Your game is dying again

1200 players last week

400 players on ATM

you have so many people abusing the matchmaking with this 5 man premade vs pug full of lowbies nonsense

ask ur players… im not making this up.

this games biggest issue is matchmaking

you need to fix it or its dead.

sorry, not being mean… im being real.

i love battleborn i dont want it to die. why would i be here giving suggestions?

please fix match-making.

5 man premade teams shouldnt fight a pug full of low levels who have no cklue what theyre doing

please, i begh you

i freaking beg you man

please fix match-making

please make premades fight other premades


you are losing members at a very alarming rate


I highly doubt it’s premades that are causing this. If you read the steam discussions, people’s two main complaints which I hold as well, are that you cannot vote for the mode you want to play. And the fact that you have to play bots before you can get to play other people. Both of these things make absolutely 0% of sense to me.

Secondly it is not premades causing noobs to leave, as they have to, stupidly, get to command rank 20 before they can play with the entire player base


Premades definitely frustrate noobs and new guys. Have you seen the sub?

But the real reason this is dropping again is the disgustingly low amount of marketing.


Nope I haven’t. But I have seen lots of recent posts about how it sucks not being able to vote for a mode, and having to play bots until command rank 2, or 3, or something.

I’ve seen these alongside the pubstomp threads

haven’t seen this yet. However that’s for their own good.


This guy gets it. Marketing is the #1 reason why this game would be dying.

I think if you weren’t able to play with your friends this game would’ve been dead already or die considerably faster.


E3 is a great opportunity
GBX please dont disappoint
20-30 seconds is all you need
you just need to get it in their face


Ive seen people asking why they have to play bots on the steam discussions , but I don’t remember where they are, and don’t care enough to search.

Its a video game, how can playing bots be for their own good? If they had to play actual people will they not be able to sleep at night?
Jokes aside this game has a bad rep. And because it’s free to play if it doesn’t engage someone early they’ll delete it (My experience). Because they didn’t buy it so they don’t feel like they have to get their money’s worth. And I definitely do not think playing bots and being limited on game modes is engaging.

I love this game, but gearbox doesn’t do good panels at expo’s(in my opinion at least) look at the last few pax gearbox panels. For example

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There’s no suggestion in your OP


fix matchmaking

How would you suggest they go about that?



*waves hand vaguely


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