Your Final Games

Let’s hear some final Battleborn game stories!

My Caldarius was 9 XP away from level 17. At 2am this morning I was like “if the servers go down early not having that level 17 title will bug me forever” so I got up and got those points by failing Montana and the Demon Bear.

Otherwise my last game was a close Meltdown match with my favourite character, Orendi. It was great to get a last few hours of public matches, playing most of my favourite characters, getting a few more wins and titles, and just all around remembering how fun Battleborn was. It was a pretty good send off.


I didn’t get to fulfill all of my final wishes, which were to:

  1. play and fail the timer to the end of the universe on heliophage (some others did though!)
  2. play algorithm during the shutoff timeframe to have ISIC end the universe.

I didn’t get to play heliophage (didnt have 20 minutes to spare), and the servers didn’t kick us from current games so i actually finished algorithm, but im ok with that. got me some nice screens to keep.

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Max Rank

Makes me feel better about what I accomplished instead of what could of been. Also Caldy.

My last match before i jumped hurredly into algorithm is my whiskey foxtrot 100 ops runthrough of Phoebe & the Heart of Ekkunar, which’ll be on my youtube with the algorithm + aftermath


Well… I did some Splitscreen to have 3rd Person Footage of Montana, because I plan to do a little Montage and upload “Montana’s Theme” with it…

Also, I looked up how the Dialogue of the 10th run of Heart of Ekkunar starts, so I could keep me the “Rendain says Hi” moment that as of now sadly didn’t lead to anything (it better won’t stay this way forever)… And that’s about it for the most recent games.

I also recorded every Taunt with (Hopefully) every Voice Line Variation (Damn ISIC’s Domo Arigato having like 7 different Lines) and the Premium Skins as well as some Random Picks… But since I quit out of those I wouldn’t really count tgem as full matches.

It was tough to make decisions, like e. g. if I should use Rath’s Ice Cream Skin for his “Sword Licker” Taunt, but I decided to use his “Possibly A Vampire” Skin for that… His “Uh, bad Idea” comment would contradict him licking a tastey Treat, so I couldn’t do it… Mr. Ice Cream instead will be the one who calls you a Stinker, think that was fitting enough.

Not every skin makes 100% sense with the Taunts I recorded, but eh… At least every Taunt has one Color Variation and every Premium Skin was recorded “In Action”…

I played the Void’s Edge 30 Times in Solo to get everyone’s Reaction to Wolf asking “watcha doing (after the mission)?” just to notice 3 Characters lacking an Answer… Instead Nova swoops in and just says “Ah, you know… Moving on.” No Lines for Kleese, Kelvin or Ambra, but all 5 DLC characters had something to say…

I’m glad I could also record Ghalt getting Hyped for the “Loader Arms” to Fist Bump in the “Arms Depot” of the UPR in Void’s Edge… One of my Favorite funny moments in the Game.

My last Real Matches were a Story Run Through with different Characters and Helping someone getting Character Specific Lore to unlock the Trophies for them in Bots Battle.

To get Alani’s Infamously weird Lore bit that there she needs to “Affect” 5 Battleborn was Actually done in a funny way… We had 2 Players that used 2 Controllers to fill the Team and we eventually had the Bright Idea to trap the Enemy a Corner… With Big Guys Like Montana, ISIC and Kelvin, this Little AI Controlled Kid Ultra had no chance of passing…

He didn’t really try, because we damaged him to the Point there his main directive was to run away, but despite using his skills every now and then or shooting at us, using his Melee to push us back was something he never tried.

He still did better than the Bots who get stuck while trying to grab a shard or when the AI sometimes decides to just stand around inside an Accelerator the whole match… But that Kid Ultra wasn’t the brightest either.

It was like School Bullies cornering their Victim, but in the end, all that mattered was that it helped to clear Alani’s Lore…

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