Your favorite Bugs,Glitches,exploits etc

Just a random thought
What is your actual favorite you have encountered yet
Rate it by it´s fun factor, usefullness factor or just by it´s pure stupidity :smiley:
of course I´ll start and my favorite is a classic one

Yes it is the invisible shotgun with Ghalt that sometimes happens with his ult :scream:

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It’s long since been patched, but the exploit where you could get permanent Deande clones was pretty darn fun. Especially if the group ran more than 1 Deande :smiley:


That actually looks fun XD i think it was overkill in PVE?

Quite so :smiley: and as you can imagine, even more so in PvP since it essentially gave the team more players.

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Not to mention it would cause the game to crash after a certain point, and it would literally trap you inside the void in the Voids Edge.

(Really sad they ‘fixed’ it by forcing Deande to only ever be able to have one Holotwin active at a time though, ruins some potential escapes you could pull off with her/her ult)

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I remember this one .It actually happened to me once too in PVE XD
It was so fun XD

Going under the map on Monuments. With a mobile character you can even get in the walls, and if you press up to a wall, you can shoot into lane and at the enemy’s sentry. Not really viable for cheesing, but it’s pretty funny and trivial to accomplish.


This one was definitely the best one at the time. I amassed an army of them once whilst running a Heliophage and watched as they destroyed Rendain. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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