Your favorite "must have" weapon, shield, mod

I haven’t kept up with buffs and the latest stuff.

I generally play Moze, currently focused on iron cub.

If anyone cares to name your their favorite item(s)? One of each is probably enough…
It’ll give me something to shoot for, and discover new stuff.

Thank you, in advance!

For Moze I would say: Flipper, Plus Ultra or Old God, Hex.


The Dowsing Rod (alt-fire mode of course) is one of my very favorite weapons on Moze. The Trevonator is also very good, I prefer it in radiation for dealing with all types of resistances fairly well.


I have a Bloodletter Moze running primarily with Boogeyman, Lucian’s Call, Boom Sickle, and Magnificent. Mesmer grenade
Haven’t felt a need to change that up.

I’ve started a new Fl4k with Warlord for their main.

I like Quasar for crowd control.

Reflux and Brainstormer for linking damage… particularly against the Anointed Enforcers walking around with their stinking shields.

My Amara’s killing it with her Fish Slap.

Oh… I have another Fl4k tearing things up with a radiation Butcher. That one was recently buffed. I used to dismiss it, but now it’s super fun.

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free radical and madcap


Leech: stick a Taser shot in something’s crit spot for free retriggering of crits for a spell with a Bloodletter build:

  • Redistribution triggers fill shield
  • Leech’s own healing fills shield
  • Biofuel fills shield (almost everything in the purple tree is triggered by these shots)

If you’re into Bottomless Mags with some gear-based mag size buffs, you can get two Leech shots on deck. With three Leeches in Taser mode supporting whatever main weapon you’re sporting, if you throw a Taser with one (so there’s one left in the mag), swap to the next Leech, throw that Taser, and rotate through those Leeches, by the time you get back to the first, you should have a second Taser back. (I think it’s more that the first one barely drains the “magazine” and it insta-refills with Forge, but still). Now you’re tanky AF and your other weapon enjoys the benefits of all those crit/fire/DoT based skill enhancements.

It ain’t a Plasma Coil, but it’s a fun novelty.


Whichever ones aren’t bugged or broken.

(is this meme/joke still funny? *sarcasm)

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Ha. :slight_smile:

kings call


Kaoson, super soldier, mind sweeper.

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Nice Leech has a bunch of cool uses. Can get 2 tasers per shot with Infernal Wish or hop out of bear with Some for the Road and cover them with tasers. Also repeatedly spawns micronades with Mindsweeper if you hit crit spot. Wish it could come anointed.

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I’ll look up nice leach. Haven’t seen it.

My favourite items change as I progress through the game with different characters.
A favourite early in the game can be underwhelming at level 72 MH11.

My strongest character is Moze using an Iron Cub partial bottomless mags build.
That one is my favourite character with the following gear because it does so much damage quickly.
The build coupled with a Trojan Horse Super Soldier shield means running out of ammo is not a problem.

I use a sapper class mod which means as long as I’m doing damage I get some back in health.

The class mod has +44% smg damage which goes well with the weapon I mostly use which is the Plasma Coil smg with a good extra splash damage bonus anointment.

Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge artifact with +16% fire rate and 22% increased reload speed.

Cloning Ghast Call grenade mod which deals corrosive damage at medium to close range.
The only other weapon used is a corrosive flipper for long range corrosive damage as can be required near the end of Slaughterstar 3000 for the robot bosses.

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It’s a mission reward (forget the mission now). I usually go sniffing for them in Earl’s vending machine (they’re surprisingly common for me).

I heard a rumor that they were coming anointed with this patch - haven’t confirmed yet though.

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have you tried the heat exchanger

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Have you tried the Light Show yet? Also, the Transformer should be a given.

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Huge fan of the Reflux, even though it’s not a splash dmg gun. Pain the ass to farm though. I’m glad I farmed the hell out of it when it was in Maurice’s machine a while back.


I’ll just list 1-3 from each category off the top of my head.

Pistols: Light Show, Frozen Devil, S3RV-80S-EXECUTE
SMGs: Flipper, Ember’s Purge, Crader’s EM-P5
Assault Rifles: Monarch, Rowan’s Call, Laser Sploder
Shotguns: Heart Breaker, Trevonator, Guardian 4N631
Launchers: Hive, Kickcharger, Redeye Rocket Pod
Snipers: Sandhawk, Storm, Complex Root
Grenade: Mesmer, It’s Piss, Hunter-Seeker
Shields: Red Suit, Frozen Heart, Stop Gap


thanks everyone! Much appreciated.

loved the light show until I found a free radical