Your funniest gaming moments

The funniest things you’ve seen/heard/done in games.

Borderlands: Dying on flat ground, yet twisting like you died rolling down a hill. Incidentally, this baffling bit of hilarity still happens in Borderlands 2. Not sure why, but Dracula's just gonna roll with it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: My friend playing multiplayer…and someone says (over mic) the silliest thing possible in that game: “He’s got a gun.”

Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction: This game is all about that satisfying “Ding!”:

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain:

  • Calling in a supply drop, and either dropping it on D. Horse/D. Dog, or dropping it near D. Dog and scaring the s*** outta him.
  • A bunch of stuff here:
  • My friend clearing out half of the Eastern Communications post, then running out to trip the auto-save. On his way out, a soldier radios in to CP – and then my friend calls out to Quiet, which incidentally sounded like he was telling the guy to shut up.
  • I think this was a grenade fail. I threw out a bunch of decoys (=balloons) to draw guys in, but a guy actually spotted me and raised the alarm. In the ensuing chaos, he must’ve rebounded a grenade off of a balloon, because the guy inexplicably blew up. To add insult to 50-caliber injury, someone calls in to CP and radios in that they’re taking casualties – interpret that how you will, but that last one was not my fault.
  • Starting a mission with a suppressed loadout of lethal primaries (S1000/Brennan) and a Wu tranq pistol. Thought I’d messed up because I couldn’t deal with the shield on the guard’s back until he turned to me, by which point my suppressor was nearly out and he was gonna get to me before my supply drop could get here. Turns out, he went to my last position and pulled out his radio; unwittingly, he’d walked right beneath it, and it KO’d him before he could call anything in.
  • The commander in Mission 21 (“The War Economy”) spotting me in my cardboard box) moving, and calling in to CP that “a cardboard box is moving”; CP then responds like he’s crazy, saying to knock it off, even as he protests this.

Resident Evil 6: ECHO SIX: My friend’s girlfriend wounding a UCBS soldier, and the guy screaming for a medic. Long story short, he called for the right guy – he just didn’t clarify from which team. I couldn’t help LOLing when I saw Harley – her medic – go up to the guy and just start beating the crap outta him.

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Climbing on top of a 2 kilometer high mountain in Just Cause 2, getting ragdolled by an explosive barrel and then rolling down said mountain without any control whatsoever for several minutes. The character survived and casually got up while sprouting ‘‘Sheesh!’’.


Tried leveling up my backpack Krieg, specced for Bloodsplosion and spamming Homing MIRVs. Ran around behind the VMs and towards the back stairs past Scorch’s spawn cave. I throw one up and it detonates at the top of the stairs, and Michael Bay would be proud of the carnage that ensued. A Nomad jumps down, and it looks like he escaped it all…only for one of the CGs to drop right atop him. Game over, Nomad.

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Nothing comes to mind that isn’t super recent.
I am playing a farming sim and named my farm “Fart Farm” and the old chick was like “Fart Farm? That has a nice ring to it.”

ehehehe why thank you