Your For Worst BL2 DLC?

My vote is for son of crawmerax with hallowed hollow not far behind. I played both of those and didn’t get anything worth a damn. I also got Moxxi’s wedding massacre but haven’t played it yet. Dragon Keep is obviously the best one and I have been farming the snowman and subsequent loot train this weekend with surprising results. 2 legendary soldier class mods and a ton of good rocket launchers.

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I don’t play DLCs for gear, so I have a different take. Son of Craw is my favourite just because of the way it ties BL2 back into BL1, and has a ton of character-specific callouts. I suspect it’s also quite popular due to Sparky Flynt being an easier farm for the Thunderball Fists than his stingy ole Dad.

From my point of view, I don’t actually dislike any of them enough to vote for a “For worst” but if I did, I would actually vote Torgue simply for BA Rex at the end there.

I like all of the DLC, but my least favorite is Hallowed Hollows. Jaques is OK, but not so fun that I find him worth revisiting without a dedicated drop. The Tubby chances and the environment are draws, so there’s that.

My least favorite is the hammerlock one. I finished it in less than two hours, the endgame boss was disappointing, and the reward loot was annoying how you could only get to it once without some strategy. The only good things I got from it were the rough Ryder and the Interfacer and the lead storm. Everything else was boring.

My next one is the wattle gobbler. Super annoying with the side missions and how easy the final boss was, but the end chests were very generous

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I enjoy them all, so “worst” may be too much of a superlative, but the Fast Travel layout in Hammerlock’s DLC can be vexing. In Scylla’s Grove, there’s a mob in between you and the fast travel that I’m not always interested in fighting. Ardorton Station forces a fair amount of walking from the Fast Travel if you want to explore the map: walk past the Fast Travel to Hunter’s Grotto, and it’s a long walk to the lodge; walk to the other end of the map to the passage to Hunter’s Grotto, and it’s either a long walk back the way you came, or a long walk through Hunter’s Grotto to another Fast Travel. In Candlerakk’s Crag, if you fight your way to Voracidous or the H.S.S. Terminus, the only way to get to a Fast Travel is to walk/fight back the way you came, or to defeat Jackenstein. I love the DLC for its atmosphere, enemy variety, loot, etc., and I don’t mind the idea of a map with long sparse distances, but I’m rarely in the mood for a walkabout after having already fought my way through the map.

The Wattle Gobbler DLC is at least very quick and easy to get in and out of the combat, and there are, what, five red chests within easy reach on a run through.


Worst big dlc for me is hammerlocks not for the lack of gear but the amount of empty walking space and some annoying enemies.

Worst head hunter is wattle gobbler because I don’t enjoy the combat, boss, or the quest at least its short.

That being said the 2 I listed are still bl2 hrefore always worth playing


My least favorite is easily TTOADK. You can thank the enemy design for that.
Worst head Hunter? Tough one honestly, I only care for 4 and 5, and 3 for the fact that it has a good chest to farm but 1 and 2 I dont care much about, despite more Mr Torgue in HH2.

Headhunter: wedding day massacre
Campaign: tie between Tina’s and Hammerlock’s.

I can’t really compare headhunters to campaign dlcs so…

Campaign: TTAODK, while the story is amazing and the gear is amazing the replay value to me is terrible, I hate so many of the enemies I just don’t like to re play it.

Headhunter, the Halloween because again skeletons

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For campaigns I’d go with Torgue. The only good thing for me in that DLC is Torgue himself, though I guess the bar having both the only mildly fun repeatable challenge as well as the poor raid boss in it is ok too. All the rest of the campaign; enemies, areas, plot, gear just sucks IMO.

For headhunters it’s a tough pick between T.K. and Torgue. TK has a couple of new enemies that are pushovers and a boss that gives nothing. The rest is reused Dr. Ned landscape with bandits disguised as skeletons.

Torgue also has only a couple of new enemies and a boss that gives nothing but the landscapes are kinda unique.

I never find myself going to either of them after having gotten the heads so I guess for me they are both just as bad.

EDIT: didn’t even realize I wrote that curseword there.

I agree with the replay value, but I like it a lot for the personal story it tells, which makes replaying it worth it. And the bonus legendaries, including the magic missile, are very good for a wide range of characters. Also the handsome sorcerer is a lot easier to farm for the warriors loot than the warrior itself

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I thoroughly enjoy some of the TTAoDK mobbing. Mines of Avarice route from the Hatred’s Shadow entrance side to the Gold Golem is packed and fun, ending at a mini boss fight that I really enjoy, with tons of chests along the way. Hatred’s Shadow itself offers great mobbing and more chests. The Forest is kind of this expansion’s Washburne-- easy run with big, slow targets. Handsome Sorcerer… Outstanding final boss fight.

…and the Ancient Dragons fight… Whoa… That fight is amazing, though I haven’t completed it solo with Ax or Maya (just Sal).


I have the same point of view. To be completely honest, I feel every single one of the DLCs has at least some annoying gameplay or design flaw that keeps them from being perfect. Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep is probably my favorite simply because of the story, character work and overall concept/design, but even fans of it have to admit that a lot of the enemy, boss and arena design on that DLC is pretty atrocious. So, when it comes to gameplay and mechanics, I feel all of the DLC are pretty much on par with one another in my book. I can’t choose a “worst one” based on those terms. I can choose based on the storyline and how much fun I have playing them, though. The worst sin they could have in my book is being boring. Based on that I’d pick Captain Scarlett’s Pirate Booty as the worst campaign DLC and Hallowed Hollow as the worst headhunter pack. Those are the ones I have the least fun playing and tend to revisit the least. I only do Hallowed Hollow once every playthrough and never enter the area again, and that would be the case with Captain Scarlett’s as well if wasn’t for the exclusive gear and Hyperius.

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TTAoDK is probably my favourite DLC.
Well, it sure would be without these awful invisible skeletons. Easily the worst enemies in the whole game.

I’m not fond of Hammerlock’s DLC. The setting is nice but overall, it just doesn’t do it for me.
As for the headhunters, I’d say the Torgue one is the one I’ve played the less.

One of my favourite parts of Hammerlock is the run up to the HSS Terminus. That’s some pretty fun extended mobbing.

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First of all: I like all DLCs and Headhunter-Packs, but the Bloody Harvest-Headhunter is just too boring and nothing more than an easy farm for some legendaries (Hellfire, Neoginator) and a big easter-egg of t.k. Baha.

From the 4 big dlc, the hammerlock-dlc is the not-so-good-one. That’s for 2 major things: while i love Nakayama and the story around him, the bosses, especially the raid-boss, are just awful. I am a terrible raider in BL2, so Vora is my personal Nemesis. And Jackenstein is the worst Story-Boss in the whole game. I hate bullet-reflection (I hate the T-Rex from Torgues dlc too)!
The second flaw are the uniques. There is nothing special besides the gear from Vora. And Hey, Borderlands is “all about the loot”, so this badly hurts the appeal of that dlc.

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Not ‘worst’ but ‘my least favorite to play’ of the main dlc would be Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt. The physical aesthetics of the new continent just makes me literally nauseous- it’s really that bad for me to look at. For Headhunter packs Wattle Gobbler hands down- the tribute enemies were a complete PITA and most of the enemies are just run of the mill and hardly challenging…

HH: Hallowed hollows, because skeletons, and too dark (not the tone, but the actual luminosity level)
full DLCs: TTAoDK has a very good story, a great ending and great loot, as well as tons of quests, but Just the thought of fighting skeletons is enough to not want to do it again

Favorite HH: I don’t have the Valentine’s day or son of craw, but I really enjoyed the Mercenary day one, and the loot train is a welcome addition to the game, as you are guaranteed a fixed number of different gear (at least 2 RL, 6 COMs, 4 relics etc.)

Favorite DLC: I’m gonna go against the grain from almost everyone here: I really really like Torgue’s DLC :stuck_out_tongue:
There’s Mr Torgue who’s very funny and the whole “wrestling Keyfabe/monster truck/Mad Max/exxxxxtreme attitude” vibe is very entertaining to me. Torgue machines are a very reliable source for nearly a dozen legendaries as well as a select few purples, Pete’s bar is the only place with infinite spawns and a repeatable “dome” quest, the whole visual is very clear

Sure…most of the gear suck, the lootsplosion is bugged on PS3, the end boss has an annoying gimmick, many of the quests are boring and the raid boss is a pushover with no dedicated drop, but none of this tarnished the flaky metal paint job of this over-the-top testosterone/gasoline/gunpowder/C4/air-guitar cocktail awesometruck for me :slight_smile:

And while none of the other DLCs take themselves seriously, this one is like a very long dickpunch joke.

…And I like the Pirate DLC for the loot :slight_smile:


Torgue is my favorite big dlc, I love torgues line. I enjoy most of the at areas, good loot available, but the real downsides are the bosses and no real new enemies(except the dam bikers).

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