Your Hated moments of OP8

I’v been playing through all of the games content in OP8 as a Siren using various weapons and builds and I have found there are a number of times (mainly in DLC) where the game become a ball flicking nut cruncher XD.
I wanted to ask if there are other players out there who have shared similar experiences and wanted to share how they overcame them.

One of my primary examples is Badassasaurus, MAN this guy can go screw himself, A single projectile reflect and your are done. In addition at least a couple shoots from any clip will come straight back at you or go right where your moving to as if they are seeking you out making this fight impossible without abusing some type of mechanic. The only way I get past him is using a Seeker Assault rifle and it takes FOREVER. These days I just lower the difficulty and then quite and re enter the game after he is dead XD.

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I don’t play Hammerlock’s Hunt, and Dragons Keep on OP8 for good reason. Too many terrible enemy designs that would lead to this. Especially the latter as it isn’t friendly towards elemental builds.


Dragon Keep is really bad for some of this crap. Crystal Skeletons function just like Badassasaurus if memory serves correct. Also the Handsome Sorcerer can be next to impossible solo if you do not have specific gear for speed kills. Once I found out you could use The Bee with a couple different elemental Sandhawks to kill him in less then 2 minutes it was a relief.


And there’s also the Four Kings. A very rare case where I was glad I even had a Unkempt Harold.

Hammerlock’s Hunt is slightly more bearable, but the design of the Savages is just bad, and for Maya in particular.

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I’ve used the DPUH with satisfying results. Running sideways while shooting minimizes the chances of being hit by deflections. The Hail is also a VERY good gun to use on BA Rex. I would imagine that the Ricochet Fibber would work equally well. AS long as the projectiles hit at an angle from where you are, you should be OK. But apart from that… Yeah! BA Rex is a really annoying fight.


With pretty much everybody but Zer0 (no bullet reflection with B0re), I just cheese BA Rex by standing behind the barrier and popping up for burst shots, if you’re not right up against the barrier the splash damage won’t hit you either… Doing that Bullymongs sidequest where you have to melee kill to finish really sucked as Maya at OP8…other than that, don’t recall anything other than the usual annoyances, Mad Mike’s a surprise one in Bloodshot as we talked about in the forums before…Sorceror’s Dragon cause it never stays still and projectile flight speed is really slow for most BL2 weapons

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I’ll clear this up

Good for you i find the dlc and headhunters very enjoyable on OP8 with sal and maya

The siren a.k.a maya is very fun to play on harder difficulty modes

I’m guessing due to the hardest mode being on

Yes i have had some times that I just hated bl2 especially going back through the story on op8 i had to use a tediore e tech launcher throw it 60 times just to kill 1 boss

Yea he just reflects bullets

Much true the beehawk strat could be very deadly here

Much true

Yep thats why you should use salvador but applause to you for trying with maya

Congratz man i feel maya is pretty op along with sal and zero’s bore skill just have a electric sandhawk handy and a bee you should be good i killed 2 trees in a row and my friend left the game and i got 2 bee’s in a row!

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I went back to OP3/4 and never looked back. Too few game mechanics hit as hard as I like them to at that level, plus there’s no headroom to buff ‘weaker’ weapons.

Like other posters here, I cheese him from behind the wall because for most of my characters, it’s not an interesting fight. Only recently have I taken Tediore Maya into the ring to slug it out toe-to-toe, because she can keep his rockets at bay with Scorn and reload tosses aren’t reflected.


Agreed with Badassaurus one. “You’re Extinct”, is funny for a moment and then the Oh crap moment when you realize it’s true. I find that Hail is pretty good counter since deflected bullets also have an arc to them so you won’t actually get hit when you stay away.

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I’ve only run through Story mode at OP5 for many of the reasons you mention. Above that (for me) the margin for error is so razor thin that it’s not enjoyable, I’m too focused on game mechanics instead of enjoying a good battle.
But I do enjoy it “even” just at OP5.

Turrets. I have certain characters who literally cannot destroy them (due to gear restrictions).

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Hitting damage cap and whiffing a kill. Melee Zero and Bloodsplode Krieg anyone?

Yep, Hyperion Turret the Almost Literally Invincible makes me grumpy.

BARex gets hosed with a Hail, and that goes for all play levels, if I have a Hail on hand.

Crystal Skeletons get a nice fat KerBlaster (or a Hail, or a Fastball.)

But back on topic, my most hated moment of OP8 is playing on that setting just for the increased pearl drop rate from tubbies AND THE GAME NEVER COOPERATES I HATE YOU GAME


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Actually achieving OP8. I’ve spent probably hundreds of hours trying to get my main Maya to OP7 and have had to resort to BeeHawking w/a Leg. Cat COM to make any progress past Dukino’s Mom, and even then it’s a struggle…best I’ve done to date is the last fight before entering OMG’s arena only to die to the same damn (I think it’s an) Emperor Spiderant (the big yellow ones) who leaps out of nowhere and knocks me down instantly and then just stands there ignoring my FFYL struggle. Three times so far, and I know it’s coming, and it STILL wipes out health-gate with ease and then laughs and points at me. One of these days, tho…

And I agree that BARex doesn’t deserve a stand-up fight; cheesy-ass bosses deserve cheesy-ass tactics.


Speaking badly designed bosses…Jackenstein is another one. That fact that there is no indictator of how much damage I need to do to pop his arms and afterwards you have to hit his crit spot to even damage him.

Underleveled loot. It was fine before OP levels but on OP1 onwards? I’m in OPX so that I can farm for OPX gear. If I want lower level then I’m going to drop into that level. For me, it’s more irritating to see an OP7 leg on OP8 than spawning tubbies or defeating a boss.

I’ll second this. I like playing on OP8 but I dislike running DigiPeak itself.

These aren’t particular to OP8 as I don’t appreciate them at all even before UVHM but OP8 definitely makes it a bit worse:

  • Running into a pack of multiple Rabid Stalkers
  • Trying to end some Skeleton Mages but they just decide to disappear after every single shot. OP8 bonus for regenerating back to full health.
  • Vampiric Whichdoctors. I don’t understand how these guys made it past testing considering they don’t have any kind of limitations about line of sight or range if they have your number. That tether WILL latch on to you and there’s nothing you can do about it.
  • OP8 Surveyors and Turrets regen abilities have made me close the game a few times.
  • Pretty much anything with cars. Cars aren’t interesting for me to begin with and OP8 doesn’t make it any better. Extra bonus for sandskiffs that just randomly blow up because a worm decided to appear right in front of you or just straight up pop up under you.