Your favorite grenade so far?

What’s your favorite grenade you’ve picked up so far?

At first I was doing my usual drooling over homing and homing transfusions but then I discovered this grenade and my life changed at that very moment.

Holy ■■■■ snacks this thing was awesome. Later on I found one just like it that split in to two so that’s double the monies!

Keeper of the stars, I hope to never find…

Got a MIRV Hex… OMMFG. I’m playing Amara and all I need to do on Mayhem 3 is Phasegrasp then chuck one of those death balls out and watch the bodies fall.

Pic (Mine is lvl 50. This is just a pic of a lvl 41 version)

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Got a picture of the item card? I’d love to see its stats.

I love the Monies!

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