Your funniest or best moments in PvE/PvP

More awesome stories (and some I should have taunted moments lol). Thanks for sharing and posting videos when you can :smile:

It isn’t so much a funny moment but moreof a thought I had with my husband (he mains Rath and I’m his little mushroom <3 ). We were watching Kleese putter around in his chair and that prompted a discussion of him being a crotchety old man in a motorized cart. The only thing he is missing is a cane he can smack people with to get them out of his way :smile:

I just had a Kleese send me hate mail because I kept breaking his energy rifts and killing him, lol. Well sorry but not sorry that I have “Master of Kleese” completed, so I am not nooby enough to leave the rifts alone.

Sounds bad, but it made me smile. It wasn’t even a clever thing to do or me trying to pick on him, just seemed like common sense to me, lol.


ISIC saying my actual name on the first time I heard that line. Hands down. What are the odds?

Hu… uh… buh… bwuh?? What? What??? Oh, eff you, ISIC! You’re not allowed to do that.

And my partner loses it and we have trouble actually fighting him because there’s still so much laughter and it’s making us far too goofy.


Won a match 500-455 and at the end one of the teammates said he loved us all :smiley:
That was a nice match and a team! Even though the enemy Benedict was wiping the floor with me, good play.

Whiskey also said a line I hadn’t heard before; “I get better with age. And Practice. And the encouragement of my beloved peers!”

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Thought the ultimate of marquis was cr*p.
Suddenly I see some people fighting on the second left altar on paradise and I was on the middle (so I could only see a bit of the fight between 2 walls)
I decided to launch that ultimate totally randomly like “meh whatever, Can’t waste a crap ability”.
Then I run away to take care of other business.
3 sec later I see a double kill… Then I realised it was from that random ultimate.


The ultimates damage increases the further away you are from target :wink:

Why is the Reply system on the forum so buggy, it never displays as a reply when I’ve replied to someone… :sweat_smile:

I know it does but the travelling speed is pathetic for a sniper character.

That’s the downside of it, yeah.

I think it only does when you quote someone.

No it also works when someone use the right “reply” button.

Phoebe : falling off the cliff like a dummy because of my own forward dash tied to True Strike while battling a Battleborn, quickly realizing what I had done, phasegating back up on the ground, and proceeding to kill the aforementionend Battleborn who probably thought I was done for and had already turned their back on the cliff.

Still not very proud of falling Dragonrider style.

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I got killed by Marquis and he taunted me. Right after that I started spectating my friend who was playing Toby and Toby said, “Don’t be discouraged”

I had a good laugh over that.

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I was playing Toby on capture and getting stomped pretty hard (it was an all melee group of friends on the other team), yet my team didn’t get pushed back to our spawn area. At roughly the ten minute mark, after killing about a half-dozen Varelsi (which the enemy team didn’t bother to kill, because they were leveling just fine killing us), i hit level 7, and took Toby’s self-destruct sequence mutation. I then engaged three on two against the enemy team at objective B, and my ally (Oscar Mike) died dropping them all to roughly 1/3 health with me. They surrounded me and killed me… but i took all three of them with me. My team saw three of them dead, rallied, and took all three points. Shorty after, we pushed them back to thier spawn area. I had an Oscar Mike, Orendi, Miko, and Galilea on my team; vs. thier Galilea, Kelvin, Buldor, Rath, and Shayne & Aurox… they never stood a chance. Best part was that NONE of the enemy team would engage me when i was low on health (due to Galilea and Shayne & Aurox’s ranged attacks), because i would get right next to them. This gave me absolute impunity. We won 1000-800 and something. I now take self-destruct sequence every time i play Toby.


I was playing Echelon with Attikus, trying to get the lore challenge. I was 1v1’ing a Montana that was draining my HP as I was draining his. At one point, I knocked him him into a corner quite a far distance, him firing his minigun at me. I ran up to him as my health got lower and lower, I honestly thought I was going to die for being too reckless. Then, I managed to pull off my sprinting quick melee attack like a true BA, and killed him with a sliver of health left.
I would’ve taunted, but then again I was pretty much at 5% health, so…


I just wanted to say thank you to the Alani on Void’s Edge. The rest of our team dc’d at the start as soon as someone picked Alani. No problem with that, I chose Montana to add more firepower.

Thanks to my teammate for being a true asset :slight_smile: We worked well together and made it through without losing any lives. Had plenty if fun too :slight_smile:

Anytime someone in PVP decides to Taunt when they obviously shouldn’t have and get lit up

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Random team entering The Sentinel, I type: 3 words, Little Red Bombs
Next thing you know the entire team is down.

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I killed Miko as Kelvin and he cried out Noooooooo was pretty soul crushing in a funny way.

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The character interactions are the best. Was playing Benedict last night and kept going against Benedict and his dialogue was hilarious, keeps talking about how the other guys a clone or he’s losing his mind lol

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I think one of the strangest things I’ve seen while playing was when we got to the last section of the Heliophage. The team got wiped our down to a man by concentrated fire but luckily we had a bird up our sleeves. One of our team playing as Benedict managed to stand on the top of the respawn platforms and preceded to rain down dozens of rockets on Rendain and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Whoever you were, random Benedict, I salute you. 07

Other highlights I’ve enjoyed are killing a nuisance Rath by flicking him in the head while playing as Montana. I also had fun toe-punting Thorn off the map as Montana.

I think one of my best moments would be when I was playing on Incursion I decided to pick Reyna. We lost in initial first clash and were getting pushed back. One of my team said we couldn’t win because we didn’t have a proper healer. I pushed hard until I hit level 4 and could heal with my shield booster. My team fought like lions and we counter-attacked and destroyed their first sentry and captured the support station room to fire over the balcony at the final sentry. The other team kept trying to fight their way back into the room but I found much to my amusement that I could just push opposing players off the balcony with my ultimate. I finally found a use for it! :slight_smile: It felt like a great game because even the player demoralised about having a full-time healer fought back hard. When you get a comeback in this game it feels great.