Your first Homeworld mod you ever made?

This is basicly a recreated thread from the old gearbox forums, so i went and created a new one regarding the same thing like last time but here instead.

In any case, we all have our first things we create, in this case, a mod. For me, the first homeworld cataclysm mod (and in any game), was my own hybrid kind of Acolyte ship, a 3 armed one. Download Link.

While simple and unimpressive, it has a long and rich history. I found this golden gem in one of my oldest backup CDs.
The mod was made back in 2003, that is, wow, around 12 years now.

What was your first mod you ever made? Please leave a comment, and keep it civil folks.

The first mod I made was super ion scouts. 1ru, 1s build time, 2000m/s speed, ion cannon frigate beams in place of their guns.

I’d been getting stuck in kadesh, you see… that cleared right up.

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My first go at it almost doesn’t qualify as a mod, heh.

I just edited the number of salvage corvettes needed for the Turanic carrier in mission 2 so I could capture it.

Simple but was the start of great things :smiley:

first edit i did was give the taiidan ms SUper ion beams lol. Kills everything

Same boat here, the first thing I messed with after custom maps was some values in .shp files and from there I mostly edited existing mods to try different gameplay.
I actually never had the oportunity to run that famous HW1 ship editor on any of my pc for some… reason? Or missing drivers, I don’t know, anyway I still compiled some update.big files with completely different races using models from other mods. Oh well maybe this time I can start over and do actual modelling.

Continuous ion beams FTW!!!
I copy pasted the Bentusi death beams onto an Heavy Cruiser… on all 10 weapons of course…

and years later i made the mod for hw 2 which made into into the top 4 of homeworld2, homeworld universe mod, did the final release for it for THQ hw classic, waiting to find out what needs to be done to get it to work with GBX hw 2 classic.

I’ve never been able to get it captured, even with editing the amount of corvettes needed. Even tried changing the class_mothership to class_carrier. No dice. :frowning: I did get it to go the speed of the scouts, and it rammed into my mothership because it couldn’t stop and blew up, lolz.

Hah, I haven’t seen that before but it sounds exciting! XD

Can’t wait to play around with those Turanics in the new engine…

Never even tried HW1 modding but in HW2 I made one where the mothership had HUGE sensor range so that it could show the whole map and then made gun platforms cost 1RU and take 1 second to build.

Then I took those gun platforms and lowered their damage a little and gave their guns EPIC range.

I’d let the line of them all fire at various ships in the AI’s fleet and it’d result in a never ending hail of bullet across the map, similar to that scene with the dreadnaught.