Your personal Game of the year(s)

Its almost the end of the year, so what is your personal GOTY?

Also to make it more interesting, also list your GOTYs from ALL the years (or as many as you want)

2014-Sunset Overdrive

It was pure un-adulterated fun, everything about the game was fun. The story was barebones, but the interactions with NPCs and mission dialouge was hilarious. The combat/moving around was ultra fun and fluid, and the customisation, my god the customisation. Best dress-up simulator of 2014. If a game lets me shoot giant robots with a laser cannon while wearing a Trench Coat, Top Hat, Corset, Rainbow leggings and a bikini it automatically wins GOTY.

Now my GOTY for every year since I was born.

2013-The Last Of Us
2012-Borderlands 2
2009-Uncharted 2: Amoung Theives
2008-LEGO Batman
2007-Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
2005-Shadow Of The Colousus
2004-Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
2003-Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando
2002-Ratchet and Clank
2001-Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
2000-Spyro 3: Year of the Dargon
1999-Spyro 2: Riptos Rage
1998-Metal Gear Solid
1997-Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
1996-Crash Bandicoot

You may notice some patterns in there… :smiley:

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Skyrim… wait Skyrim came out 3 years ago?

I dont think I played any game relesed this year…

Honestly I stopped gaming for a year or so before tPS! Came out, I’m still playing though it but it has kick-started the gamer in me… Though Ive just been playing games I’ve owned for a while but never played…

So my game of the year is the only game I have played that came out in 2014, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Mario Kart 8

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

2014 for me is TPS and 2012 Borderlands 2.
However I didn’t really play a lot of new games this year.
I just really like the Borderlands series.


Last year? GTA V PS3

2014: FC4, TPS, Alien Isolation

Not holding a candle to any of my favorite games though, who will be goty every year for me.

I think I only played 2 games released this year.

GOTY would be Wolfenstein: The New Order

I imagine Shadow of Mordor will dethrone that once it finishes downloading (3 days, seriously :expressionless:)

Urgh, I forgot Wolfenstein: TNO facepalm

I wanted both those games for christmas, but I got Tomb Raider: Definitive edition (which is awesome) and South Park: The Stick Of Truth. I’ll probably buy both those games soon though.

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I’m going to buy a ps4 just so I can play the order 1886 next year

TPS, because it’s the only game that came out this year that I bought. :smile:

Does DLC count? If so, then The Last of Us: Left Behind is my personal game of the year for me. If not, then I got nothing. There’s not a single game I have that came out this year other than Left Behind.

Edit: I seem to have forgotten that I have Dark Souls II, which came out this year. So if Left Behind doesn’t count, then Dark Souls II will be my personal pick for game of the year. And, no, I’m not saying that just because I have it and it came out in 2014; I actually did enjoy the game from what little time I spent with it before I got sucked into Borderlands 2 again.

I got the new Tomb Raider as well. A day before it goes 80% off :l At least I didn’t buy it at full price though

I didn’t buy much that came out this year. I do remember really liking Dragon Age Origins so I might grab whatever the new one that came out is called.

Also Mario Kart is still awesome.

I saw nothing really good this year. But I would love to play Mario Kart 8 so it’s my 2014 goty. Elder Scrolls Online was the biggest ■■■■■■■■ on the moon. From previous years:

2013 - Bioshock Infinite
2012 - Borderlands 2
2011 - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim / Dota 2
2010 - Fallout New Vegas
2009 - Borderlands
2008 - Fallout 3
2007 - Portal / Team Fortress 2
2006 - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

I really don’t remember release dates of older games I like.


Dark Souls II, Valiant Hearts, TPS, This War of Mine, Divinity: Original Sin, BoI: Rebirth, Tales from the Borderlands, The Talos Principle, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, The Wolf Among Us’ Second Episode, UnEpic, LUFTRAUSERS, and many other good games came out this year, but I gotta say my favorite definitely was Shovel Knight. Here are the other years:

2013 - The Stanley Parable
2012 - BL2
2011 - TESV: Skyrim
2010 - Metro 2033
2009 - Braid
2008 - Far Cry 2
2007 - Portal
2006 - TESIV: Oblivion
2005 - Psychonauts

Don’t really have a pick for earlier years

Dude Hatoful Boyfriend came out 2011…

Probably something with “Lego” in the title.

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