Your Item Find(s) of the Day (Original Game)

(odiscordia) #6155

not bad 1st violator. Much rather have an element tho

(odiscordia) #6156

are you serious !!!..I love my corrosive max tech gold at 68…but …but…wow

(Geomason) #6157

Cool defiler for sure…

(Geomason) #6158

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #6159

(Geomason) #6160

it is nice to see some Choppers around here…:star_struck:

(odiscordia) #6161

Got up this morning and tried out this tk 5/5 Gold. Sheesh. I’m pretty sure I could take this gun to end game with mordy and melt the world. Otherwise …

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #6162

I’m geting so many fails lately so only one thing today lol

(odiscordia) #6163

■■■■…if I could find something that pretty once a day I’d be good ;)…hey tech while I’m on the subject…do you have any good knoxxs golds? I figure you being the hip shooter, you’d really dig this gun. And all the armory runs…so…what u got? Edit…“enemies only die if you hit em…so buy hyperion today”…that ring a bell for anyone? Vendor in COD just said that. 1000s of times I’ve checked vendors and never heard that.

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(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #6164

Yeah, I have somewhere collection of decent gold’s, but needlers = more fire rate = more fun LOL

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(odiscordia) #6165

Hmm…I do love needlers…but that -200% acc max is my JAM. :):heart_eyes: also. …

I learned the needler title doesn’t actually increase the rof…just buffs already fast guns. Did not know. OT…

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(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #6166

Nice maliwan Viper.

(odiscordia) #6167

Yeah probably the best thing I found doing a little farming after doing You Will Die on pt1. I forgot all this stuff is level 60ish. I was really expecting some more interesting drops after the luck I’ve had with this Lilith

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #6168

Give her some time lol

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #6169

:flushed: FINALLY! :hushed:


So far, since starting Roland and farming end game…

this has been the best find by far. super stoked about this find. I had been hoping for a good Serpens. Lilith has an extra I had been avoiding bringing over to Roland. Glad i never did. this baby is so sweet. :star_struck:

(odiscordia) #6170

That is indeed quite the murder machine. Nary a stone shall be un-gooey on Pandora this day!

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #6171

with a rifleman com max damage and recoil reduction with the +4 Impact. I’m only using my serpens and ajax ogre. mowing thru all of the knoxx dlc with that combo. its so fricken awesome. loving it too much. :blush:

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(Borderbutts Master) #6172

insert joke about kurt having a bunch of kids.

First post in like 2 weeks aaaaand it’s a dick joke.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #6173

I’m actually using this :point_up_2:

Finally found an Orion. :smile:

this is the best I’ve ever seen out of this chest. at the end of the red bridge, just before Roads End.

Finally! a usable Hellfire. Roland hasn’t seen very many Hellfires unfortunately. nothing HX bodied till now. :grin:
then this happened…I don’t think its happened for Lilith on PC yet, but it happened for Roland. :blush:
This was a single Armory run…

Two pearls in a single run. :smiley:
it happened so early I was hoping for a 3rd. that would have been a first for me. Still pretty cool. Roland has been on a roll lately.

(odiscordia) #6174

What’s the action on that gold?

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