Your Favourite Faction (And Why)? Poll Included!

So, a simple question…OR IS IT?!?!?

Choose your favourite faction, and please tell us why you chose them!

It doesn’t even have to be based on the character or characters you play the most; maybe you just like the look or ideals or character design or themes or what have you of a given faction.

I am not even going to include a cop-out “I can’t choose a favourite faction, I like characters from each” option - we shall have none of that weak sauce gullshit here!

Vote away, and I am looking forward to your answers!

Thanks in advance.

  • Eldrid
  • Last Light Consortium (LLC)
  • United Peacekeeping Republics (UPR)
  • Jennerits (Degenerates)
  • Rogues

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I voted for the LLC.


One simple reason - like Martin from the movie Role Models, I’m gay for robots!


I went for the Rogues. At first, I was planning to go for the Eldrid… But that would just be because I LOVE Miko. But as a faction, I think the Rogues are the coolest. They are the guys that just got together because nobody accepted them, because they wanted their own rules! And I also think it’s pretty cool that most of the rogues all have this own reason to have great respect for Reyna. She did so much for her members, and that’s just pretty amazing.
Even Pendles didn’t switch sides when offered money to kill them! :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I do think that the LLC and Eldrid are pretty cool too. No real reason. They’re just cool. Robots and nature dudes are just cool.



I am out of likes for the nonce, but thank you kindly for your votes and great posts in both my poll threads tonight!


It was actually a tricky one for me, because I really do like the factions more or less equally…

But in the end, I voted Rogues, and not just because Toby is bae. But also because I like my bands of misfits as rag-tag as possible, and of all of the Battleborn factions the Rogues are the rag-taggiest.

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If there’s one thing consistent, it’s that nobody ever votes for the UPR in polls like this…

Eldrid, second closest would be LLC. I’m a sucker for forest or nature themes. Ask my Pathfinder players, they’ll tell you how much Whitethroat can really bring out the flowery (it’s a pun) language when describing nature areas.

As a whole I don’t really love the LLC’s shtick of rich company, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t adore Phoebe, ISIC and Marquis.

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Tonight? Bruh, it’s 11 AM! Just chillin’ before going to work, getting back in the community and stuff. Post another thread so I can reply! >:@

Also[quote=“FlamesForAll, post:4, topic:1582357”]
thank you kindly for your votes

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England? Germany?


Tempted to switch my vote to UPR both because of my deep love for Ernest, Montana and Galilea and so they actually GET A VOTE!!!

@mythicfox Toby + Orendi = :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:


Ah close one! The Netherlands.

Only just came back to the forums, already going off-topic.
Man I’m a forum pro.

I’m of Dutch heritage!

My middle name is Gerrit!


I’ll visit your beautiful country one day!


Also, Off Topic does not exist in my threads.

They are derailment proof, even by the likes of that dastardly @handsomecam !

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True Fact: If I had to rank the factions, UPR would actually be a close second for me. Partially because they’re very down to earth (except for Benedict, in a couple of ways, really), so to speak, and that’s a trait I appreciate. (And also, Ernest just really meshes well with my playstyle)


high fives for Ernest

And yes, Benedict is certainly not down to earth!

Rather flighty, in fact!

His head is in the clouds!

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UPR…Galilea is love and Oscar Mike is a pj very fun

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character, sorry in spanish is pj( personaje)

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Cool, thanks!


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Eldrid. Why? The pissed off eldrid

Honorable mention Ambra destroy a planet, just following orders. An unruly Constable Cuddles leads to full on rebelion.


Ugh, I should know this…Constable Cuddles?