Your Item Find(s) of the Day

(band) #6195

Looks like it. Difficult to tell, it’s as if something glorious and radiant is blocking it from view.

But yes, Angry.

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #6196

(odiscordia) #6197

That jackal is actually pretty cool. Firefly or Pro would be kinda fun

(Matīss Lociks) #6198

Yeah, it’s kinda all perfect parts and max level. Unless you need a scope on a shotgun.

(odiscordia) #6199

Scoped jackal ? snicker, snort …unrelated note…anybody remember that level 22 barrel 5 sight 5 ax300 burning EQ I found awhile back, which was the best, rarest, and most useful weapon I’ve ever found that low? I apparently lost that MF. Not happy.

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #6200

Since y’all were talking Golds, I’ll repost this one…still stoked about it years later!

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #6201

Yay baby! yours looks a little better than mine. :smirk:

(odiscordia) #6202

Hipshot wetdream. OT…

just an accessory away from a grail level 46 mongol. Kinda a bummer

(I found a firebomb) #6203

rps20190312_164145 rps20190312_164423 rps20190312_164349 rps20190312_164327 rps20190312_164228 ![rps20190312_164145|400x225]

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #6204

■■■■ you Laggy

Literally posting everything I haven’t found an am dying to come across. You sumbitch! :smile:

2 mega cannons?! dayam! was that a single run?

(I found a firebomb) #6205

Lol gna have to get on console sometime kurt. But Im gonna have to zoom in, these pics look like shiz lol. Just been so paranoid of the pics being too close ever since i posted that god serpens a while back lol

(I found a firebomb) #6206

Back to back runs with mordecairps20190312_164259 found another one of these too, no big deal. Haha

(I found a firebomb) #6207

Late response but its this one.rps20190312_165601

(odiscordia) #6208

Screw the megas look at that anarchy…I have the same gun at 67.

(I found a firebomb) #6209

Ive prolly found 7 or 8 of them, if we were on the same console you could have your pick.

(odiscordia) #6210

That exact gun? 140 steel at 68? That’s incredible

(I found a firebomb) #6211

Oh yeah, scoped, scopeless. I dont have a problem finding them, i have 4 or 5 sirens and ive always found atleast one on all of them. Im extremely lucky with some items but extremely unlucky with others, for example that nemesis is the first time ive had it drop on my main account for a total of 5 pearl pistols out of all my play time, which is alot.

(odiscordia) #6212

Lol yeah. I have like 10 nemesis’. One being a Hrd model with barrel5 and action5 and sight4 at 68 which is all around the best one probably. Only one tk unfortunately that was the very first one

(I found a firebomb) #6213

Ahh some guys have all the luck :disappointed_relieved:

(band) #6214

check out this sick Chopper @Stouty22 and I found!

Stouty’s got this one, I’m currently on the hunt for an AR/barrel4-5. I’m still pretty happy with my TCH/barrel5 one, but it’s time to upgrade.