Your Holodome and Mutator builds?

I’m a very big fan of tough mobbing content. Digistruct Peak is a huge pull to BL2 for me, and I only recently began diving into the arenas of TPS, finally having had time to get into the BA round of the Holodome just this week. When I did, I was very pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t just pop my AS one time and blow through a wave before having to deal with cooldown. These areas obviously favor building for endurance, and I am very curious to see what you all have come up with for your runs!

My only 70 (so far) is Jack. After round 4, I realized that I was going to want more defensive tools while my AS is on cooldown, so I went from a very offense-centric CEO of CEOs + shotgun build to a variant with points shifted from damage skills into defensive ones. I used the same COM, but switched my shield, grenade, 10 key skill points, and weapon set. I gave up some top end punch in favor of slightly reduced offense with more control and survivability.

Here is what I landed on:
CEO of CEOs (blue, +6 AA +5 Synergy)
homing cry singularity grenade
high capacity, purple rarity absorb shield

w1: blue Ravager
w2: vibra-pulse
w3: maliwan cryo beam laser
w4: Well Kept Striker

skill build:

For strategy, I wound approach small clusters (1-3 enemies) by popping my AS and quickly recalling my Jacks to get kill skills started, and to plan ahead for enemies joining or spawning. The idea was to stretch out my kill skills as long as possible, and to be able to bring up my AS again as fast as I could for survivability. I also used Sponsored By to throw cold element on either the Striker or Vibra-pulse to help control enemies, and often swapped through Striker to Ravager to finish frozen BA enemies, then through cryo laser to the V-P or Striker depending on the situation.

When I had to keep up my AS for longer durations, I would start to break away from groups when the duration was around 20%. To do so, I would hit jump pads to create space quickly, and try to get to the perimeter to break line of sight. Hero Pose, Resolute 3/5 and Persistence 2/5 were huge assets between cycles of my AS.

Thank you in advance for your participation. I am looking forward to seeing how you all approach this content!

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This is the build I used to finish the Mutator Arena

I’m not gonna lie, I got sick of being flung off the edge by glitches and trojans, so I just Flak-Em(ed) the whole joint. Was still a total b***h when the badass viruses showed up.

That’s very surprising in that it’s so different than what I usually see. Most people seem to avoid putting more than 11 points into the left tree. When I first hit 70 and started farming raid bosses, I used something similar to that with the Celestial COM. It treated me very well. Such a tanky build…

I’ve spent a lot of time in that tree. I find myself speccing FE less and less now. I don’t even bother with AA or Money is Power anymore.

Of course, still trying to figure out how to do Mutator with my build. Normally it looks like this

so I have a lot of DPS and survivability, but places like the mutator arena do test my patience. I could always try it again with my normal set up and gear, but I just wanted to finish it to see if the rewards were good.

Do you have ammunition issues? Curious which types of gear you use.

None at all. I have a Fatale, Fragnum, Laser Disker, and Casual Flakker. 3 of my weapons take more than 1 ammo per shot, but since I have enemies frozen and rotate weapons a lot, I never have ammo issues.

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