Your level 60 build

I thought it would be nice to make this thread to hear what there going to do with there extra 10 skill points when the level cap is increased. Here is my 60 tree builds for Moze, Zane, Amara, and Fl4k

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I manage to try one with Zane although 60 is low for me to squeeze in dream build

My Zane

Except that point in Scrappy belongs in RPMs, Moze

Lol. Same Moze


Blast Master

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Theoretical Amara.

I haven’t started a new character yet to test earlier versions of it.

Did they announce a cap increase?

No but it’s inevitable.

If it really is, I honestly may as well stop farming.


Tough to say. Thing is, a level cap increase might come alongside a new skill tree for each character (they did after all state that they didn’t plan on adding new classes but rather expaning upon the old ones) which might shake up our current builds completely.

Great topic. My FL4K would be exactly like you’re except I’d add a point to Lick my Wounds. I haven’t gotten Amara to 50 and haven’t even started Moze or Zane yet.

My wish would be, although I know it’ll never happen, it to allow us to use Eridium to increase the level of certain gear, a fav piece that we have. They can even limit the amount somehow, maybe for every XP level you increase you can use eridium to increase gear level. I dread the moment that all of a sudden all of my gear on my characters and vault is obsolete.

Rakk Pak build, give them an elemental projector with a low lvl sellout and everything else has the splash damage anointment.

I’m wondering if it’s an extra tree or expansions in out existing ones.

I’d like it if we had a way to just get extra skill points without raising the cap for gear. Farming for specific gear takes too long to be worth it if we lose it all each time the cap raises. No pc mods that can scale gear for console players XD


Welcome to the Borderlands!

Borderlands 2 went from 50 to 61 to 72 to 80 to 90.

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By 90 you mean OP10, right?

I only leveled one char to 80 after it was raised and would be disappointed if I didn’t keep going lol

Yup. I didn’t want to be confusing if people are unfamiliar with the OP system