Your favorite "let Alani tell the Demon Bear Story characters" (Spoilers)

Let me tell you a little story… I call it “Mellka and the Demon Bear”

Once upon a time, a gamer tried to beat that op solo with Mellka to unlock her skins.

Of course he was prepared to sacrifice some extra lives on the way, since the new OP seems to be as punishing as the first was shortly after it’s release… but he was not prepared for the… Alpha Bears.

He got one shoted by them several times until he had no more extra lives… but once he got his hopes high he could maybe finish it after all the Demon Bear finished him.

She used a Malevolent trick and slowed him before unleashing her shockwave of doom. The Misson was failed, the meager loot wasn’t worth the time, but though he was beaten… there was a way to cheese through this.

That’s when the gamer decided to randomly restart the level until Alani’s version comes up so he wouldn’t lose the boss fight…

Now he feels like a little cheater, but will get his stuff.


So, do you have any characters in mind there you gonna be cheesy like me?


Yep, El Dragon and probably most of the other melee characters for this one.

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recently i was disappointed by the alani story line
I played through it as ghalt who just runs through the operation without any problems and because i was focused on playing i didn´t notice i was in alanis version so i played through and wanted the kill the demon bear as ghalt and see how easy it would be for him and then after running around the the final boss stage for some time and i thought he was bugged i realized…ohh its alanis story ._. well fml XD

I did the a 100 ops point runthrough as Dragon.

It hurt.

The alpha bear swarming is the worst part. And if you decide to not do this one on the Alani runthrough, please dear lord follow HoHo’s advice, and you MUST take damage reduction at level 5 plus Hang Time at level 6.

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I do the Montana dlc with Mellka at 100 Ops, do you need some pointers?
She does a great job if you run and dance well.

If I got to LvL 8 with her it would already help a lot… but it’s so random if there a Helix Points or if you get Beastmasters to farm some summoned Thralls…

Nah, gonna be cheesy instead of skilled on this one.

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What is the Alani one? (I beat first try with at least 80 ops points)

It’s the 5th Playthrough of the Demon Bear, Alani calls it the Story of the Misunderstood Demon Bear and tells it like Montana was going to have a Picnic and the Demon Bear just wanted to play Hide and Seek.

Alani: Montana’s favorite game is Hide and Seek.
Montana: (Shocked) How’d you know?!!

Dumb question, is the Alani playthrough easier than first?

I haven’t paid attention if hers is the only one that spawns so many disruptors.
Just did 100 OPs as Dragon again with the Boldur story and there was one Disruptor and 2 Defilers.

Yeah, it is. Mostly because you don’t have to fight the final boss.

Just to mention, I’m going back thru at 100 OPs with each character again and making notes this time.

So far…

Story by:
Boldur - 1 Disruptor, 2 Defilers, Conservator and Bear Cubs no Alphas
Nova - Heavy Thrall, 1 Defiler, loot in cage and Alphas
Montana crab - 2 Defilers, Conservator, Bone Crusher and Cubs no Alphas