Your personal Game of the year(s)

Oh, didn’t know that. Steam release was this year, but okay then

Mario Kart for sure

Just got a new copy of SSBM:D

I think mine would be Hearthstone. Really well made game and super super fun. Their support for it is really great too. They’re awesome on the community side.

2014 at least I have three choices. Even though it started technically in late 2013, most of the game happened in 2014 and that game was the Wolf Among Us. One of the few games I’ve 100% in trophies (it’s super easy but still.) and as a fan of the graphic novels, comics and general dark fairytales, I really liked it. The game is very VERY story and choice driven which I love. I ■■■■■■■ love the engine it runs on. It can be a bit laggy at times but if you get past that, it’s a superb game. My second game of the year goes to a game I haven’t even physically played yet but I have bought a wall scroll, I fell in love with the characters and the soundtrack. Transistor, a game by Supergiant whom also did the really great game a few years ago. Still is. Why I love Transistor, simply the atmosphere and setting. I love the art style of the game as well. I haven’t played it because I’m waiting to buy it when I get my PS4. I’ll probably buy it on the PC as well.

Then the final one would be Dragon Age Inquisition. From what I’ve played of it, I’ve played a bit of it, I really love it. The open worldness felt a bit overwhelming at first but the maps are really really fun to fight on. The combat seems like they blended the first and second one, being tactical while having that fast paced system. I did play it on XBOne and PC, the PC version has issues while involving Origin. It is required to have Origin in order to play. The multiplayer on the PC doesn’t run as smooth as the XBOne. The cast of characters is one of the best I’ve seen in the series. It didn’t feel linear at all which is a good and bad thing, sometimes you’ll be wondering around without real direction much like Dark Souls (a good and bad thing.) If you decide to get it, I suggest sticking to the wikis or getting the strategy guide with it.

Yup, that’s it. Oh, the Wolf Among Us has come in a physical copy for those whom still buy the physical discs.

I heard Transistor was unbelievable. Really need to try that one.

@joekgbx I’ve bought a wall scroll and I have the physical copy of the soundtrack. Supergiant has done some fantastic stuff with their games… the two of them. It’s been on Steam for a really long time but like I said, I’m waiting for my PS4 to get it. I could have bought it several times over. Steam had it at 4.99 over the holidays, real tempting.

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Skyrm ? Never heard of it…! My games of the years are : 1.2012-Borderlands (here would stand Far Cry 3,but they made this shiity deal with I can’t anymore play the game directly and easily on steam like before,especially FC2 !! )
2.Far Cry 2 3.COD 2 4.FM 2011 5.COD Ghosts 6.Kane & Lynch Dog days 2

Probably Stalker Lost Alpha, but Far Cry 3 would be a close second (haven’t played FC4).

Here is what I probably played the most any given year. Previous to 2005 I’d say I spent tens of thousands of hours playing Doom, Duke, and JRPGs. Doom probably accounts for 68% of that. God I miss compet-n.

2005 - Gun
2006 - Rainbow Six Vegas
2007- Bioshock
2008 - Call of Duty: World at War (Reznov FTW)
2009 - Borderlands
2010 - Limbo
2011 - ? (I mostly played Borderlands)
2012 - Borderlands 2
2013 - Tomb Raider
2014 - ? (I mostly played Borderlands 2 until my 360 went poop in June)

2012/13 - Borderlands 2
2014 - Dragon Age Inquisition (Almost FFXIV)

2014 was a pretty cool year. I started with Tomb Raider DE, FFXIV AR-Reborn was awesome, then Diablo 3 UEE, Destiny (to start) and Dragon Age Inquisition which was epic.

This year is very slow to get going…bring on the end of March!!

Are you a bot?

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I double dare you to click the link

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It actually was a Fighter Jet game for android…

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I assumed android since he/she/it said apk. GOTY

I only play 2 games at the moment, Destiny and Defiance.
I thought I’d of been stuck in to BL1 as it went backwards compatible on the xbox one but as Mr Pitchford reneged on his promise to do a remastered BL1 I’ve kind of lost the urge.

Cant decide this year yet but last year my ìndiegame of the year wasThe Binding of Isaac` :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m going to have to buy a ps4. solely so I can play the last guardian.