Your Favourite Ransack Areas?

I’m sure we all know how great ransack is, and how it can drop incredible gear for free. And I’m sure you all occasionally enjoy going around and killing tons of enemies in one area, bang-bang-bang, to see what drops.

My question is this: What’s your favourite place to do it? What enemies do you prefer farming with ransack? Is there any generally preferred “best area” for it?


(My favourite is either Generally Hospital or Jakobs Cove)

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Skag Gully, that one Starship Troopers Spiderant colony by the secret chest near Tannis’ area (if you can kill them quick enough (this is honestly because it’s my favorite mobbing spot in the whole damn series)), the Underdome just for the hell of it.


You mean the Dev Chest under the cliff?

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I second this for sure… I mobbed that area so much back in the day with my gunslinger. Hey Mr. Spiderant let me introduce you to my favorite masher. Oh you have a bunch of friends? Pleased to meet you all and sorry for what’s coming your way…

Zombie Island is my favorite place to Ransack. And Kroms Canyon. Mostly because I just love that map.

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My very best Ransack drop (perfect S&S Mauler) was found in Earl’s scrapyard, which is one of my personal favorite maps to mob. That and Treachers landing.

With Relentless it is really easy to pop Bandit heads.

Ransack does nothing boosted past 5.

Also, you can’t boost skills to 10 in this game.

Trust me, ask one of the hardcore players like P_Anarchist, OtakuStouty or Frightning, they’ll tell you that Ransack past 5/5 is pointless.

COMs in the first game don’t go past +4.

5/5 already gives 100% chance for an extra drop.

This I’m not sure on.

As far as I know, you only get 1 extra loot roll, max, ever. Boosting Ransack simply increases the odds of it happening.

The extra drop I typed is the extra item that can drop with up to 5 points in Ransack.

Wouldn’t recommend relying on the wiki. The page on the Defiler states that it is the only revolver who’s accesoire increases damage, while the Aries does so aswell. And that’s just a minor example. The Ogre page still has a hacked one in its list of images.

Past 5 points it would be overly redundant then.

I’m actually not at all sure of this (one of the reasons I haven’t gotten around to writing the Scavenger guide yet). In game observation has shown me that Ransack often drops nothing at all. Even at 5/5 or more (8/5 or 9/5), this means one of two things: Either there is a chance of a ‘dead’ roll, where it rolls ‘badly’ enough that it decides to drop nothing, or the actual chance is lower than the 20% that the tooltip claims (many other skills have lying tooltips in this game, so that wouldn’t be a surprise). Thing is, without delving into the Unreal Editor for Borderlands I have no real way to answer that (I know what to look at in there, just need to figure out how to set it up so it works and get to it).