Your Favourite Race and Why?

Just like the title implies. Kushan, Bentusi, Taiidan, Kadeshi, Turanic, Hiigaran, and Vaygr. There are quite a few races, and more I suppose, if you separate those Somtaaw whackos or the Progenitors.

For me, it’s usually a tie between the Taiidan Empire and the Kadeshi. I’ve always been a fan of vast antagonist civilisations in stories, and Homeworld’s art form was just so grand that the Taiidani quickly gained my adoration. The ship designs, and the bright yellow and red colours of the Empire always caught my eye so I made sure to play as them all the time. I really enjoyed the cutscenes that showed different stations and outposts, and the ones of the planet from which the Taiidan ruled. But then they cracked out the Emperor Riesstiu and his crazy upside down orb throne and I went bonkers. He was someone powerful enough to psychically beat up Karen from across the gap of space, and his voice was ominous and well-aged to be suitable for the role. The only thing I wish is that they’d fleshed out the Empire’s history a little more, especially in concern to the rebellion that Captain Elson was heading.

Alternatively, with the Kadeshi it’s a bit more of a spooky reverence to their religious way of life. They’re just so foreign and mysterious. It was such a cool idea to ensconce some murderous race of religious zealots inside the beauty of a nebula. Then tied them into the protagonist faction by saying they’re like lost cousins fallen by the wayside. Possessing the most alien ship design of the bunch, they still managed to make them familiar in the fear they held toward the Taiidan Empire. Plus, you know, the Kadeshi ambassador’s amazing voice acting in Homeworld. :smile:

I’d like to see the thoughts of others on the neat factions in our beloved games!

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For me it’s always been the Bentusi - I love the concept of them being the first inheritors of the Progenitors power and playing galactic peacekeepers for so long. Granted, this also stifled progress and development for the other races in the galaxy so you’ve got this conflict in their nature between benevolent peacekeepers and Orwellian police state on a galactic scale.

I can’t wait to see Bentus and the tradeships for the first time in just over 3 weeks!

Kadeshi. Loved how they were discovered related to the Kushan but lived alone in the space for so long… preserving knowledge and protecting their home (look look: what does this remember you?) meanwhile on Kharak all of what happened disappeared into oblivion and the survivors struggled on the lonely planet.

But the ships! Oh their ships are just so cool I couldn’t resist, all hail the multi beam frigates!
Also the way they slaughtered my units was fascinating… only time I felt beaten by the game and almost feared a pc enemy. Well until I started killing those little fuel pods. Oh poor fighters! xD


Gotta go with the Kushan. After seeing their home planet destroyed, I was bought into their story from the very beginning.

I love the Kushan mothership, too. It has such a distinct crescent shape, and it’s sheer height contrasts with the rest of your fleet later in the game. It leaves you feeling so… small. You truly become mesmerized by its magnitude.

Yeah, something I appreciated about the Kushan was the route with their ship design. They’re very spartan, well-crafted but done in a simplistic way for their journey. I think the main point of their style is that they are in such haste, and they have no need of more artistic liberties. A very austere race.

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It’s a pretty close race between kushan, bentusi, and kadeshi for me, but I think the fanatics eek out the win.

Kushan, more specifically Kiith Somtaaw. Miners rising above themselves to defeat a Galactic threat.

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Hard to say, but I am a fan of the Taiidan and Vaygr because I really liked the more aggressive looks of their fleets. If I had to pick only one, it would probably be Taiidan. While their mothership left a bit to be desired, I look forward to deploying the Skaal Tel-class Destroyers. It looks like some sort of angry fish with that razorback, with some serious teeth to boot in the form of the turrets.

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Agreed, based on looks alone Taiidan I find strike a balance between modern and future looking. Love the way the Multi-gun Corv looks, and can’t wait to see it in HD.

The most badass race in the game the kadeshi the keepers of the garden they taught me to swarm in '99 just something about them that hit a chord with me all them years ago look forward to salvaging the heck out of them again.

Pshhh! All the cool kids ran the campaign without salvaging!

To be sure, the Kadeshi have a pretty scary effect on a player meeting them for the first time. I remember when I first reached that level way back, and I lost hard. This, of course, was followed by many more losses until I finally won! Then I entered the Cathedral of Kadesh and gave up on the game for a month. xD

I yearn to see the Kadeshi multi-beam frigates, as well as the Skaal-Tel Destroyer Kapella. :blush:

LoL well the cool kids could have gotten through with it the first time by salvaging first time in and out no loss no banana ship going boom. So who’s cool now? :wink: Kadeshi were just awesome tbh.

I am personally a fan of the Hiigaran, I like the more traditional Navy look of ships with large rotating turrets and of course shiny blue Beam Lasers FTW.

I never played the HW1 campaign though, only a bit of skirmish on my brothers PC before HW2 came out and I jumped ship (no pun intended) as it was shinier :smile:

I might find I grow attached to other races when I finally play this campaign, can’t wait.

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One of the things I’m most curious towards seeing is the Progenitor ship models now. I’ve never been a fan of the Homeworld 2 story, but they did well with the design of their fighters and such. A very ancient look, compared to that of the playable races, but at the same time they kind of reminded me of the Bentusi. But not in a bad way, more as if the Bentusi are old enough to have espied the old derelicts or something and copied them.

Oh now you are making me change opinion: Progenitor are just so badass I can’t wait to see both the Dreadnought and Sajuuk remastered!

Let those fully charged phased planetary overkilling beams flail who dare oppose!

Wait wait. There’s also the T-MAT! No, this is just too much to handle… boom! Self-destructs in little un-salvageable pieces…

Would have loved to see one. My HW2 single player mode was borked and never went past the second or third mission so I never seen Progenitor or Sajuuk but looking forward to it. SO yea my HW2 days were spent in multiplayer exclusively.

I’ve always loved the design of the Hiigaran assault frigates from HWI, as well as there Battle Cruisers. So I’m going to stick with the Hiigarans. :slight_smile:

For me it’s a close tie between the Vagyr and Taiidan as I like their overall ship design except a few ships.

The Dagger-class Ion Array Frigate from the Turanic Raiders however is my favorite ship. The way those ion arrays open just before they fire, and the chatter you hear when your camera is close to them is very badass. :sunglasses:

I have a tie between the Kadeshi and The Kiith Somtaaw

The Kadeshi were part of the Kushan till they decided to leave the caravan in the exile instead of following the herd they became a race of raiders who even the Taidan empire feared (ironic since it was they who exiled them)

As for the Kiith Somtaaw how much more badass could you get going from the everyman worker clan of miners to a fighting force defending all living in the galaxy from a virus plotting to take over the whole galaxy

Honestly I hope the Kadeshi are more fleshed out this time around, and I hope the Somtaaw are still cannon

For me it were the Taiidan. Their ship designs were not just some of the best but they were also evil. I like evil. :stuck_out_tongue:

As side of that I also think the Turranics, Bentusi & Kadesh had some wonderful and unique designs.

But in all honesty the whole 2 games had epic designs. If we could include Catacylsm
The Nagarok was epic followed by the Somtaaw and beast which featured almost all main factions of HW1.