Your Item Find(s) of the Day

(Geomason) #5248

running with my new DAHL Commando…

(band) #5249

That Atlas is the most bipolar weapon I’ve seen, in terms of part quality.

(Geomason) #5250

And lvl 19…weird looking thing

some other stuff…

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #5251

(sono2351) #5252

all revolvers do +100 crit damage even if not listed?

(odiscordia) #5253

Yep. Except the unforgiven, which does +200%.

(sono2351) #5254

Then why does everyone go nuts over Anacondas so much? An Unforgiven is so much better.

(band) #5255

Anacondas handle that much better though. Their recoil is top-tier, whereas the Jakobs Unforgiven takes an epoch to recover back to max accuracy. Also, Annies can be elemental, which helps their popularity a lot.

I think I still prefer an Unforgiven over an Anaconda for Crawmerax killing, but otherwise I’d go for the Anaconda.

(sono2351) #5256

Makes sense. Thanks.

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #5257

Also depends on charcters a lot too. For example both lilly and roland get significant more milage out of a anaconda masher than a unforgiven masher. Mostly due to their bonus and class mods. While the unforgiven masher is essentially a god killer in the hands of mordy.

I have a harder time killing craw with a unforgiven masher on lilly than a anaconda masher. Bonuses for days y’all.

On topic:

(odiscordia) #5258

Also, there is a world of difference between 1.2. Rof and 2.1. That’s a lot more lead for a 6 shot per second.

(odiscordia) #5259

That being said, unforgivens can be incredibly brutal weapons, particularly masher variants. I have a material2 ax300 2 shot that already has a 91 accuracy. Using the Jakobs gunfighter com with 3 more points in focus and a +84% weapon accuracy, this masher , at close to medium range, usually puts all 7 of those pellets in one hole. With a base dmg of 495, essentially you have a 3500 point dmg revolver with a 200% critical bonus. There’s not much that won’t kill

(band) #5260

Which makes sense, since I default to Mordy when killing Craw.

(Geomason) #5261

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #5262

Don’t forget his skill gun crazy lol. Literally will double damage when it procs.

(odiscordia) #5263

Indeed! And the 9 points I have on deadly. I could, conditionally, take down Knoxx with about 7-8 good shots for example

(odiscordia) #5264

That justice is really cool. Double tap ftw

(odiscordia) #5265

the dahl double stinger is 2x222 hehehe


(odiscordia) #5267

Like that rhino. Dang near perfect