Your level rquirements?

Do you guys have any or are any players from powerlevelers to overpowered-as-■■■■ characters welcome to your party? Up to what level can you tolerate your teammates?

Me personally, I usually allow guests up and down to two levels from the current mission’s level in all three games. Anyone below that would just get killed too easily and above it would kill too easily. I only make exceptions when me or one of my playtrough buddies is already above that, (and even then naturally to that level). Otherwise anyone outside those perimeters joining gets kicked without mercy. (Sorry, it’s just no fun with under-/overpowered players taking slots from more fitting ones.)

Feel free to discuss!

I run my game in “Friends only” mode; I don’t like to have anyone too overpowered in normal or true[1], but pretty much all my friends ask before joining anyway. I do the same too - ask what mode/level, and if the host has any preference for +/-, character, etc. I don’t like to be over- or underpowered either; I’m usually ok up to +2/-2, but any more than that is no fun.

[1] And they’re all too polite to drop into UVHM with above-level characters. Yay!

I play solo almost exclusively, and the only person I co-op with is my daughter when we play splitscreen. I like to earn everything through fair play, so I prefer to avoid the possibility of having people join with what I would consider to be cheat elements.

Friends only here. Don’t want see guys dropping that modded ■■■■ on my game.

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Friends only but sometimes someone 10 levels lower joins ups the difficulty but cant help at all. Thats always fun.

I play equal amounts solo or with up to both of my friends. The other day we were about to start the pirate DLC and one of my friends joined the (OP8) game as a level 1 Zerker. My other friend immediately threw on a Legendary Nurse (so our friend would be “extreme-healthgating” the entire time. We were all dying laughing; killing the Worm Queen got him to level 2, and turning in the first mission to Shade bumped him from there to 12. It’s really all in how you look at it, I guess. We had a grand ol’ time dicking around (and then one time he got into the driver’s seat of a hoverboat, and as soon as we clipped a worm the fact that it had a level 12 healthbar was truly noticeable) But we always have a lot of fun in the Borderlands. They put up with my tendency to run them over when they’re in FFYL, and I put up with Gaige’s screams or the level 12 shenanigans or the occasional barrel.

if I have specific goals in mind the game is set friends only. but a lot of times I’ll Host open games just to see who drops in and I don’t care what level they are or what they use and what drops if anything. nobody gets the boot in my games unless they are acting like jerks.

in fact had a great game last night, opened up a new toon Level 8, to random players, had several great players drop in all between Level 8 to 11, that would do whatever mission was up and work together to get the mission done.

I love it when A Team comes together! :wink:

That is going to be my Borderlands 2 Epitaph.

I play Solo, I really want to get some online play, but its getting to know people, will they use a mic? (I personally think its a must for a “co-op” game, and splitting the loot fairly), do they have a clue, are they going to charge headlong into every mob and be in FFYL AGAIN for the 6th time in 2 minutes.

I think if I got someone I could tolerate, and who could tolerate me, the level difference wouldn’t come into it :smile:

If I’m hosting, anything more than a few levels either way is a pain.

I actually had a “friend” request to join my game the other day, and they showed up with a lvl 35 Gaige into an OP8 Game.

Funnily, when they asked, I replied “yes, but bring an appropriately lvl’d character”. They knew what they were getting into…and decided they were just going to XP leech and make my game harder ( they weren’t even wearing a shield )

My reply…" wtf are you doing?"

Needless to say…not on the “friends” list anymore. :smiley:

So many players seem to have no clue about fps basics. They dont use cover, divide and conquer, use terrain or their teammates for that matter. As soon as loot drops they swoop on it and grab it even if it is over their level or for a different class. Or they spawn/aggro a huge number of enemies at once then lead them right to you. I see players using caustic weaponry on shielded enemies then complaining that they are out of ammo. Eventually i quit reviving them or just kick. Thankfully i have a few pretty clueful bl2 friends that are worth playing with.