Your Most Liked (To Play) / Disliked (To Play Against)

So, a lot of us go to play a whole bunch and played with and against most of the classes. So I thought it would be good to see which characters you most liked to play with, and the ones you really hated to face up against.

If you need a reminder, here are all the heroes:
Add some color guide: [Guide] Color Codes for Build Builders

#Likes (in order of awesomeness)

  1. Thorn:
    My favourite. Nothing like getting that final blow with a well placed arrow :smile:

  2. Oscar Mike:
    After playing PvP for most of the beta, I loved his tactical abilities. Stealth, speed and harassment. Boom :boom:

  3. Ghalt:
    Only got to play with him for a while, but I love his melee smashing chain pull. And his shotgun packs some nice punch!

  4. Kleese:
    Yes, Kleese. Once ranked up a bit he is a real commander of the battlefield. Heals near by team mates too. :zap:

  5. Galilea
    Out of all the Melee characters, she was my favourite. Otherwise my 5th would be Benedict.

#Dislikes (In Order of who really p****d you off)

  1. Marquis
    Just die and go to Battlefield 4 you clockworkfuckwit

  2. Miko
    Oh for the love of life, just die. Oh, he won’t. He’s healing too quick. Oh, I’m dead. Stupid shroon-toon omlette

  3. Ambra
    You just move, heal, dps and heal some more, why don’t you bitch. Ghalt is coming for you, he he

  4. Montana
    Well, with Miko hiding up his hairy butt, seemed to be a right beast. Hard to kill whilst melting your face :no_entry_sign:

  5. Shayne & Aurox
    When controlled by a skilled player, really hard to play against. Muck like Kelvin.

Hated playing against enemy Galilea. The nerf helped to not die as much against one but she’s still hard to kill 1v1. Montana is also tough because of his health and slowing bullets. One match I saw a Montana followed by a Miko and Reyna and it was impossible to kill any of them.

Loved playing as Deande and Mellka. Deande was very hit and run, with added mass stun potential after level 5. Mellka was fun with the poison dot and blade launcher does more dps than people realize.

Loved to play:

  1. Orendi- she’s my girl and I feel she is very good in the right hands
  2. Phoebe- the exact opposite of Orendi imo. I just love her character and abilities and feel she can do great single target damage while also being able to leave when the going gets tough
  3. Ghalt- The man is a beast. He is great for singling out enemy healers and picking off problem targets

Hated to go against:

  1. Miko- he/she/it is a great character overall and an amazing healer but he is annoying to go against. Especially if his team is good enough to keep you from him
  2. Shayne&Aurox- i just think they’re annoying to go against
  3. Montanna- Against love the character and his abilities but man is he annoying to go against! He’s just so tanky

That being said I do love all of the characters and I play all of them off and on.


  1. Cald- His air dash and Gravitritic thing makes him stupid mobile and good at escaping and outplaying annoying characters like Marquis and ISIC. Plus his ult is great for stealing kills.

  2. Toby- He actually has the highest basic attack damage and is pretty much Marquis, except easier because he has a shield and stun, and he’s hilarious.

  3. Deande- I saw one Deande except for myself, so nobody knew how to play against her. People kept killing themselves on my clone and being clueless when I reappeared behind them from stealth.

  4. Attikus- Everyone’s favorite lawyer, he has a really high skillcap stun and can pump out stupid damage in a short amount of time.


  1. Ambra- She deals more dps than some offense-only characters, has passive lifesteal, and has the stupid ability to survive with 100 health with her Sonic Shield.

  2. Thorn- I never noticed when she put Blight on me without taking like 100 damage from it. I had one kill herself twice on my Reflecting Wards as ISIC though because she couldn’t handle her ult, so that was cool.

  3. Montana- The ideal counter to pretty much everyone I like to play. Perma-slow to combo into other cc abilities, mega health to survive burst, and damage negation in case he’s ever low on health.


  1. Miko! :mushroom: (Sorry mate.): I always felt like I could make such a difference while playing them. And when they are not using their skills, they are not THAT hard to kill.

  2. Mellka: Mellka was just amazing. :gun:Pew pew, claw :feet:, hit, venom :snake:, jump, run. ACTION! That’s like, the perfect description for Mellka.

  3. MONTANAAAAA :musical_note: : He’s just so cuwl and takny(Edit: tanky* Lolz) and he tells really bad jokes. ;p

Hated to play against:

  1. Ambra: Can someone just kill this @!k&)!gb&!h? Nope, because this girl is even more unkillable than Miko. And when you almost get her? OVERSHIELD. Ugh.

  2. Galilea: I swear, when playing with my sister I’d just say “Here comes Gallyyy” and we’d both just run away because f :grinning: ck that b :grin: tch.

  3. Él Dragon: I hated him before the nerf. Never played against him after it though.


  1. Boldur. Because Dwarf
  2. Montana, who i loved until 26, i’ll miss you.


  1. Gila, because OF COURSE the enemy team has a gila/ambra/miko. Boldur will show you how to brawl ! AXE WINS AGAIN!
  2. Miko, good miko is nightmare, so fast, let boldur eat you >: |
  3. Ambra, time to ditch the training wheels.
  4. Phoebe, go make some friends you spoiled sword user >: |


  1. Ambra: She has been my favorite from day 1, before I even got to try her in the CTT. Her abilities fit well with my game style and there’s just something about her… I don’t know, but she’s amazing.

  2. Oscar Mike: I didn’t get to play him much in the Beta since everyone and their mother was playing him. I could have speed-locked him but I didn’t want to take him away from someone trying out the game. Once the game releases though, I plan to give him some love. I was always more of a soldier player in Borderlands and Mike’s playstyle feels similar to that.

  3. Galilea: I saw gameplay footage of her and thought she looked interesting. Decided to try her out after unlocking her and fell in love. She does feel a little strong at the moment, but I love the way she handles and her voice actress is phenomenal.


  1. Galilea: Loved to play her, hated to play against her, especially since I mostly played healers. Give her a healer of her own and she’s basically unstoppable (assuming the player behind her knows what they’re doing).

  2. Shayne & Aurox: Freakin’ pull/stun! I hated fighting him so much, killed me so many times. Somebody needs to teach this brat some banners.

  3. Rath: A bad Rath is basically a free kill but a good Rath? Urg. If he gets the jump on you, good luck getting out of there alive. Not as annoying as the previous two, but he had me cursing his very existence on a few occasions.

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1.ISIC: Great skills that work well with each other,great range,great damage,great survivability, one of the best AOE stuns in the game(that isn’t an ult/ult supported) that doubles as a great traversal/escape tool, and most of all, great lines with each one putting a smile on my face, even when I’m in a ■■■■■■ game with ■■■■■■ team mates I don’t mind it as much because I get to listen to ISIC.

2.Kleese: very strategic, extremely good support if his team knows his abilities, charged laser that absolutely rocks(I wonder if they nerf it-please no!) being able to take down a shield AND a chunk of life with one fully charged shot, has very interesting traversal,only character that can actually support turrets and minions and one of the few(if not only) characters able to hold a line by himself almost indefinitely with the enemy team having to either send 3 people his way(that he MIGHT not handle) or do a huge,coordinated spike of damage. His lines are also priceless, ISIC has better ones because every one of them is good, while Kleese has a couple “neutral” ones.

I just wish I was able to use that legendary battery I got just before the beta ended, +105 shield,+1 shard/sec and 8 seconds of overshield every time your shield gets back to full(I mean,come on!That means that he basically gets an overshield every time he gets hit after he loses it if he stands in his wards!How awesome is that?!)

3.Reyna: Incredible “clutch moment” saviour, great heal that is always protected by an initial overshield that guarantees that the heal stays, team damage buff that even tanks have to be wary of,multi-use ultimate and “here’s a shield for my favourite so-and-so”.

4.Galilea- besides me having a thing for armor clad babes with shields and longswords, I think out of all the brawlers she has the best long-term survivability. Ranged stun ideal for initiating,chasing down and escaping plus a team beneficent damage amplifier

Dislikes: hard to choose,because I don’t mind most characters individually,it’s more team compositions that I don’t like to play against.

1.Marquis- like all snipers he’s annoying and if he’s good you really have to remember that he’s there all the time and even then he often sends you hiding and makes you recall with half health “just to be safe”.

2.Rath - only because of his knock up paired with exploiting the endless melee juggling and only on meltdown/paradise because it allows him to come up unexpected.

3.Montana.- He’s not much of a threat on his own, but with Miko he’s a real pain, plus even without Miko it takes forever to kill him,even with Kleeses overcharged headshots/crtis

4.Reyna - for all the reasons mentioned why I love her. Makes it hard to wear down enemy hp,can deny you some kills you thought were certain and has great survivability as long as she’s not alone.

I haven’t played Toby yet(PC),never got around to trying Thorn,Deande,Attikus and Mellka plus after playing each character once-twice I focused on ISIC and Kleese with occasional Reyna and Galilea, because I kinda wanted the wins in those games when my team was all low level ,and to assure that win I had to take someone I know & like.

Likes (no particular order)

Galilea- She’s still really good, loved being on the front lines with the shield while still having the stun and melee damage to get kills.

Mellka- Unlocked her near the end and only got a couple games in with her, but in all of them I got 20+ kills, which doesn’t really happen to me much with other characters, so that kind of made her an instant standout.

Caldarius- I’m still kind of learning Caldarius, but he’s a lot of fun to play. I really like being so fast and getting kills with him is really gratifying. Also since he’s kind of hard to play, it makes me feel like a badass when I get a good k/d with him.

Thorn- She’s crazy good. Again, I loved being able to move so fast, and she was so much fun because she could play as both a sniper-ish role and an AoE damage dealer, and she had the movement speed to switch between the two roles quickly.

Reyna- This one was a big surprise to me because I usually hate support characters. I really like the combination of her pistol, gauntlet, and homing shot, and how you could use them all together. The shield was an added bonus, and I like that I didn’t really have to spend time healing or anything.


Marquis- He always shoots me when I’m not paying attention to him. Come on and fight me head on, ■■■■■.

Shayne & Aurox- Had a lot of health, so it took a while to take down there health, but most takes are kind of stuck there when they get in trouble. Shayne/Aurox, on the other hand, could just dip out with invisibility and then come back with another fat health bar.

Orendi- She’s just always there hitting me with her stupid little magic balls, and that big ass pillar. When there’s one player in particular that’s annoying me in a match, it tends to be Orendi.

Ambra- ■■■■ you, Ambra. ■■■■ your stupid little heal beam.


  • Shayne and Aurox: This is a character I didn’t really expect to be one of my top characters. I went into the game expecting other characters to pull me in their direction, but I spent most of the Beta stuck on S&A.

  • Orendi: I liked her from the beginning. I actually do a bit poorly with her in PvP but extraordinarily good with her in PvE. She’s definitely my PvE character of choice.


  • Marquis: He likes to be funny and try to pick me off without me noticing. Most of the time I notice, and I want to punch 'em…but he’s nowhere near punching range. Also how can anybody not notice their shields dropping in two shots and their health slashed on the 3rd shot?

  • Galilea: Even post-nerf she seemed to bring fear to the hearts of teams. A well supported Galilea is near impossible to kill. Her strongest feature is her versatility and skill-set. She literally does EVERYTHING. She’s a great defender, above average attacker, she has the easiest stun to land, most annoying Silence ability, life-steal, retreat options, literally everything. Only thing I can see countering her is a Ranged character with Ranged CC.

  • Ambra: I wouldn’t mind her being insanely hard to kill, if her damage output was lowered a few more notches. Only time I could kill an Ambra was after another team member whittled her down and procc’d her Flame Shield and I would chase and kill. (Or be the one who whittled her down and have a team mate chase and kill a fleeing Ambra).


  • Galliea: She is my teams go-to for locking down minion lanes in Meltdown. Her ability to block damage with her shield and the ability to amp everyone’s damage is great.

  • Thorn: The combination of her Bliss to slow others while speeding myself up is awesome. High mobility and annoying hit and run mechanics are so much fun.

  • Deande: Nothing is more fun than cloaking and sending my decoy out to distract others while I set up behind them. And the helix option that gives her a ‘back-stab’ effect makes me feel like a real rogue.


  • Ambra: I think the only minor tweak needed is her over shield and her attack that auto-locks. I just feel she is alittle to powerful.

  • Oscar Mike: I only disliked OM because I feel that he is under-powered. At no point do I feel threatened by OM regardless of my character choice.


  1. Reyna- fun support, alot of what she lacks at first can be gained through her helix. while I’ll admit she isn’t the best character she is my favorite to play. also has cool taunts.

  2. Miko- Another support I played alot of, really good healer, teammates were grateful, got carpel tunnel from holding the heal button to long though. He’s a better support than reyna IMO, but I still had the most fun on reyna.

Disliked playing against-

  1. Miko- I found myself hoping in general that the other team didn’t have a support, but especially hoping they didn’t have a miko because then our team would likely have a significant advantage.

  2. Montana- alone I wasn’t to concerned of him on the enemy team, but I found myself hoping the enemy team didn’t have a miko/ montana combo. Not that their is anything wrong with that strategy balance wise but It’s way easier to fight a team that doesn’t work together

I got to play with Deande only about twice, and I loved that cloak ability. Can’t imagine how much fun you could have using her and Oscar Mike together with well coordinated attacks on lonely wanderers. Stealth buddies, behind enemy lines :smile:

Don’t forget Shayne! You’d have a whole stealth squad!

Liked to play,

1. Rath - Fast and nimble, really nice to sneak up on mf’s. If you play your cards right you won’t even need to resort to his ult to melt people’s faces off. Exceptional on Meltdown, really easy to control both lanes at the same time.

2. Benedict - My favorite to play Incursion with, good dmg output and control wide areas with. Can get into the gist of things quickly with glide and then retreat far far away when needed.

3. Galilea - My backup char. Good all around and able to adapt to all situations and teams.

Disliked playing against,

1. Caldarious - COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE S***.

2. Marquis - Mostly because apart from a few selected few, most players i faced that used Marquis only used them to take potshots and steal easy kills on their team mates, very few used them correctly to the advantage of their respective team.


  1. Galilea - My favorite character over the course of the beta, there’s been plenty of discussion about her so no need to guess why

  2. Deande - By far my favorite of the stealth characters, only got to use her for a little bit though

  3. Rath - Out of the starters available Rath was easily my favorite, I dropped him later on, but he was great in the beginning, also I loved playing against Rath as Galilea, so many easy kills

  4. Melka - A character I wish I had played more with in PvP, I used her several times in story mode and loved her abilities and play style


  1. Shayne and Aurox- These guys seriously pissed me off at times, that Fetch ability is pretty unfair but the most annoying thing was it’s health, a stealth based character should not have 2000 health

  2. Kelvin - Didn’t really hate him but I found his Sublimate ability pretty annoying for running away, made it hard to finish him when used by a decent player

  3. Oscar Mike - Solely because of the 1 Incursion Match I played were we lost our sentry early and managed to come back and tie the game, then with 1 minute left he stealths, runs to our sentry, and drops his damn ulty on our sentry doing just enough to give them the win


Reyna: Always enjoyed the support characters and the ability to provide shields and mark targets was really fun. Was great going against a Galiea and marking her then watching as my team melted her down.

Miko: Again love that support that I can provide with this guy. Running around healing people and throwing mushrooms was fun. Though sucked when people ran away when I tried healing them, though I know i did this a few times as well.

Kelvin: Ice and water has always been my favorite powers so a ice golem that eats people was a must play and I loved him so much.

Benedict: Was really great flying in the air raining down rockets on people. Though man running out of rockets was such a buzz kill.

Thorn: Always loved bow characters and she didn’t disappoint, though hard to charge up and hit with her bow sometimes for the most part she was really fun to play.


Galiea: Ugh hated when someone played her, that healing and damage just made her so ridiculous

Ambar: Loved playing her hated going against her. Damn your life stealing sunpot healing piece of s**t with an overshield when things get rough.

Rath: Swear this guy has stealth sometimes, pops outta nowhere and destroys me before I know what is happening.

Blodur: Man is he annoying. I swear every time there was a Boldur on the other team he was unkillable

“Whats your favorite car to drive?”
@AsherTalos aww finally somebody mad about Boldur power :smiley: was it me? WAS IT?

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That guy was rough. Lot of shield power and the overshield/dash to get away made him really hard to pin down and kill. Think the one time I killed him was on Ambra when he was blocking attacks in front and I sun beamed him down from behind

But cant remember the name? Dang, because i never saw a single Boldur :frowning: which is no surprise, Dwarves always get the short end of the stick but still manage to beat people to death with it.

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