Your favorite items

So I just asked what your favorite areas are and now I had the idea to ask for entries for favorite items. I originally thought to make it just weapons but why not make it all around gear?

You don’t have to be very specific if you don’t want to but of couse writing a little something goes a long way.

My #1: Sublime slag Pimpernel. Maliwan grip, hyperion stock and Dahl sight.

I goddamn love the Pimpernel. It’s OP AF but it also takes some getting used to for efficient usage. The multicrit child pellets feel so damn good, especially when you are on the move and just winging it. I pretty much carry a slag pimp on all my charaters at this point because I just enjoy it that much and it’s just pretty much the most efficient slag tool in the game even if you aren’t sniping at all. Maybe I’m a bit too used to it but I love it.

The parts don’t matter that much but matching grip is always nicefor the bonuses. I like shorter zooms so Dahl and Vladof are my favored scoped on most snipers. Hyperion stock just makes it a little easier to handle, but it’s not a bit deal.

Sublime for my hybrid Zero. I never concidered it before and went Banbury for firerate but damn if this isn’t more easy and relaxed. For others I don’t care much but banbury is favored, then barkin, I just want it for the slag bug sometimes a good pimp allows a 2 shotted enemy even on a non-specced character.

Next up my favorite shield in the game.


I know you wanted BL2 area but the Crimson Lance Arena from the Knoxx DLC is pretty underrated. It was pretty fun.

As far as guns, I haven’t come across anything as flexible as the Bekah. Works on anything.

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Well any opportunity to rave about my favourite gun in the game : the Hail!!
( groans from various forum members - again with the Hail, Jefe? )


  • Rabid prefix : with most AR’s this prefix is bad ( Wild, etc. ) but the grenadier barrel seems to ignore the accuracy loss to a large degree, leaving increased damage and fire rate.
  • No scope : most Hails have no scope anyways, but a scope will force you to aim even lower which ruins the gun.
  • Vlad grip and Dahl stock of course, but these are not as important ( imo ) as with other guns.

The normal damage output is substantial, but +200% crit and +80% splash makes it crazy with Krieg & Axton ( for grenade boosts and fire rate boosts ) , Maya ( easy to crit a PL’d target, plus Wreck ) , Gaige ( Better Half and Close Enough ).
I’ve run a variation of the Kittehzerker build with fire and slag Hails with Sal.
It doesn’t really B0re, but Zer0 gets Rising Sh0t and Tw0 Fang.

The split projectiles get full amp damage.
Oh yeah, it heals @ 3% for incredible tanking.


I really need to pick up a Hail on my Axton. I’ve never even used it much and it should fit my build well too.

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My top 3 right off the bat:

1- The Infinity- say what you will about it but I try to have one on all my characters and considering that pistols are my favorite weapons, not having to worry about finding/ buying ammo (or having to reload while in FFL) just appeals to me. It played a major role in my recent Peak runs with Reverend Pain, Queen Scream and Dee Lightful in conjunction with the next item:

2- The Bee- yes, I InfiniBee- sue me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: More damage in general and- against some of the bullet sponge raid and Peak bosses- becomes just about a necessity. Even Ultimate Krieg!!! and Memeeme find a use for it on rare occasions- the damn thing is just useful. Also, what better way to learn to how to prioritize targets than wearing such a fragile shield?

3- The Transformer- IMO one of the most underrated shields in the game- anyone who is not Maya should get one for the Peak and then laugh as surveyors become little more than mere nuisances. And with it having a chance for a pretty decent absorb chance (I’ve had ones as high as 30%), it not a bad shield for mobbing as well (at least as far as gun toting enemies go…).


Unkempt Harold
Rough Rider
Chain Lightning

Favorite item - I’ll interpret that as “most fun and/or most interesting” otherwise this just reduces back to the Top Gear lists.

1 - Godfinger. It pushes you to look for long range shots, which can reveal new and interesting parts of maps you thought you already knew everything about. Maya in Opportunity with a Godfinger :star_struck: So fun!!

2 - Flakker. Getting a large target at just the right distance is extremely rewarding. Sadly dual-Flakking with Sal isn’t as effective as I’d hoped, but it is hilarious.

3 - Mysterious Amulet. You have to respect that level of trolling. :smiley:


I love the Landscaper. I loved it before it got hooked up with the UCP, and now we’re an item, but still. I think it gets tossed around between my characters on the weapon exchange program more than any other. Everywhere I go, I’m thinking, “I could put Landscaper shot here and lure enemies into it like this…”.

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Aesthetically, I love Jakobs weapons. Probably because I love spaghetti westerns. Fanning the hammer and reloading an Iron, Revolver, or Widowmaker is so very satisfying. The reloads on shotguns and the AR’s with the wheel clips also feel very satisfying. And I like the Buffalo. Not always practical, but such a satisfying headshot. It’s fun to run Lynchwood with Sal dual wielding revolvers so I can pretend to be a short, barbarian Clint Eastwood with anger management issues.


I’d also like to sing the praises of my first elemental Gwen’s Head. It was corrosive, and in addition to me giggling every time Jack said “What’s in the box?”(that time, and with equal energy every time after), it also melted buzzards quick, fast, and in a hurry during my first TVHM trip to the dust, before I knew about the Hornet. I had just found out about the Gwen’s Head, and the first one I got in TVHM was corrosive. That was so very helpful, thank you RNG-sus. :pray:


I try to stray and change weapons but I always come back to the Redundant Fibber, something about the bouncy bullets makes me happy :slight_smile:


Why has nobody said the orc yet :disappointed_relieved:

I’ve only played as maya so far and from that experience I really liked:

Sandhawk and Pimpernel (big surprise, I know)

Heartbreaker, mainly because I love Hyperion shotguns with their high fire rate, as well as the heartbreaker healing you and having a predictable spread so you would be able to reliably crit - kinda, not the greatest at critting unless it’s a crystalisk

Avenger for smg ammo passively regenning which is good when you’ve got a big amount of area to cover, and I think - I think, correct me if I’m wrong - it regens even in a vehicle

Hellfire, a reliable weapon for me which I would use if I wanted a non-fire sandhawk

Veruc was a pleasant surprise, considering how I’ve seen people treat it just because the Lyuda (amazing weapon btw) could also drop in the same area, but the veruc worked wonders for me, when I don’t wanna dig into smg ammo

Hyperion plasma casters are amazing as well

Dahl gemstone weapons because they look smexy

Antagonist + mirrored trickster = profit in bullet heavy areas

(Sorry it’s so long)


The Rocketeer!
No. Not this one. That one.

Need to be buffed by skills or at least a Relic. Ammo hungry.
But I love the TchonkTchonkTchonkTchonkTchonkTchonkTchonk
Now if you exchange the Gun & barrel manufacturers you end up with another of my favorites.

I have a soft spot for high RoF explosive guns… :grin:

And last but not least. This guy.

Here’s one version I recently really liked.


Conference Call, the love of my Borderlands life. :heart_eyes: