Your Opinion and Vote on VH Class Mods

Wanted to see what people think about where say like you use Amara and you just want Amara gear like Class Mods. You farming to get a skill roll and/or passive rolls. However more than half the time you see any other 3 VH Class Mods and rarely Amara ones.

In my opinion this is just a very bad move. I already want to try to get back in this game now and start with a decent passive roll for Zane but everytime it drops the other 3 VH too much. I don’t want to see an excuse saying it for making it easy to loot good ones for other VHs while farming or forcing me to use them when I clearly just want to buld with 1 VH at a time.

This is very disgusting and frustrating so much. They’re so much rng layers already and seeing other VH Class Mods is just a slap on the face even more. I literally don’t want to give up on this game but what can I do if farming is near impossible? Also this doesn’t have to be Class Mods but Anointeds too where you using one VH but you seeing others VH anointed

  • Keep All Class Mods Randomize No Matter Which VH Is Currently Using
  • Make It The Currently Used VH See Only Their Class Mods & No Other VH Class Mods Will Appear

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I think it needs to go one step further and make it so you only get anointments that are either general or VH specific. I know the counter argument is that if you find a gun to use on another VH… But I don’t care about that. I’m sick of getting a Barrier Stat effect anointment while I’m playing Flak.

Also regarding the anointments, they did good work removing alot of the bad ones. However, there are still numerous that I’m guessing a very small population actually uses. Like the aforementioned Barrier one, remove those!

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…I feel REALLY awkward because, when I was farming heads/skins a week ago, I rarely got any anointments or class mods that were for characters other than Zane (the one I was playing).

I was under the impression that this had already happened.

Let’s keep the votes and comments going. So far I’m glad I’m not the only one having this issue.

Even when Mayhem modifiers are extremely a pain to deal with now this other VH gear is further ruin my enjoyment to find gear for my poorly VH… which I desparetely need to improve to tackle M10.

I’m sure trading is not easy to get what I want too. It’s why I don’t mention it…

There was a hotfix that weighted drops towards the VH you’re playing, can’t remember when. Before that it was way worse…

I think there needs to be another round of stat deletions. There are still anointments that as far as I know, nobody uses/are redundant, and rolls on class mods that are utter junk like element resists and accuracy bonus.

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