Your favourite weapon manufacturers (aesthetics and manufacturer-specific mechanics)

This isn’t about the power-level (Damage or DPS) or more generally efficiency of specific pieces but the overall aesthetics and manufacturer-specific mechanics. Which mechanics and weapon designs do you enjoy the most?

This is how I rate the different manufacturers (from best to worst):

  1. Dahl
    I always loved Dahl, in any Borderlands game. And in BL3 we got the best version of it. All of their guns look and feel amazing. Being able to have selective fire no matter whether you hip-fire or ADS is perfect. No other manufacturer comes close.
  2. Vladof
    Design-wise this is a huge improvement over the BL2 designs (they looked already great back in the day). They feel impactful and it’s so satisfying to spray all those bullets in a matter of seconds. The under-barrel options are super-rich in variety and also impactful.
  3. Jakobs
    I didn’t like Jakobs in BL2 aesthetically. Now they look top-notch. They would probably end up at the second spot (before Vladof) if I wouldn’t have a hard time using them (clicking every single shot) due to a physical handicap.
  4. COV
    Their guns look and feel amazing. I consider the clunkiness a fun feature. Unlimited magazines sound great but don’t offer many synergies with the current VHs skill trees.
  5. Hyperion
    Hyperion is supposed to produce high-tech futuristic weaponry. But those wiggly flaps on the guns (especially on those bulky shotties) look and feel awful. And the gimmicks feel contradicting: the shield is useful when ADS but the reverse-recoil is most useful for hip-firing. Identity crisis? While the guns usually perform quite well the reverse-recoil makes the gun feel everything but impactful. They sound and feel like a pea-shooter.
  6. Torgue
    I hated Torgue in BL2. Slow projectile speed and super bulky guns aren’t my cup of tea. In BL3 they look significantly better and feel slightly better to handle/shoot. But the slow projectile speed or on many cases outright weird projectile behaviour while being semi-auto (same issue as with Jakobs) for the most part still kills them for me. There are only ~3 Torgue gun I like using.
  7. Tediore
    I like to shoot my guns. That makes Tediore’s mostly useless for me. Design-wise they’re quite good.
  8. Maliwan
    A straight-up downgrade in every regard compared to BL2. I love being able to switch elements on the fly, though. But the designs are awful. I feel like I’m shooting a nearly full-size Porsche concept car when using their SMGs and especially snipers and shotties. The pistols don’t fit at all. Instead of being round and smooth like all the other weapon types they look like a brick with a grip. The sleek and slim design of BL2 Maliwan guns was perfect IMO. Not sure why the devs thought having a charge time is a good idea. The negligible increase in DOT doesn’t justify the charge mechanic.
  9. Atlas
    The assault rifles look like super-bulky plastic miniature carriers. Pistols and rocket launchers being hand-/arm-mounted is a great idea, though. But I prefer more traditional designs. And while their gimmick also sounds neat I never used it once for the same reason I didn’t enjoy playing Nisha in TPS. I love aiming manually. Also having to swap to the trackers on every enemy to get the gun’s full potential is quite boring/tedious. When Dahl was able to track enemies on a map (Echo) automatically years ago and the tradition-conscious Jakobs having automatic bullet ricochets I fail to see how manual and tedious secondary trackers are state-of-the-art.
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Dahl for my numero uno, then Torque, and then probably Vladof.

Honorable mention for Atlas only because I miss my BL1 Atlas Ogre…not BL3’s egregious abomination they call an Ogre.

I will likely be the only person to select Maliwan as my fav.
I don’t like the charge up, nor the slow bullet speed, but I haven’t found anything that melts hordes like the auto fire, high elemental chance/dmg Maliwan weapons (in general).
The sniper rifles are the only Maliwan weapon that I use that is semi auto, the rest have to be auto.
If you play elemental Amara, you can really wreck with these.

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Had to find where I posted it last, been a while since this topic was brought up lol. I have tried Atlas at this point and they’re not as horrible as I thought - but the lack of elemental damage coupled with the fact that Jakobs does more straight damage means I still don’t really pick them.

The only Atlas that I use is the cost effective Q assault rifle. 2 bullet dmg for 1 bullet, and the accuracy seems better than the stat says (and the second ability lets you tag a big enemy, then blast away from around a corner for little while).

I like the atlas gimmick. I don’t use the homing against most mobs, but in its place it’s really nice. Examples would be enemies the teleport like anointed, or leap around like badass wardogs. Or any beefy baddie where you want to focus on strafing and just have the gun aim for you.

I also like the futuristic design, the color schemes, and the sounds. If I roll + non-elemental damage, I will sometimes just run a bunch of atlas non-uniques.

  • Dahl: all in all, I think this is the most okay manufacturer, they shoot guns well and hit the targets, but don’t go further than that.

  • Torgue: I really like their new design, and they hit like like a blunt object as they should.

  • Tediore: people saying they don’t like Tediore makes me sad, they are possibly the most versatile manufacturer in BL3, they shot, they do elemental, reasonable stats and can be turned into a nuke if needed.

  • Jakobs: they look great, better than ever before, and they added mechanics are an extra layer of reward for skilled play, that’s all I can ask of any gun.

  • Hyperion: I would probably like them more if the shield was permanent while the gun is in hip fire, I like playing aggressive and feel guts exploding on my face, so stoping and aiming is not my style.

  • Vladof: Much like Dahl, they are okay and feel good to shot people with, I like them just fine but would be better I could use the alt-fire to shoot a single grenade or whatever accessory it is rather than changing modes.

  • CoV: they look good for their thing, but the heat just doesn’t do it for me, except for heavy guns I have not gotten much use of them.

  • Maliwan: Simply put, I hate the wind-up and only use lasers when everything else gets debuffed.

  • Atlas: I really like their new design and how it stands out from the others, the smart bullets are also an interesting and very useful mechanic, especially for badasses spamming rockets making aiming impossible. I only wish they did elemental, for such a high tech company I would expect them to know about elemental matching. Even if it’s just shock, it would be a good gimmick if they did one element and did it well.

  1. Hyperion - for me, Hyperion weapons feel and look great, both aesthetically and effective. Doesn’t help that my favourite guns are the Crossroad and The Butcher. Though I’m kinda sad that the pistols didn’t return, I loved the lady fist.

  2. Jakobs - Probably the manufacturer that improved the most from Borderlands 2. Not only their guns look unique and feel awesome, but there’s no more satisfying feeling than landing headshots with a Jakobs. Also all their legendaries are great( except the Tidal Wave, god that gun sucks).

  3. DAHL - now, the guy that came up with the full-auto mode deserves a high five and a turbo mansion. DAHL weapons also took a huge improvement in comparison to their guns in Borderlands 2. Not only are the burst fire mode improved, but the full-auto mode is a bless. Though their snipers are kinda lacking, they only have 2 legendary snipers and one is terrible.

  4. Vladof - High fire rate? Check. High ammo capacity? Also check. Good alternative fire mode? Absolutely check. Vladof guns feel great to use and have really nice fire modes, the shotgun mode is personally my favourite. Vladof launchers need more love, there’s one legendary launcher from Vladof. One! The only manufacturer that manages to be worse in legendary launcher is CoV, and thats because they don’t even have one.

  5. Torgue - While having an big amount of damage, Torgue weapons kinda lack in two points. First is fire rate that feels below average and the small magazine size every gun has. Other than that they’re fine.

  6. CoV - Compared to the awful Bandit manufacturer from Borderlands 2, CoV guns feel and look nice overall. The only annoying part is having to constantly cooldown your weapons and them having to repair them. Also, where the hell are the legendary CoV launcher, they don’t even have one.

  7. Tediore - While being nice, Tediore still suffers from the same problem it had on Borderlands 2, which is the high ammo consumption rate. Literally, nothing bursts through ammo more than a Tediore reload, even launchers with increased consumption ammo per shot don’t waste that much ammo.

  8. Maliwan - From one of the best from Borderlands 2, it’s now one of the worst. Smgs and pistols suck, the charge time feels like a slug and the projectile speed is too slow for some. Luckily, Maliwan has some really good legendaries such as the Western Gun.

  9. Atlas - Atlas is so bad, it’s so bad. Their guns typically have really small damage and a typically slow fire rate (except some pistols), doesn’t help that 2/3 of their alternative fire modes suck, the only useful being the tracking darts. Most of their guns are really bad, with the exception of the non-unique Q-system, the Ruby’s Wrath and Freeman. You should ignore all other types of guns.

I always liked Jakobs, now I like them more. All their rifles are old-school feeling, whether it’s Wild West style, or something along the lines of WW1-WW2. Dahl is great as well, except I wish I could get a pistol or two from them that doesn’t look like someone threw up “tacticool” all over it

You need a Q-System or AX-88 to change your Atlas mind :slight_smile:

(Anointed with Rad damage is delicious!)

Epic anointed Q-system:
1,000x2 +65% Rad damage (1 bullet)

Epic anointed AX-88:
Or 900 +65% Rad damage (2 bullets (+over 200 splash))

My anointed Q gives me health regen, based on my amount of terror. Convenient with all of those annoying skulls flying at me.

Since legendarys are non existent in vending machines, I always check for a good Atlas :slight_smile:

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Or I don’t need to change my mind? I mean I was watching some streams from gamescom where everyone was trash talking atlas - so at some point I wanted to make a video where I ran proving grounds and killed the end creature with an atlas gun without letting said creature even get on screen.

I understand what atlas can do and why there’s like 3 guns in the brand people like… But it’s just not worth the effort involved - or the time it takes for them to do their job. Jakobs still does more damage than atlas for non elemental challenges and if normal bullets are hampered in mayhem then atlas isn’t even a choice anymore.

If more of their guns were brought in line with the q system (or the trackers didn’t have time limits perhaps) they’d be more viable. As is the brand isn’t up to snuff.

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I do agree with all that. The Atlas is the only brands Epic’s I carry since their Legendary’s are mediocre. I always have my Maggie slotted #1.

Jakob’s are just awesome.

My load out on non-crit fl4K:

Maggie (always have a Jakobs)
Hawkin (cryo)
Q-System (rad)
AX-88 (rad)

W/ crit build:

Rest are Calls

What are epics?


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Jakobs and Dahl are 1a and 1b for me. With Vladof not far behind at all. I’m in love with Purple Jakobs shotguns. And am becoming obsessed with Dahl Legendary pistols. Love Dahl AR’s even just a normal purple Jaguar. For Vlad it’s the AR’s

My favorite is Jakobs. Beautiful guns, like the Duc/Companion/Hellwalker/Unforgiven/Maggie/Flood/ Monocle and so many more. Aesthetically and hard-hitting :gun:

Jakobs all the way… just raw damage, make things go splat

Torgue was my fav in BL2 (asside from jakobs) but i only used the harold (great for big bulky enemies -> it was a in your face kinda gun wich was awsome for maya) now i don’t realy feel they make that much of an impact.

Tedior became pretty nice (i allready loved them in BL2) the sentry mode is funny haha and the nade mode is great (though it eats ammo -> verry small downside)

Dahl, not realy my goto manufacturer but still decent guns.

worst are maliwan… those are just vendor trash to me :joy:

i used to love maliwan even maliwan sniper rifles. now the brand is utter garbage, and the only character that really benifits from them is amara as a phase caster. it literally makes choice moot.