that caused chain effect with a 30% explosion radius and alot of extra stats and NICE crit. It’s alternative was tracer grenade. I had ALOOOOOOOOOOT OF FUN with that gun. Another one was a fully automated shotgun that fired 5 electronic orbs
The size of bowling balls in a horizontal and vertical random pattern with each shot. When it reloaded it became a gun turret that lasted days before a suicide bombed people.