Your favorite lines in the game

Everything the old dude in the truck says

Everything balex says


“My chili recipe dies with me!”


“tell my kids i wish they were born”

And my man Zane is hilarious as well

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Moze has a good line when she replies to that lord of skags sidequest guy:
“Pro gamer? Kill me in real life, then we’ll talk.”


Just heard a new u at the blacksite say “in the event of accidental duplication we suggest you kill your double and never speak of this again”. First time I’ve heard that one. Laughed so hard I had to hop on the forum and tell people.


“Don’t shoot! I’m reloading!” — could swear I heard a Maliwan guy in the Takedown say this

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“Jokes on you! I was in massive debt…”
Dying Goliath

Here’s my number 1 tho, saved it for last and it needs no introduction;


After Timothy talks to moxxi in the dlc. Zane to Tim -
“Well you really dropped the ball there… Seriously, I don’t know where your balls went! Hahaha!”

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I love that the bandits sometimes shout “IPDE!”
It took me a little while to notice that :smile:

Been playing Moze lately. Not a huge fan of the character, but she sometimes says: “Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back.”

This is a quote from John Wick 1, and that made me like the character much more.

“I’m the fake, I’m the fake.”

“Unforgivable! UNFORGIVABLE!”

“Look at me during.”

“I’m gonna kill your best friend and eat your memories.”

Just a few…

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Lol it’s, “Don’t look at me during!”. Lol

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“This handsome fook over there was making out with your sister” (or something like that)
Zane deploying his clone :rofl:
“We got you WIATCH” just noticed that sometimes Tinks say that to Amara, bonus point for the vernacular

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Can anyone confirm if a tink shouts ‘potato cakes!’?

I hear them say “you’re outta your league baby cake” all the time but I’ve never noticed potato cake , I’ll pay closer attention, new mission accepted: kill tinks until they talk of potato cake :rofl:

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“My ass is full of stars”


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My ass saved your ass

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“Is this a feeble attempt at flirtation, or have you gone blind?” -Tannis


Hardened tinks say ‘you syphalitic trogladite!’ questionable spelling. :joy:

I think I remember something about “…but a cold soup” in the middle there.

A quick search spit out: “Tyreen’s gonna drink soup out of your skull, cold ones, like gazpacho!”

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Also, Death-Spheres going
“pew. pew.”
in their robo-monotone is just hilariously adorable.



Haven’t heard any other lines after that. :thinking: