Your Ideal COMs

Some discussion over at the last patch thread made me want to ask, just for fun

What would be your ideal COM for one or many characters ?


  • We’re designing normal COMs: so blue boost 2 skills by +6 and +5, purple boost 3 by +5/4/4, no legendary or whatever
  • Base Bonus has to make sense, nothing like “bonus gun damage: 250%”
  • Only skills that can be boosted without breaking the game are allowed (So no +5 to Inconceivable to get 100% chance of proc)
  • Bonus points to anyone that designs a coherent COM (with a definite playstyle in mind and a title and skills that speak of a certain trope…not just a mish mash of good skills and stats)

Also, is your ideal COM already in the game ?
Or maybe it would be if you were allowed to swap just one skill, or modify the base bonus slightly ?

Here’s mine, to set the tone

Modified Trickster COM
+3X% fire rate
Chain reaction
Reaper (replaces BP)

The lone Gunman

  • Movement speed
    +One shot one kill
  • Ambush

+3X% Damage resistance
+Ain’t got time to bleed
+Yippee kay yay

  • 5 shots or 6


  • something…
  • Elemental empathy
  • Numbed nerves
  • Pain is power

What are yours ? :slight_smile:


Curious as to what your ideal Axton mod would be. I would love one with +47% grenade damage, +6 Onslaught and +5 Battlefront.

My ideal one would be if they made a grenadier that boosted
+45% cool down rate
+40% Grenade damage
+6 battlefront
+5 resourceful
Other possible skill would be steady

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I’m not familiar with Axton enough to really dig into it and make something truly good, but here goes:


  • fire rate
    +Metal storm

For the Psycho class:

Fire rate after kill   +30%
+x Bloodbath
+y Nervous Blood
+z Embrace the Pain

… because fire-rate and bloodbath (probably wouldn’t still use though, not enough melee).

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That would bee insane
+35% fire rate.
+6 willing
+5 pressure

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I made up a couple of Legendary COMs tailored to my personal playstyles in a discussion I had with Piemanlee in the “Make up your own Legendaries” a while ago:

Now, if we’re talking about non-legendary versions, here’s what I always wanted:


For a playstyle based on delivering powerful burst/single shot damage while coming out of Decepti0n, maneuvering around enemies to escape fire and reentering Decepti0n as fast as possible. Repeat. Manufactured by Jakobs.

Passive boosts:

+Cooldown Rate
+Reload Speed

Skill boosts:

+0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill


Kinda like Piemanlee’s, it’s a mix of the Grenadier and Engineer COMs, specifically tailored for explosive builds and meant to boost grenade damage while keeping the turrets up for as long as possible. Manufactured by Torgue.


+Grenade Damage
+Cooldown Rate




Dude, that’s very close to a Spy COM :stuck_out_tongue:
You should have a look at my Spy build :slight_smile:



Up to +40% Gun Damage
Up to +40% Critical Damage.

Duty Calls


Up to +50% Damage Reduction
Up to +5% Health Regeneration a second.

Crisis Management


Witch Lord

Up to +40% Critical Damage
Up to +40% Accuracy

Mind’s Eye

Battle Maiden

Up to +45% Shotgun Damage
Up to +45% Shotgun Reload speed.

Kinetic Reflection
Life Tap



Up to +50% Increased Health.
Up to +50% Damage Reduction.

Sexual Tyrannosaurus
Ain’t Got Time to Bleed
Hard to Kill



Up to +5% Healing Regeneration per second for Death Trap.
Up to +50% Increased Attack Speed for Deathtrap.

Made of Sterner Stuff
20% Cooler
Annoyed Android


Up to +100% Sniper Explosive Damage. (Converts sniper rifle damage into explosive that is affected by both explosive and grenade buffs,.100% means all the damage is converted into explosive damage and replacing whatever the original damage was.)
Up to +40% Sniper Rifle Accuracy.

Blood Bath
Boiling Blood
Strip the Flesh


I sense a Jakobs theme :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it that obvious? I thought I was being subtle about it.

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My first thread on the forums was me asking if a com like this existed
+40%~explosive damage
+6 bloodbath
+5 strip the flesh
Other skill could be
Elemental empathy or taste of blood to have a skill in either tree except melee.

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I’ve always wanted that ultimate Salvador Explosive com…
Salvodier - Manufactured by Torgue
+33% Explosive Damage
+5 Keep it Piping Hot
+4 Lay Waste
+4 Incite

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You mean Boiling Blood?

A Technophile that uses Myelin.

Shield cap
Recharge rate

Unstopable Force
Wires Don’t Talk or I/O

Regarding COMs I like for what they are that are in the game:
Legendary Anarchist (regular version is rubbish) and the Prodigy.

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Jakobs axton com
+magazine size
+recoil reduction
+duty calls
+metal storm

Metal storm on Jakobs ?
Surely you jest

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Only because I want more accuracy and for guns like the buffalo and unforgiven

For Maya, “Fate” mod
+35% Gun Damage
+5 Chain Reaction
+4 Ward
+4 Suspension

Aaaannnnnddddd I would quit playing other classes. Forever.

Or… More specific…

Valkyrie mod
+39% shotgun damage
+35% shotgun magazine size
+5 Reaper
+4 Suspension
+4 Sweet Realease


  1. Crunch (Modified):
  • + Blood Bath
  • + Taste of Blood
  • + Strip the Flesh
  1. Sickle (Modified):
  • + Taste of Blood
  • + Empty the Rage
  • + Silence the Voices
  1. Wound (Modified):
  • + Blood Twitch/ Nervous Blood
  • + Blood-Filled Guns
  • + Boiling Blood


  1. Sweetheart (Modified):
  • + Cooking Up Trouble
  • + Fancy Mathematics/ The Better Half
  • + Made of Sterner Stuff/ Potent as Pony
  1. Anarchist (Modified):
  • + Typecast Iconoclast
  • + Preshrunk Cyberpunk
  • + Death From Above/ Annoyed Android/ Close Enough
  1. Jill of All Trades (Modified):
  • + The Better Half
  • + Unstoppable Force/ Evil Enchantress
  • + Smaller, Lighter, Faster
  1. Punk (Modified):
  • + The Better Half
  • + Smaller, Lighter, Faster
  • + Typecast Iconoblast
  1. Zapper (Modified):
  • + Electrical Burn
  • + Wires Don’t Talk
  • + Interspersed Outburst
  1. Prodigy (Modified):
  • + Cooking Up Trouble
  • + The Better Half
  • + Shock Storm/ Interspersed Outburst/ Smaller, Lighter, Faster
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