Your personal Game of the year(s)

Are you a bot?

I think it is, no other posts.

I double dare you to click the link

I did it in incognito mode on my phone, for maximum virus protection!

It actually was a Fighter Jet game for android…

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I assumed android since he/she/it said apk. GOTY

I only play 2 games at the moment, Destiny and Defiance.
I thought I’d of been stuck in to BL1 as it went backwards compatible on the xbox one but as Mr Pitchford reneged on his promise to do a remastered BL1 I’ve kind of lost the urge.

Cant decide this year yet but last year my ìndiegame of the year wasThe Binding of Isaac` :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m going to have to buy a ps4. solely so I can play the last guardian.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait for a ps5


Mad Max got a great videogame adaption.
I pretty much spend 40 hours on it and still far from done. Got all upgrades for Max himself though.


I’ve been playing that as well. I’m not super far into it, but I’m really enjoying it so far.

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Two things that kinda drags on are taking over regions and the combat. Kidna burned out due to it over halfway in the game.

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Yeah, melee combat isn’t very exciting.

But the sound design for punches and impacts is great though (especially if you set audio mode to FURY)

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I haven’t played Defiance in ages, what’s it like nowadays? I liked it for the most part and played on and off pretty much since the console beta, but it just got way too repetitive for me in the long run, especially with how hard it is to get decent gear. Probably the main reason I play Destiny so much now, despite it also being a bit on the repetitive side, is that gear is much more varied and easier to come by.


And I thought you were older sandyman xD

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nah it hits next year.


There’s plenty to do but if you only do the same things it can be very repetitive.
In the last year they’ve introduced holiday events that can drop some good gear but trying to get good drops from lock boxes is nearly impossible as they’ve been nerfed to hell and back.

They also added some new content with Alcatraz which is basically hard core co op in Co op maps.
With Alcatraz came micro transactions and since then a new weapon rarity “Supreme”.
It’s not gone pay to win yet but they’re making it very difficult to do things in game with out having to visit the bits store.