Your opinion on capture/face-off game length?

Me personally i prefer longer games. Meltdown and incursion are my favorite modes and I love LOVE LOVE when they games last a long enough time for my toon to reach level 10.

One of the reasons i prefer this game over OW is because of the longer matches.

Longer matches = more time playing and less time in the Queue.

That being said i am curious as to what you people think?

Do you prefer longer games? Would you mind if they doubled the point requirement for capture/face-off?

IMO that would be frikken sick… some game modes just feel so short and im like "really… its already over?? DAMN "

  • I think the capture/faceoff game modes are perfect.
  • I think capture/faceoff games last too long.
  • I think capture/faceoff games are too short.

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I dislike when games are over before hitting lvl 10. Usually end around 7 or 8 when characters are just getting their good helix choices :frowning:

In Botbattles, it’s really really really short!

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The problem is that balanced matches are few and far between with those modes. It’s usually either stomp or be stomped. So increasing the duration of these matches in reality just means prolonging the suffering of the team getting stomped


I think capture is good where it’s at because you can get to level 10 very quickly.

And if you’re not maxing out in face off then either you’re not farming mobs enough or the other team is too spread out to let you do so. In which case it’s best to just surrender.


heres to hoping for more equal matches in the future.

i want this game to succed so bad. you guys might think im a troll but really i am just very passionate. I love this game… its the only game that ever made me quit WoW .

battleborn FTW. i hope some day we can have a bit more equal matchmaking which may also mean longer, more competitive games


That means that everybody will have to git gud. And if the whole player base is gud… dramatic pause then no one is.

Especially since the update. And, given that in Capture you start at level 3, it’s frustrating to end victorious at level 5 in less time than it took to queue for a match!


If people just stopped pushing the objective so hard in bots battles they wouldn’t be over so soon. I try to just farm kills and that’s it. I hardly ever shoot sentries and in capture I don’t ever step on a point. Those games could be longer it will just take a little patience for the bots to do what they need to do

I usually solo quick match now. The games are about as long as they need to be when close. They are somewhat drawn out if they are lopsided.

With my experience of the game since the update, matchmaking is a tad better with balanced games being seen more often. I’m liking the time/score limit on these.

Still want to see an hour long Incursion match though.


I have to say though, when it IS a balanced match, Face-Off is extremely competitive.

But it needs to be balanced more often.

Really though it’s not that difficult of a game mode to understand. I am just disappointed when I check the enemy team’s ranks to all be above 100 yet they are still just bad at the game mode. Like… really, guys?

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■■■■ dude I haven’t played a faceoff match in months. I can see how people could get to a high CR without even touching it

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Still, an easy mode to pick up. Pretty obvious what do to.

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You might be surprised how many cr100 there is that’s barely done any pvp

This seems to be more of a PC thing.

Love all the game modes. Better come back and draw mechanics are needed in all of them for those skill differences, but overall they are super fun. Don’t need to be longer, just need things to be balanced so you reach max level in roughly an average match length.

Also if anyone wants bots to not be a steamroll, wait in your spawn for 5 minutes or so, let the ai get a good head start, you’ll still win, but it will feel like an uphill battle for a few minutes. Works best when most of your team does this, otherwise dumb bots will still let one or two people roll over them.

I have at least 10 on my FL on XB1 that play often but rarely play PvP
it’s a thing :man_shrugging: