Your opinion about the writing?

  • Really bad
  • Disappointing
  • Satisfying
  • Really good

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Having done the campain 8 time, and taking the time to listen to each playable character lines, I gotta say I’m really disappointed in Borderland 3 writing compared to precedent OPUS


  • It seem each playable character was written by someone different cause Zane and Fl4k have awesome piece of dialogue, while Moze and Amara are bland
  • We get very few piece of VH dialogue anyways, the Bloody Harvest even had more one liner than a whole planet worth of quest


  • Lack of charismatic character : Lilith is a gutted version of her past self, Tannis is somewhere between what she ought to be, and what she used to be, Ava is annoying, Maya, was great, but also dead, and we barely see much of the rest of the crew (While some character like Marcus & co have so much to offer)
  • Some actual success on Wainwright Jackobs, Rhys, Lorelei, Typhon Deleon (and his two bots) they were great, but most character are far far from those
  • A lot of character are awfully written compared to precedent borderland : Tina is a mess, Mr Torgue turned from adorable dork to Obnoxious ■■■■■■■


  • Hard to come after handsome jack, but the potential depht of the calipso twin was … never really digged up. You really teased the developpement and potential fracture between Troy and Tyreen, but nothing happened
  • The bandit fanatism toward the Calipso seem unatural, this should have been digged up, with more explanation of the “win” the bandit got out of it

Story :

  • Some bit were nice, but overall it’s a lot of : Find three piece of the vault key, enter the vault, suprise, something bad happen, next. Even during the first run, only a few developement actually surprised me
  • The whole story, I felt more like some hired gun runing around and kill on command as in a CoD than a Vault hunter in Borderland doing crazy ■■■■ cause that’s how it work

Overall, watching the trailer for Outer Land make me feel more “Borderland” than Borderland itself


we should have a neutral option.


The middle ones are already pretty mild. I mean something was either satisfying, aka reach what you hoped, or no. A middle option would mean “It was exactly as I thought it was, not a iota better, nor worse”


exactly. i have run it 10 times. IMO it is not so bad after all.

Then you’re satisfied, which is good, I’m not here to rant and spit of people that enjoyed it ^^

I’m feeling really let down by the writing, and I wanted to see if it was a shared sentiment


I didn’t like the things ppl didn’t like… ava, not being credited for my contributions, etc. . but… I don’t really care, overall I didn’t find any glaring bad story stuff in it like I did in BL2 but I liked the characters less and there wasn’t really any of them that stood out like torgue or tina did… or jack.

The reason I was negative of BL2 story is like mostly angel stuff, she waited until she had us completely over a barrel and lilith had to demi god before she was like opps, my bad when she could of helped before trying to commit mass murder. Then she was all like lilith don’t come and never says why when theres no reason not to tell her why except… ohh drama, got to surprise the ppl with the siren and stuffz. I loved BL2 but its story was not why so idc much that bl3’s story had some issues. I think I will be a lil more annoyed after playing bl3 story over and over in than I was in bl2


I really enjoyed the story. I felt the twins were actual villains. Nearly everyone liked HJ and that’s great, charming, charismatic. However the twins felt to me like real villains and that’s an aspect of the game I really enjoyed.

I thought Torgue was more of the same which is a great thing for me. But sure, since he slides In a comment upon respawning that makes one feel like “hey ■■■■■■■ I thought you were on my team…”

Tina got annoying fast in a made up character sort of way and Ava was annoying in that " I know people with this same sorta attitude" kinda way.
As annoying as Ava is… I think she’s well written. But yeah, Tina was my least favorite of the game, writing wise.

Lilith was stoic and brave throughout and found myself rooting for her and while Tannis seemed kinda like an object to further the story in the previous games in this one I felt she really shined and became an actual character.

To anyone who hadnt played the 3rd installment I’d just like to say, if you heard or read somewhere some of the characters are annoyingly written… that’s 100 percent true. That’s being said, ultimately I think that’s why the writing is good. A lot of the characters have their own personality or a personality. Some are ‘try hards’ some are ‘cool’…
Argggh, okay what I’m really trying to say is there are a $#!t load of characters in BL3 most with their own sense of individuality and beyond that, you remember there names.

But I’m may be a bit biased. Hell I think Borderlands is the new Star Wars.

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Tannis did seem like the biggest stand out to me. Made me realize how cool of a char she is and I hope for more tannis in the future… Having said that, I really missed her crazy log files and she didn’t seem as crazy this time unfortunately


FYI tthere’s been a few thread s about this topic already, but never hurts to remind Gearbox I suppose.

The game is %30 off already at greenmangaming. You’d think we’d have learned our lesson by now.

I’d imagine it’s at a discount already because they exceeded their sales goal.

Ops, I meant to say Disappointing, as there are some well-written side quests and the Jacobs story is not too shabby. Lol, never mind me, I see you can change your answer;)

I don’t think there’s been any game that’s made me experience ludo-narrative dissonance as much as this one. Between VHs basically not existing in long cutscenes to a couple of Siren villains who can literally use their powers willy-nilly across space, flaunting previously established lore (phaselock out of nowhere crap and teleporting entire armies like nothing when Lilith was drained after just moving Sanctuary after being juiced on Eridium).

BL2 was great because the story was more character driven. We had a goal (kill Jack), but what made the game awesome was the characters and their stories. Here, every character is just a poorly written plot device where things are thrown in to make the plot work. The characters are built around the plot instead of the other way around, which usually leads to poor story telling overall.


Balex is extremely annoying once installed


Yeah … I love him during his questline, but get annoying so fast …

Disappointing, sure, but Borderlands story writing was never good, anyway.

Disappointing. So much wasted potential, so much emphasis on new characters that are just not as good as older ones, and just bland, uninteresting villains.


I agree with that, both have gone to shait with their latest sequels… but we still can’t skipp them cos we want to see how it ends no matter how bad it is…

Some annex mission where really nice though, it’s like they have different writer for those


replaying the story for a 4th time now with zane.

Everything is pretty ok up till the end of where you go to Eden 6. The characters that stand out to me were Lorili (sp) and Clay they were well done.

Hated Vaughn with a passion, was he written for a 5th grader ?
Hated Typhoon and saying a 5th grader would be giving him way too much credit. Nice shoe horn of the NYC jew/Italian. 100% cringe worthy.

Where it went off the rails was killing Maya for no reason or little to no effect
Making Ava the Mary Sue and star of the show
the last planet before you go back to the great vault, the diolouge was just so bad I wish I could turn it off.

over all the writing was way superior in BL2

The twins were lack luster and could have been explored way more, had a better dynamic between them. Oh and once you get to the one part of the story where she constantly talks to you telling you " you are nothing but a gun slut" ugh… and I say that like clint eastwood in that gif of grand toreno.

that’s just story missions, some of the side missions were great. The coffee one stands out to me.

Others were down right terrible. The one where the guy is stuck in the outhouse and you have to listen to 5 mins of fart noises ugh…