Your most epic world drops!

My most epic world drop was a WTF shield from Terramorphous, I also got a legendary gunzerker COM.

My most epic world drop was my very first legendary in Borderlands 2: A Level 39 Trick Shot Maggie. I used that thing on my Axton (first Toon in BL2) up to the Bunker-fight at level 45. It was a blast.
Number two would be an Infinity laying back-to-back to a Gunnerang. They dropped from two Psychos at level 11 in the Bloodshot Stronghold. Never had something like that happen again on regular mobs. Just on raid bosses.

a level 0 Hornet from Knuckledragger

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That’s not a world drop. It came from its assigned source.

A non-elemental, practicable Butcher from a chest in Washburn Refinery.

I’ve gotten a Veruc from Sorcerer’s daughter and a Sledge’s shotgun from what I think was just a regular squire (the fight also has a BA but I’m fairly sure the drop came from one of the regular guys) in Hatred’s Shadow.

A Conference Call from a random Spider, and an Impaler in a vending Machine.

A Stalker from a pup skag in the wildlife exploitation preserve.

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Imagine if you had gotten a Pup Skag from a Stalker instead. Now, that would have been an epic world drop.


Like the worlds worst set of nesting dolls…

A perfect Sawbar from a Stalker pile.

I got a skullmasher while doing ballroom blitz

Most of mine have sucked. Three rubberized grenades, twoooooo terrible invaders.

A level 33 quasar from a knight in the Tina dlc is the only good one I remember.

Idk if I’m unlucky or what. Lol

2 or 3 Butchers so far from BNK3R, as well as 2 more from WEP red chests. I no longer get excited about those. "Thanks Obama!" /s

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I went to go farm the warrior for eridium and maybe cc or volcano, but he decided to drop a stalker on the second kill.

Corossive, torque grip, fire rate prefix.


One time i got a perfect run in the dust. I got a hammer buster from mcnally, a nukem from black queen, a veruc from mobley and a maggie from mick in one run. Funny thing is they are op6-op7 though when im op8.

a fastball from a trash pile i think

yeah that’s the huge problem about getting awesome loot, but they’re levels behind you