Your favorite "must have" weapon, shield, mod

Soulrender, free radical, super soldier shield, eternal flame


Plaguebearer, Infernal Wish, Tobaggan, Flare

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If you find a hellwalker at level 8 it lasts you until like lvl 24. If not longer, actually. started a new amara and found a lvl 8 hellwalker and I’m almost 20 and it still one shots pretty much everything lmao


Oh damn, forgot my favorite mods.

Seein’ Dead, of course, but I have a +Splash Dam/+Splash Radius/+Assault Rifle Dam one that’s especially good.
Executor is great for boosting Cryo.

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I found an anointed Leech today.

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Run 6 characters at level 72, Mayhem 11. Here’s a list of the various gear I run. Put this together after arguing with someone who thought there was “limited good end game gear”.

Pistols: Lightshow, Multi-tap, Replay, Hydrafrost, Nemesis, Tizzy

SMG: Kaoson, Torrent, Kyb’s Worth, Plasma Coil, Needlegun, Troubleshooter,

AR: Breath of the Dying, Star Helix, Super Shreddifier, Soulrender, Lucian’s Call, Faisor, Sickle, Orge, Shreddifier, O.P.Q., Kaos,

Shotgun: The Butcher, The Lob, Hellwalker, IceBurger, Vosk’s Deathgrip, Redline

Launcher: Kickcharger, Hive, Yellowcake, Backburner

Sniper: Krakatoa, SandHawk, Boogeyman,

Grenade: Firestorm, Hunter-Seeker, Hex, Ghast Call, Core Buster, Ringer, Storm Front, Red Queen, Nagata, Quasar, Trans-fusion Tracker, Porcelain Pipe Bomb, Sidewinder

Shield: Revolter, Super Soldier, Transformer, Stop-Gap, Messy Break Up, Frozen Heart, Frozen Shoeshoe, Old God


For your Moze/cub option and sticking with 1 type of must have item:

Grenade - low level CMT. Minimal self damage and best healing through Vampyr.

Shield - Super soldier. Lots of options here but the SS sits at the top of the pile.

Weapon - Flipper. Not only one of the most powerful weapons in the game, it doesn’t do self damage so on Moze you can even point blank enemies and not hurt yourself. Just don’t use a mindsweeper class mod if you want to go up in the enemies face, all other class mods are fine.

Artifact - The Pearl of ineffable knowledge, preferably with mag size and fire rate passives. Certainly other options too but the peral covers so many build options.

Class mod - very difficult this one. I can’t rank this as just one, especially if you go down the Flipper path as you can use any of them to good effect. To me its a tie between the bloodletter and blastmaster when paired with the Flipper. Eternal Flame is right up there along with the Flare for your application. Tough call this one!

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I’m a flak user. and one thing I like to do is give my trigger finger some rest. so, I tend to use messy breakup shield and Dark Army gun. so, if the shield on my skag goes bye bye, then it’s just rapid orbs of doom. and the dark army guns help.

of course, I wish I had a different element for the shield (just have corrosive) and my Dark Army gun isn’t even a mayhem one. but it’s just fun to use.

grenade wise, i use the cloned homing grenade. usually go for radiation.


I’m a Moze main and I usually have some manner of the following:
Artifact - Vladof Company Man or Dahl Company Man
Grenade: CMT/Recurring Hex/Pyroburst (those are the usual grenade mods I run)
Class Mod: Eternal Flame (get Bear/Cub back instantly)
Shield: Infernal Wish and Super Soldier
Guns: Lucians’ Call, Boogeyman, Light Show, Monarch, Soulrender, Sandhawk, Torrent, Kaos, Kaoson (depends on which artifact I have equipped)

EDIT: I have a Bladed Fury that I rerolled to consec hits. I equipped a Knife Drain White Elephant and Mind Sweeper (this one rolled with a melee bonus) with an Infernal Wish with an amp roll. I can do the Maliwan Takedown on M10/11 w/o calling Bear or Cub except for when Wotan has the double shields. Would probably be a bit easier if my class mod had rolled with AR damage instead of SMG damage.

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Nice! I usually shop for an ointments that help weapon damage (since its otherwise so soft), but at least that works for Moze.

I love the madcap. I like it on Moze a lot more than the Re-Volter. Not a fan of the new Manna shield either.


couple it with a deathless artifact esp the last stand

change my vote from free radical to plasma coil

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Lol…did you just get one?

Nope friend sent me one but I had never tried it
equipped it and was very impressed

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Butcher with heal on ability cast (for crits and health), Rakk Pakk, and Stop Gap.

You’re effectively immortal and can grind down anything… if you don’t mind the wait.

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I’m not quite sure of the anointment you’re
mentioning on a butcher?

On action Skill end, 15% life steal.

My Stop Gap shield has - On Action Skill Start, activate any effects that trigger on shield break or fill. Stop Gap only procs every 5 seconds, but Rakks cool down almost that quickly, and I have 3 in reserve.

With the Butcher giving me nearly endless crits with it’s ammo regen, I can pop a couple of Rakks every few seconds for endless shield, also giving me constant healing for when I mess up thanks to the Life Steal (almost unnecessary to be honest).

As an added bonus my grenades regenerate with my action skill, that’s a lot of Hex’s going out!

The downside to this build is that Mayhem 10 has you sitting around a lot, slowly whittling away at health bars. I’m sure there are ways to kill MUCH faster, but this one is the safest I’ve tried. I can go toe-to-toe with pretty much anything (I’m sure there must be something out there that counters these mechanics, but I’m still learning).

Tossing out Rakks and Hex Grenades repeatedly while you refill your Action Skill with the Butcher (just hold the trigger and cackle like a madman) will eventually get the job done. My only concern is the occasional knock back that takes me off of a ledge.

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