Your first character?

Who was your first character for your first play through of Borderlands? On ps3 I had Brick and my first character was On PC was Lilith

Had a 360 when it came out, played Mordecai, Lilith, Roland then Brick.

360 died last July and I replaced it with a PS3 and picked up the GOTY and played Mordecai then Lilith. Won’t play Roland or Brick again.

Mordecai. My son, who got me into the game, said I’d enjoy him the most. I don’t know if that’s actually correct, as Lilith is proving to be great fun, but so far Mordy is the only one I’ve taken all the way through to level 69.

Roland. Sounded like a good solo character. Later finding out it was lilith :/… I still play on him today. He’s my only lvl 69. But Im power leveling a lilith.

Lilith. Started with BL2 and was a huge Maya fan so Siren was obvious.

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I like Maya way more than Lilith and I like Lilith a lot.

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Lilith was my first.

Roland was first, followed by Lilith, then Brick and finally Mordecai. Ironically, this is also the order of my favourite to least favourite.

Aaah, Mordecai.

Nothing beat the feelings of those snipers and birds when I first got into Borderlands.

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Mordecai. I had started a couple toons at friend’s houses before I got my own copy of the game, but every time I started as Mord.

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Roland was my first :smiley: Then I tried Brick, Mordecai and Lilith…actually enjoy Lilith the most.

Brick was my first character and what a fun choice he was.

I always play as sniper when I can, plus he was the coolest one for me.
Too bad sniper rifles had weird accuracy (you shot and the blow lands right behind the enemy’s head. You other Mordies know what I mean) and Bloodwing was bugged as hell. Zer0 is a better character overall.
Only character I brought to 69 anyway, and still my favourite.

I also levelled up a Roland to 61 with my friends (Mordi was my solo character) when 69 wasn’t out yet. And got a 58 Brick.

Playing a Lilith these days, I’m about 40 and she’s tons of fun. She’s easily the strongest character, imho.

Xbox 360 first char Roland, sadly xbox got Red ring of death so i smashed it with sledgehammer cuz gamestop wouldn’t take it, i don’t kno why but he did got fired ( probably cuz he’s a dick to customers, my guess )
Xbox 360 Elite first char Roland again, traded my xbox 360 for $$
Ps3 first char Lilith, system won’t play disc after a year i burned the system ( warranty expire )
2nd ps3 first char Roland
Also if gearbox remaster Borderlands for ps4 i’ll play lily first

Mordecai, every time I play BL. He’s my favorite toon from the franchise hands down, can’t see him ever being replaced. Bl2- Gaige then Zero (loved Zero, favorite from BL2), TPS- Nisha and now Aurelia. Loving Aurelia so far, just love me some sniping!

Lilith and she’s still my favorite but I would say Mordecai scores just as high in my books.

Mordecai, he looked awesome, had a cool name (which I prounced so wrong it makes me cringe) and Snipers/Revolvers always appeal to me.

I love all the Vault Hunters in BL1. I have them all maxed level and enjoy switching between them.

First was Roland. Got to level 10, got bored and started Brick.

I’ve always Bricked since then.

Roland was my first character- he’s still my favorite to this day.

I think I tried Mordecai second. It was either him or Lilith. Mordecai’s a really fun character to use, Lilith’s the safest.

Brick I hardly use, but didn’t realize until a little over a year ago just how deadly a Blast Master setup can be.