Your Item Find(s) of the Day (Original Game)

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Kurt I’m not sure how they are numbered exactly but there’s only 3 body types available for snipers of this type- ggn, vrr, and dvl. Semi autos have only 2…lb and ppz.

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I’m sure it’s your typical chart. Starting with “1” in the upper left corner and continuing down and across to the right incrementally. 1, 2, 3, etc.

what do you know?! lol sight1 and sight3 are pretty damn close to one antoher visually. that will be hard to decipher when the zoom stat isn’t displayed.

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1 is GGN
2 is LB
3 is VRR
4 is DVL
5 is PPZ

I’d really advise everybody to check out and bookmark @Scootalewis’s port of smeggit’s Part Spotter’s Guide, one of the top three imo resources we had on the old forums. Scoot just recently finished it up and did a great job doing it. Smeggit’s descriptions and layout are so damn useful for learning parts by sight. Just yesterday I learned that the semiauto sniper mags were different models. It didn’t matter too much since you can tell by the gun code, but good to know.

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I did way back when. At this point, searching thru my bookmarks is tedious. it has been much quicker to either gearcalc or Google it and see what the wiki says or if Google directs me to the forums, which it does in certain circumstances.

edit: finally, figured it out: it is very possible. I hope to see one of these some day:

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Sight3 on a card (profile) to me kinda looks like a cartoonish airplane. The back end looks like a big tail fin. And that dark spot on the top front looks like a cockpit window. Silly, but it may help you

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lol, I do the same thing. I rationalized it in my mind so I can associate it accordingly. But, I have to remember…and that is where I fall short quite often. I saw it as less curvy than sight1. like an hour glass. with the valley in the middle and the two peaks at each end. That’s sight1 and sight3 would be a less curvy version of sight1. but that’s how I did it. I do like your plane analogy.

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airplane!..ya know…specifically it kinda looks like an amphibious aircraft…with the floater rails on the bottom. :wink:

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Atleast its a 3 mag and 3 mags are gross, makes me kinda happy lol

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Gross? Ax x3…gross…ok.

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(Nerd on the internet) #6244

Are you rolling your eyes while you typed that? Cause it seems like it and the reply wasnt even to you lol. Can i not joke around with a friend without someone i dont even know criticizing me? Guess not lol

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Haha nah man just giving u ■■■■. I don’t have any good Aries pistols

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You cracked me up with that remark. I don’t care for mags less than 6. But that was before I started playing as Roland who adds a lot to the mag size. Fire rate and mag size buffs from Heavy Gunner com makes these smaller mag sizes irrelevant. But that Aries is so pretty. I was just staring at my pic earlier really wishing I could be playing while at work. :smile:

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boom… other boom…

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Very nice Hawkeye

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the gun sucks but I’m pretty happy about finding it in a lake of blood.

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Maliwan Destructor. Don’t see these every often.


I now have a complete set of Atlas Havoc’s. This one is identical to my shock version. The incendiary version I have has a mag fail. But usable cause it’s Roland. :blush:

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OK Kurt what sight is on that wrath? Don’t cheat!

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I spent so much time looking at sight1 and 3 that the “others” weren’t of interest at that time. So, it’s not 1 or 3. That’s about all I got without cheating. lol

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