Your Item Find(s) of the Day

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1329

Why is that? I mean they are just regular Crimson Lance chests and not tampered with. Their droprate is the same as normal Crimson Lance chests from the vanilla game. That and they are hard to reach because one has to first fight our raidboss. So these are not specific “farm chests,” and even more so they hold vanilla gear only so…

Besides its nowhere stated that this is a topic 100% specific to the vanilla game.

(Borderbutts Master) #1330

It shouldn’t have to be said. And I honestly couldn’t care less if it was difficult to get to or not. Fact is it is modded content. And was not aquired legitimately. Like I said why don’t you just start a custom content item find of the day thread? Stuff like sleep masters weapons, chests that arn’t apart of vanilla game and other things could go there. This thread should be kept 100% legit much like it’s predecessor on the old forums.

(Now With Extra Ordinary) #1331

Figured I would do some armory runs to try to break my streak of only finding pearlescent shields, six straight to be exact, and find an actual pearl weapon. Got one that’s total garbage but gonna post it anyway and the couple half decent things I found.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1332

Fine by me, although it makes 0 sense and is kind of crude. We already have a topic where peeps can drop their “modded” (I prefer Custom Made Content as it stops classing our stuff with “Stock Combat Shotgun” trash) stuff. I just figured that because I found a Bessie and an Undertaker within two consecutive runs it was kind of funny and worthy to place it here.

Also I don’t really get the whole… [quote=“Stouty22, post:1330, topic:961”]
And was not aquired legitimately.
… part. What part of stuffing +4 months into developing a wholly new map from scratch using the provided UDK from the “vanilla game,” given out by GBX. Then proceeding to place “vanilla game” chests made by GBX in said map without tempering with their definitions is seen as illegit? This quote is kind of conflicting with me as it would infer that all my hard work is nothing but illegitimate work. Even though we have GBX’s’ full permission to do all this.

But in any case I’ll be more aware of what to put where next time to avoid conflict of interest. :no_mouth:

(Borderbutts Master) #1333

It doesn’t invalidate any of your work at all man. People apperciate what you do a lot. But this thread is not only us showing off our finds from gearboxes work but also a way to compliment them as well. Every time I find something amazing I owe it all to the years of hard work that gearbox did making this game. Your thread could be exactly the same. A way for people to show off the awesome gear and maps you alone could make.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1334

Alright. Well anyway if you do ever use our custom made stuff either leave a post on my Weapons & Items Arsenal page to show it off.

(Borderbutts Master) #1335

No no. What I am saying is totally different. Most of your weapons have parts that can vary correct? Well what if some hits the jackpot and finds lets say a perfect parts mantis. Then let them show it in this hypothetical thread. Or if maybe someone finds an aries in one of your maps. Just a way to show great finds with peoples custom content is what I am getting at. The thread you linked to seems more approprate for people to talk about your gear rather than show it off, you know what I mean?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1336

I know what you mean but peeps already did so in the past on that topic, that and I asked them to do it as it directly reflects back to my work. Same goes for whenever the 5th DLC gets finished, peeps can post their 5th DLC runs on the 5th DLC topic. It makes it all a little more direct to the makers of the Custom Content.

Note though that not a lot of peeps do it anyway so its not really an issue and making a separate thread is kind of convoluted.

(Stevenslender123) #1337

After a very long dry spell of playing bl1, my finds of the day:

(Jones) #1338

I can’t find a Pearl or a good Masher to save my life. But i am really happy with that Anarchy. Now have a trifecta of lvl 68 233x4 Steel Anarchies (530,440) are the others.

(Borderbutts Master) #1339

@Raptchur still digging that anarchy :smiley:

(Jones) #1340

@Stouty22 It’s fantastic for mobbing. That extra recoil goes right to the head when you aim at the midsection :wink: I’m loving that Gearbox Anarchy you have. Still farming for a good one. That mission has been ready to turn in for me for ages lol

(Borderbutts Master) #1341

I am still aiming to get one with mag 3 lol. Gotta love the extra reload speed.

(Now With Extra Ordinary) #1342

Craws been being kinda stingy lately. Anyway this is the best of what time I had to play.

(Borderbutts Master) #1343

(Now With Extra Ordinary) #1344

Yesterday it was raining and dreary outside after work so I told my self I was gonna kill craw till he coughed up a pearl. Well here are the few decent things and the pearl he dropped, on the 38th kill.

(Stevenslender123) #1345

Some decent crap I got:

(Now With Extra Ordinary) #1346

You got some high end stuff equipped I know that. Lol

(Borderbutts Master) #1347

That violater is awesome and you should feel awesome.

(King of the Loot Midgets) #1348

Nice to see my name every once in a while.

I finally have my PC + internet again after being kicked out, and boy do I have finds. From yesterday: