Your Item Find(s) of the Day

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #5511

Good to know lol


(odiscordia) #5513

Mordy/ tediore playthru. Perfect level 22 660 scavenger with 5th line health regen. :slight_smile: . Zpr31 B fire matador, level 31… other than that, a bunch of really great smgs lol. Including a hx 140 hyperion double stinger, barrel2, level 33. I picked the wrong character and loyalty obv

(Geomason) #5514

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #5515

that volcano has to be close to grail. that is close to the best i’ve ever seen. 3 in the mag for the damage boost, and mat3. dayam! barrel4 looks so smexy on snipers. love that find. :star_struck:
I know you’re all drooling over that DVL body. :drooling_face:

(odiscordia) #5516

That is a nice one. But if I’m not mistaken mat1 is the most desirable? For the fearsome prefix?

(odiscordia) #5517

Dang I just found a level 28 vengeance in new haven. That’s a first

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #5518


(odiscordia) #5519

Too bad you can’t get a “B fearsome” haha. You can be nasty but not fearsome.

(odiscordia) #5520

Man I’ve been seeing some strange stuff on this play thru. I’m on my way to turn on the 2nd switch in the Crimson enclave, and one of these Lance guys drops a friendly fire? I didn’t think they dropped shotguns at all…

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #5521

I have never seen lance droping guns.

(odiscordia) #5522

Maybe it was a ransack drop now that I think about it. I was pretty far away. I think blood wing downed the guy

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #5523

Oh yeah, that was ransack drop, Lance dont drop shotguns.

(odiscordia) #5524

Good lord. Middle of nowhere vendor. Level 25 HX 3 C pestilent stinger. Twisted barrel no scope. I’m actually saving all these great smgs to give to Lil. I’m gonna try a build using the lowest level but best smgs I’ve found rather than using green or blue guns as a difficulty slider

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #5525

Nice find :+1:

(odiscordia) #5526

I’ve also found a crapload of orange. 13 so far. I just found 2 different tmp88 fanged thanatos’ in both vendors in new Haven

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #5527

He he but you cant use it lol

(Geomason) #5528

I’ve got once mat2 Destroyer over there as well…

(odiscordia) #5529

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #5530

Love that stinger :heart: