Your level requirements in BL1?

I was curious if things were any different in BL1, since due to matchmaking differences and lack of players it is far more common to have extremely high-level people in your game.

Basically, how much are you okay with level differences on your teammates and you/your mission? Are you very tight with them, or is any level welcome in your game?

Like with BL2 and PS, I’m personally okay with two levels up and down from my current mission. Anyone outside that gets the unfortunate booting. (That said, I have ended up kicking pretty much anyone joining after first couple hours…)

Feel free to discuss and share opinions!

It really depends for me. If I’m playing for levels and gear, I’ll let them in my game with open arms. But, if I’m playing for fun and just want to relax, I don’t want some guy rushing through the mission or if I’m in his mission, I don’t want to be dying or hiding from the enemies right. I don’t think anyone wants that. Specifically for me, I like to get lots of levels but at a steady pace, maybe a ten level difference for my kind of play style. I’m an Acheivment hunter so I like to get things done quite quick

mainly i try to be close level to teammates, except when trying to catch a new character up, then sometimes i join maxed out people for the exp, and once i get high enough level speedrun through first playthrough and resume normal play when i hit playthrough 2. this is only because I have already beaten both playthroughs with all characters on all systems and lost my data so now am starting over but backing up saves regularly on flash memory

I rarely used to play online with randoms but a couple of levels either side of mine would be ok.
My main issue with playing with randoms online though was the use of modded gear and people hacking the game.

My two main objections are modded gear, hacking the game, and randomly picking up quests I (the host) didn’t want to take yet… Umm…

My THREE main objections are…

I always hosted so didn’t have to worry about collecting a huge amount of missions but if you always completed the top one that is the story mission so you should be ok if you get mixed up.

I was referring to the fact that when I was hosting the other day, some random came in and immediately started picking up every available side quest. I don’t know if that has the same implications as it does in BL2 (level-locking mission rewards), but it’s still annoying that they would do that in someone else’s game.