Your friendly Vault Hunter Helper [X360]

Hello guys, some of you may have seen me on this forum a few years back trading my farmed gear and helping fellow players with pretty much anything.

I am willing to offer my time for nothing in return from you. I am an OP8 Melee Zer0 and can help with anything [needless to say, I may not always feel like doing it, so remember any tasks will be at my discretion].

*Level new characters to level 50 (gets boring after this point)
*I can join your game and help with any tasks such as a challenging boss, story and side quests that are too hard for you (any level).
*On very rare occasions, I can also offer my time farming for a weapon and giving you the loot.

Now, I love this game-coming close to 6000 hours and almost 500k BAR-but please don’t feel like you owe me anything if I help you. I truly have got my perfect gear for my Zer0 and will not need any loot of any kind.

If you find this opportunity useful, please add me on XBL @nicklej.

Sending friend request…

by any chance do you have an OP8 corrosive or shock bitch for trade? I’ve been farming the Bunker for the past few days (probably 70+ times) and so far i’ve gotten the fire bitch, 86%, and 85% sham, but not the corrosive or shock variants of the gun.

I don’t actually have that weapon since I never used it. I did use to own the shock variety. I will kill the BNK3R 100 times and see if that yields the Bitch you’re after!

Thanks but I finally came across the corrosive one last night! I’m the next few days I’m going to load up the handsome collection and restart the entire campaign on OP8.